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(2 hr ago) Fast technology June 6 news, this morning at the WWDC developer conference, Apple released a series of blockbuster products, of course, the most attractive is the 25,000 yuan MR Headset Vison Pro, as well as Mac Studio, Mac Pro, MacBook Air 15 and other computer products. They used the M2 series of chips
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(6 hr ago) According to news from Fast Technology on June 7, yesterday, Apple could only announce the Mac Pro with M2 Ultra chip, officially announcing that the entire Mac product line no longer uses Intel processors.
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(1 day ago) In 2021, Intel announced a new manufacturing process roadmap, including Intel 7, 4, 3, 20A, 18A, among which 20A and 18A will lead into the era of Emme, and the RibbonFET fully wrapped grid technology was adopted at the same time
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(2 day ago) According to IT House on June 4, Intel CEO Pat Kissinger has realized that in order to avoid being too far away from Nvidia and other competitors, they must act as soon as possible to escape the current "quagmire".
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(2 day ago) Fast Technology June 5 news, Intel has officially announced that Innovation 2023 will be held from September 19 to 20, and it is no surprise that this time it will release 14-generation Core processors, but the mobile version and desktop version will be two products, of which the desktop version we are looking forward to is the 13th generation Core vest.
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(2 day ago) Fast Science and Technology, June 5 news, Intel 2021 launched 12-generation Core Alder Lake processor should be more than 20 years of desktop x86 the biggest change, the first introduction of asynchronous architecture, CPU is composed of large and small cores, Intel's official saying is P core, E core.
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(2 day ago) On June 3, Intel announced that it will hold the nbsp;Innovation 2023 conference from September 19 to 20 this year, which is also expected to release a number of blockbuster products, the most attractive of which is the 14-generation core processor.
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(4 day ago) Baode, a domestic server company, responds to questions about its ldquo;-branded chip-rdquo;.
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(4 day ago) Alder Lake Gen 12 Core first introduced a hybrid architecture of large and small cores, with a maximum of 8+8 cores, Raptor Lake Gen 13 core went to 8+16 cores, and Meteor Lake Gen 14 core went back to 6+8 cores (not counting 2 ultra-small cores).
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(4 day ago) Intel Meteor Lake (or 14-generation Core) will be released later this year, using Intel 4 manufacturing process and Chiplet small chip architecture for the first time, including four separate parts: CPU module, GPU module, IO module and SoC module.
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(4 day ago) Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, Panther Lake, Nova Lake... Intel's code names for future products, which I'm sure you've all heard of, have changed
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(5 day ago) When talking about the development of Intel Arc Ruixuan independent graphics card before, we said that the top priority is to expand the partner camp and let more manufacturers launch more feature products.
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(5 day ago) Fast Technology on June 1, before the news, there has been news that Intek will join the Intel camp, launch Arc series graphics cards.
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(6 day ago) NVIDIA's accelerator cards have become a hot commodity in recent months amid a surge in AI technology, fueling a surge in earnings that briefly made Nvidia the world's first semiconductor company worth more than $1 trillion.
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(7 day ago) As an absolute beneficiary of AI artificial intelligence, Nvidia shares have hit a record high. It is entirely predictable that its market value will exceed one trillion yuan, and this is just the beginning.
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(7 day ago) After yesterday's keynote speech at Computex Taipei, Jen-Hsun Huang returned today for a Q&A session with around 150 journalists and analysts from home and abroad.
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(7 day ago) Fast technology May 30 news, Intel Viper Canyon mini mainframe was launched in October 2022, using i7-12700H + A770M unique combination, the first launch of 9999 yuan, now this mini host (quasi-system) ushered in 618 big promotion, only 7699 yuan.
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(8 day ago) Fast Technology May 30, news, after AMD launched Ryzen 7000X3D series processor, game performance to regain some of the win, Ryzen 7 7800X3D in the 3000 level is very good, but Intel side will not be unable to cope, 13 generation core i5 cost performance advantage is obvious
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(10 day ago) Many gamers have teased AMD graphics cards as "the future" because they often start poorly and then improve dramatically as drivers, software, gaming and other aspects are optimized.
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(10 day ago) Fast Technology May 27th news, at the beginning of this month, the server and PC complete machine manufacturer Baode from Shenzhen announced the launch of the first generation Powerstar processor.
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(10 day ago) Possibly in response to the new generation of mainstream graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD, possibly in anticipation of the 618 campaign, Intel graphics has been very active recently and has been very aggressive in terms of price.
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(11 day ago) In July, PowerLeader officially released the Powerstar processor based on x86 architecture, and also launched desktops, workstations, industrial computers, thin clients and other related products.
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(12 day ago) Ann Kelleher, Intel's general manager of technology development, introduced several key developments at the ITF World 2023 conference in Antwerp, Belgium, May 24, 2017, including Intel's adoption of stacked CFET transistor architectures. This is the first time Intel has publicly described the new transistor design, but did not mention a specific production timeline
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(14 day ago) Fast Technology May 24 news, Intel confirmed earlier in the second half of the year will launch 14 generation Core, code Meteor Lake, will launch Intel 4 and EUV technology, the architecture will be greatly changed, but the more important point is that this generation will change the naming system, with more than a decade of Core i+ digital naming will be abandoned
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(14 day ago) NVIDIA has launched the RTX 4060 Ti, priced at $399 (3199 yuan). AMD will soon launch RX 7600, priced at $269 (Bank of China will tell you later).
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(15 day ago) NVIDIA's GPU-accelerated computing cards are in short supply (the custom Chinese A800 sold for $250,000), AMD has its Instinct series, and both are experimenting with CPU+GPU convergence.
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(15 day ago) 14nm, 10nm, 4...... Intel's manufacturing process in recent years, every time the first show is not smooth, frequency and performance is not up to standard, can only be used for mobile version, optimized for a year or two before the desktop, and then the performance is very good.
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(17 day ago) Fast technology May 21, in the iOS ecosystem, Apple has completely eliminated 32-bit, Android field is also accelerating, the design of APP, operating system, processor and other aspects.
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(17 day ago) It House May 20 news, June 8, 1978, Intel released a 16-bit microprocessor "8086", but also ushered in a new era-x86 architecture.
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(17 day ago) May 20, 2015 -- The x86 architecture is the backbone of today's high-performance desktop, mobile, and server platforms. One of its advantages is that it is compatible with older instruction sets, but that compatibility comes at a cost. Intel is planning a major expansion of future cpus that will support pure blood 64-bit mode
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