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2019 Developer Survey Report: Java is the most popular Go is the most promising

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JetBrains survey results show that Java is stillThe most popular major programming language. Because 50% of the developers surveyed said that the programming language used in the past 12 months was Java, and 44% said that only Java was used or used first.

JavaScript isThe most commonly used overall programming languageThis result is not surprising. After all, "the ones that can be implemented in JavaScript will eventually be implemented in JavaScript", so it is not surprising that JavaScript is widely used.

The performance of the Go language in this survey is also very interesting, it is called "The most promising programming languageBecause Go's share in 2017 was only 8%, it has now reached 18%. In addition, as many as (13%) developers are willing to adopt or migrate to the Go language.

Although PHP is the best programming language in the world, the survey shows that only 29% of developers use PHP, and only 2% of developers plan to adopt or migrate to PHP.

As far as Python is concerned, this language, which often appears in front of major programming language charts, is the most learned programming language.27% of respondents have started or are still learning Python in the past 12 months.

For more information on programming languages, please see the image below:

For this picture, JetBrains interprets this: The most popular programming languages ​​are Java and Python. This is followed by C# and JavaScript, which are not in the same league. But if the results are standardized by example size, then C# is the most popular language.

JetBrains asked three questions about the language used by the developer. First, they asked about the usage last year, followed by the main languages ​​(up to three), and finally, they asked for their ranking. The final result statistics are shown above. JavaScript, Java, and Python are the main programming languages ​​for developers.


As you can see, although Java 10 and 11 are more popular, Java 8 is still the most used version.

Spring Boot has become the most popular Java web framework, increasing by 14% since last year.

Developers using IDEA and Eclipse totaled more than 80%, and the percentage of IDEA used was as high as 65%.


Although Go is a young language, its users are relatively mature. The survey results show that more than half of users use it at work. Most people use a single global GOPATH. Even two-thirds of people who edit multiple projects at the same time are not inclined to use one GOPATH per project.

Although Go modules was launched shortly, 40% of Go developers are already using it, and 17% want to migrate.

The number one is Gin, which has grown by 9% compared to last year and has reached 30%. Followed by Echo and Beego.


PHP 7 has become mainstream, and a large number of developers have migrated from the PHP 5.x release to the newer 7.x release. Within a year, the share of PHP 5 has plummeted from 29% to just 14%.

In terms of framework usage, WordPress's share fell from 32% in 2018 to 26% in 2019, but Laravel consolidated its dominance and 50% of PHP developers use the Laravel framework.


Since Python 2 is about to retire, the developer using Python 3 is about 90%, and the usage of Python 2 is rapidly decreasing. Last year, a quarter of people still used Python 2.

Web development and data scientists are still the two main players in Python development. Because Python is said to be one of the best tools for data science, the sheer number of Python developers involved in data analysis and machine learning is not surprising. In addition, we see that the proportion of Python used as a development crawler is also high, reaching 37%.


For most software developers, their work involves the database in one way or another, but only a handful of them focus on the database. For example, 56% of respondents said they use SQL, but only 3% specifically use SQL as their primary language.

There is a certain preference for the use of language and database. For example, 20% of Scala developers use Apache Cassandra, and 70% of C# developers use MS SQL Server.

MongoDB is very popular among TypeScript developers (45%) and Go developers (41%). 9/10 PHP developers use MySQL and half use MariaDB.

The most ‘SQL' databases are Oracle, MS SQL Server, and ClickHouse because about 1/3 of them use SQL as their primary language.

For the second year in a row, we saw a decline in the popularity of managing databases using MySQL Workbench (from 30% to 24%), phpMyAdmin (27% to 21%), and the command line (27% to 24%).

Some strange investigations

More than half of the respondents said they had the dream of writing code. In fact, the more programming at work (as the main activity), the more likely it is to program in a dream.

Individuals, students, and trainees are more likely to program on weekends than others.

People who specialize in machine learning work are more suspicious of artificial intelligence than those who like them. 27% of the former believe that AI can never replace developers, while only 21% of the latter think so.

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