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(26 min ago) Fast Technology, June 2 (Xinhua)-- CFexpress card is a new generation of memory card standard developed by the CompactFlash Association in February 2019. It has become the first choice for many flagship cameras because of its small size and high speed.
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(27 min ago) When talking about the development of Intel Arc Ruixuan independent graphics card before, we said that the top priority is to expand the partner camp and let more manufacturers launch more feature products.
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(27 min ago) Gpus can not only be used for games, but also become increasingly important in high-performance computing, AI acceleration, professional rendering and other fields, and foreign high-end Gpus have been banned, domestic demand for high-performance Gpus is increasing, and now domestic GPU company Jingjiawei announced that it has raised 4.2 billion yuan to research and develop high-performance chips
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(7 hr ago) On June 1, AMD's Ryzen 7000 series processor has been on the market for more than half a year, and the cache enhanced version of Ryzen 7000X3D series has been on the market for two months. In terms of game performance, 7800X3D can surpass the core i9 processor of Youshang more than 5000 as long as just over 3000
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(7 hr ago) Speaking of the mysterious Amazon region, many people believe that there should be mysterious primitive tribes. Don't tell me, "Jilin-1" satellite captured some very special scenes.
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(7 hr ago) It's been a long time! QQ Music luxury green Diamond membership annual card official price is 216 yuan, today's big promotion price 108 yuan, official 50% discount, good price fast entry!
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(8 hr ago) On the evening of April 30th last year, the usual peaceful atmosphere on the outskirts of Croydon North in Melbourne, Australia, was broken by a woman's screams and cries for help.
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(8 hr ago) As for Huawei's return to the top three PC market in China, Li Changzhu, vice president of the company's consumer BG strategy Marketing Department, said that it will be the first place sooner or later.
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(8 hr ago) You may still remember that last year, Yu Chengdong announced that Huawei had a "ground-breaking" technology, which later proved to be the first satellite communication. Many netizens joked that Yu Chengdong was "bragging".
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(10 hr ago) & ldquo; 85 & rdquo; woman Feng has an enviable life & mdash;— was born in a scholarly family, her father is a teacher, her mother is an engineer, and has a high degree of full-time master's degree in science and engineering.
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(10 hr ago) Fast Technology on June 1, before the news, there has been news that Intek will join the Intel camp, launch Arc series graphics cards.
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(10 hr ago) Recently, we received the MSI Star Shadow 15 Air, a lightweight and personalized game book powered by the RTX 4050 Laptop GPU, but with a lightweight body design: 15.6 inches, just over 2cm +1.98kg.
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(12 hr ago) Fast Science and Technology news on June 1, Nvidia's RTX 30 series GPU chips are manufactured by Samsung 8nm process. The current RTX 40 series has shifted to TSMC 4N process (5nm customized version). CEO Huang Renxun complained many times last year that TSMC OEM is too expensive, but they can't give up. The next generation chips will continue to be used.
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(12 hr ago) The removal of Baidu's online disk APP from Apple's App Store has aroused netizens' concern.
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(12 hr ago) June 1, 2015 -- The hottest weather since the start of summer has hit Guangdong recently, with many places exceeding the record high temperature in May and many places approaching 40 degrees Celsius.
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(13 hr ago) According to the news of fast science and technology on June 1, I have to say that there are bold people all over the world. Recently, a foreign blogger shot a beautiful video of playing the piano in his car, which is nothing, but the problem is that he is sitting in the driver's seat while the car is still moving.
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(13 hr ago) Fast science and technology news on June 1, the annual 618 years of promotion has begun, the major mobile phone manufacturers to benefit consumers from the preferential purchase activities.
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(13 hr ago) Sina Technology News Beijing time on the morning of May 30th, it is reported that Jeremy Siegel, a professor at Wharton Business School in the United States and a famous economist, is optimistic about the technology boom driven by artificial intelligence, despite fears that it may trigger a bubble.
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(14 hr ago) According to news from Fast Technology on June 1, Xiaomi Service today released a new batch of models with a 50% discount for mobile phone screens and 20% discount for batteries, starting now and ending on June 7.
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(14 hr ago) Since its release, the film "the Little Mermaid" has been controversial, with the exception of North America, the film has been caught in a dilemma at the box office in Asia and Europe. As a big company, big IP, big exposure film, such achievements can be said to be dismal.
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(14 hr ago) June 1 news, by the global construction machinery industry well-known information group KHL's "International Construction" magazine authoritative release of the Yellow Table list.
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(15 hr ago) On May 30, Musk arrived in Beijing by private jet for a trip to China, three years after he last set foot in the country.
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(15 hr ago) The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has put together a report called "Ratings of Global Automakers in 2022".
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(15 hr ago) Fast technology June 1 news, yesterday Moore thread MTT S70 domestic game graphics card official release, and now about its price has come out.
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(16 hr ago) Fast science and technology June 1 news, Xiaomi intelligent micro-steaming baking all-in-one machine has now been put on sale, the first launch of 1999 yuan.
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(16 hr ago) Recently, there is news that Gree has disbanded the core team of mobile phones, or will no longer launch new phones. According to Sina Financial report, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree, responded that some time ago, it was said on the Internet that our mobile phones were no longer available. That's impossible. We must stick to it.
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(16 hr ago) Nvidia, the No. 1 U.S. stock traded Wednesday, fell 5.68%, its biggest one-day decline since Feb. 17, to $38.53 billion
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(17 hr ago) Free trial of new cool products for the first time, there are many quality talent to share unique life experience, come to Sina mass test, experience the most cutting-edge, the most interesting, the most fun products in various fields! Download client can also get exclusive benefits oh!
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(17 hr ago) New cool products are tried for free for the first time, and many high-quality people share their unique life experiences. come to Sina to test and experience the most cutting-edge, interesting and fun products in various fields. Download the client can also get exclusive benefits!
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(17 hr ago) Former title: A scientist suddenly returns to China, unshackles China and brings back technology that breaks the monopoly of foreign companies
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