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Jing Kun, Vice President of Baidu, First Line: The speaker is still in its commissioning period and there is no commercialization schedule yet.

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Han Yimin, Author of Tencent's Front Line

On May 24, Jing Kun, general manager of the Intelligent Life Group (SLG), who has just been promoted to vice president of Baidu, was interviewed by the media in Baidu Mansion and shared the business around Baidu Intelligent Speaker.

Jing Kun said that Baidu Intelligent speaker business is still in the investment period, there is no commercial timetable, at this stage to do a good user experience, expand the market size is still the top priority of the team.

Small Degree is Future Search and Information Flow

On May 21, Baidu announced that Jing Kun was promoted to vice president. In Baidu's promotion e-mail, he evaluated Jing Kun as follows:

For this promotion, Jing Kun believes that Baidu's smart speaker business has first been recognized by the market. According to Baidu, by the first quarter of 2019, the number of smart devices equipped with small assistants had exceeded 275 million, up 279% annually, and the monthly voice interaction reached 2.37 billion, up 817% annually.

At the same time, Jingkun also said that the company's personal promotion also reflects the company's recognition of the business and team.

Jingkun believes that in the continuous development, DuerOS team explained to the company why small business is more important to Baidu, because small is the future of Baidu's search and information flow, it is a natural search itself in the family.

Subsidies are not a key factor

Baidu's road to developing intelligent hardware products is not smooth sailing.

At the Baidu World Congress in 2017, Lu Feng, founder of Ravens and general manager of Baidu Intelligent hardware Division, officially unveiled three of Ravens' artificial intelligence hardware products at the meeting.

With the trial and error of Raven products ahead, Baidu began to adjust the development of intelligent hardware in 2018, and began to adopt the strategy of subsidizing for share.

Since 2018, Baidu has released a number of intelligent products in different ways. On March 26, that year, Baidu released a smart speaker with screen at home. On June 11, Baidu launched a smart speaker with self-developed speaker. The original price of the product was 249 yuan, and the fresh price was only 89 yuan. At the 2018 Baidu World Congress held on November 1, Baidu launched a small intelligent speaker Pro with a price of 399 yuan and a small voice bracket with a price of 99 yuan. In February this year, Baidu re-released the small TV companion and small home 1S smart speaker equipped with infrared function.

We can feel that Baidu is very radical in the market strategy of intelligent products. We hope to participate in the market competition by introducing new products intensively and using low-price strategy. From the current data, this strategy is very effective.

However, Jingkun believes that subsidies are not the key to the rapid expansion of Baidu Intelligent speaker products'market share: subsidies are a small part of the whole success chain, important, but not the most critical.

In Jingkun's view, Baidu's smart speaker business can achieve today's results, mainly attributed to three reasons.

First of all, the user experience is the foundation, Jing Kun revealed, its most time in the company is to look at the product,

Secondly, Baidu has invested a lot in the brand. Whether it is in the late spring brand activities or recently cooperated with the third season of the TV variety show "Longing for Life", it is to make more audiences realize the small brand.

Jing Kun revealed that the sales volume on the first day of this year's New year's Day is comparable to that of last year's November 11.

Finally, at the level of Baidu Group, a large number of subsidies have been given to the smart speaker business, which lowers the threshold for products to enter the family. Jingkun believes that the channel of small speakers has not been fully opened at present, and Baidu will cooperate closely with operators.

User Experience and Scale remain the Focus

In addition to subsidizing hardware, over the past year, Baidu's strategic investment has focused on DuerOS at both content and channel levels from the group level: increasing Baidu videos and literature; investing strategically in a series of content industry companies such as dragonfly FM, pear videos and Renren videos; announcing a new round of financing for Yiyun Music, NetEasyYun Music accessing DuerOS. Platform. In the terminal side, Baidu has invested in Jimi Technology and small fish at home and other terminal manufacturers.

Such huge investment not only boosts the market share of Baidu Intelligent speakers, but also makes the commercialization of related businesses the focus of attention.

In this regard, Jingkun gave a very clear answer in the interview: DuerOS is currently the most important user experience and scale, the group level currently does not have a commercial goal, there is not much commercial requirements for the team, the whole speaker is still in the investment period, there is no specific commercial timetable.

How to grasp the seemingly abstract concept of user experience? Jing Kun introduces that user retention is a very important indicator within the team.

By observing the use of smart speakers, the DuerOS team found a rule: the smile curve.

Another interesting phenomenon is that from the background data, smart speaker products can get through the whole market from the first-tier cities to the sixth-tier cities, even in the more sinking market activity is higher.

The expansion of the scale has also produced some feedback to enhance user experience. According to the introduction, the third-party corpus accumulated by Baidu Intelligent speakers has basically become the second largest application on speakers, and the proportion of music traffic has declined.

So, on what scale will commercialization be considered? To this, Jing Kun's answer is, at least tens of millions or tens of millions. At the same time, he stressed that

For the next plan, Jing Kun revealed that the product matrix will be more detailed, hardware and content will be improved. But.

Jing Kun said Baidu would focus on core products, or the skills of explosives polishing. At present, what we basically do is the variants of smart speakers and smart speakers, and other categories are handed over to partners.

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