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(2 hr ago) According to the news of Fast Science and Technology on May 30th, Baidu Smart Cloud and NVIDIA jointly launched the special event of "AI+ Big Model, Intelligent Progress of Life Science" during the "China AI Drug Research and Development Conference".
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(2 hr ago) Wind data show that as of the close of trading on May 26, about 8 real estate companies in A shares had a continuous share price of less than 1 yuan per share, or triggered a forced delisting.
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(2 hr ago) Free trial of new cool products for the first time, there are many quality talent to share unique life experience, come to Sina mass test, experience the most cutting-edge, the most interesting, the most fun products in various fields! Download client can also get exclusive benefits oh!
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(3 hr ago) According to news from IT House on May 30, Tesla CEO Musk visited China today. State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang met with Musk in Beijing.
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(3 hr ago) According to IT House on May 30, Alex Katouzian, senior vice president of Qualcomm, said that Qualcomm is transitioning from a communications company to a smart edge computing company.
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(3 hr ago) Home of IT May 30 news, the operation center of wechat public platform issued a document to optimize the customer service message interface ability of the public account. Some public accounts take the initiative to frequently deliver marketing content to users through the customer service message interface when users have no customer service consultation and service requests, causing harassment to users.
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(5 hr ago) Asustek has unveiled an AI service called AFS Appliance, based on an Nvidia chip that will allow business users to take control of their data while exploring the potential of generative AI, according to multiple media reports
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(5 hr ago) IT Home May 30 news, this morning, Master Lu officially released the "Master Lu long use fluency test report phase I", according to the official description, the report data from Master Lu selected nearly a year of hot new machines, and the same brand with the same chip platform only select the performance advantage version as the test object
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(5 hr ago) After yesterday's keynote speech at Computex Taipei, Jen-Hsun Huang returned today for a Q&A session with around 150 journalists and analysts from home and abroad.
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(7 hr ago) The IGN score is out for Street Fighter 6, and the venerable media outlet gives it a whopping 9 out of 10, saying it has all the details a fighting game should have. Street Fighter 6 is a must for anyone new to fighting games or an experienced fighter.
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(7 hr ago) Fast technology May 30 news, Intel Viper Canyon mini mainframe was launched in October 2022, using i7-12700H + A770M unique combination, the first launch of 9999 yuan, now this mini host (quasi-system) ushered in 618 big promotion, only 7699 yuan.
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(7 hr ago) Fast Technology May 30 news, today, South Korea's Fair Trade Commission issued a notice, announced that it has approved Microsoft's acquisition proposal for Activision Blizzard.
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(8 hr ago) According to analyst941, iOS17 will have a global color theme similar to watchOS or Android Material You. It could also be an accent color design similar to macOS
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(8 hr ago) It House reported on May 30 that Musk co-founded OpenAI in 2015, but left the board in 2018.
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(8 hr ago) According to news from IT House on May 17, Yuanfudao today announced the entry of intelligent hardware and released its first intelligent hardware, "small ape learning machine", with an initial price of 3899 yuan, along with a broken screen saver, 5 pencil refills (2 boxes) and magnetic leather covers.
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(9 hr ago) Fast science and technology news on May 30, blogger digital chat site revealed that Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 is designed with a 1-5-2 architecture. Compared with Snapdragon 8 Gen2, the former has one more large core and one less small core, and the super large core has been upgraded to Cortex X4.
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(9 hr ago) On May 30, media reported that Musk's private jet had arrived in Beijing, three years after Musk last set foot in China.
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(9 hr ago) Refused to produce SUV Ferrari: didn't care about autopilot
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(10 hr ago) Recently, a female car owner of Tesla in Hunan spent 50, 000 yuan on a second-hand parking space, thinking that she would not be able to park her Tesla Model Y after picking up leaks.
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(10 hr ago) Nowadays, almost everyone has one or more mobile phones, and people who play with mobile phones are getting younger and younger, so how serious is the impact of mobile phones on primary and secondary school students? According to the results of a recent study followed by Japanese experts for three years, after middle school students get a mobile phone, they begin to surf the Internet or play games every day, and their brainpower will stop at the level of the sixth grade of primary school.
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(10 hr ago) In the early hours of this morning, CD Projekt announced its earnings for the first quarter of 2023, including sales information for the Wizards series.
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(11 hr ago) Unlike Tesla's AP (autopilot) and other functions, car owners complain more than praise about Tesla's automatic wipers.
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(11 hr ago) According to the blogger Digital chat site, Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 makes up for the regret of the previous generation, with an off-screen camera on the inner screen, 50W wireless flash charge and a 5x periscope telephoto lens.
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(11 hr ago) Blue Bird, Indonesia's largest taxi operator, said it would place 80 per cent of its electric car orders this year with China's BYD and was reviewing its Tesla order book based on return on investment. That means BYD has the upper hand in Indonesia with a better price.
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(12 hr ago) On May 30, the topic "A Shanghai elderly man mistook a subway rail for a vending machine" sparked heated discussion on Weibo.
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(12 hr ago) Asus has unveiled the internals of its ROG Ally console for the first time at the ongoing Computex Taipei 2023.
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(12 hr ago) A Chinese patent notice published by the National Intellectual Property Administration shows that the design is a twin-engine tandem VTOL aircraft, which means China should have mastered VTOL aircraft technology, which will greatly improve the combat effectiveness of Chinese aircraft carriers.
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(13 hr ago) According to news in the morning of May 30, Beijing time, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, bought Giphy, a GIF dynamic search engine, for $315 million in 2020.
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(13 hr ago) Memory chip manufacturers in 2023, is really hurt badly, Micron, SK Hynix, Samsung these three giants in the first quarter of memory chip, total loss of more than 50 billion.
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(13 hr ago) Sina science and technology news Beijing time on May 30 morning news, it is reported that recently, the United States technology industry practitioners began to worry that the era of high salaries in the technology industry may come to an end.
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