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(1 day ago) Fang Yan, Tencent News's first line, reported on May 28 that JD group announced its strategic investment in Gome retail (00493. HK) to subscribe for overseas convertible bonds issued by Gome retail for us $100 million. 13. The strategic cooperation between Jingdong group and Gome retail is a further deepening of the cooperation between the two sides after the official flagship store of Gome officially settled in the Jingdong platform.
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(2 day ago) After the muddy water revealed Ruixing's fraud, the top investment banks became the "whistleblowers" fighting for more financial reports, triggering fierce market reaction. After the stock price fell 5 points the day before yesterday, pinduoduo fell another 7 points yesterday, and the value of pinduomei stock market has evaporated by more than one tenth.
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(3 day ago) Now, pinduoduo has a series of growth "combos", and the end point they point to may be that the future supply-demand relationship is more and more certain. 13. Pinduoduo has grown again. On May 22, pinduoduo released its financial report for the first quarter of 2020. The highlight is that during the outbreak, many of its data still maintained high growth.
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(4 day ago) Bocom international publishes research report, and strives for more( PDD.US )In the first quarter of 20, the revenue was 6.5 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), up 44% year-on-year, mainly driven by the growth of Gmv, but partially offset by the decline of Advertising Commission during the epidemic.
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(4 day ago) Considering that pinduoduo has a net increase of 42.9 million annual active buyers in a single quarter, Ali has only 15 million. If pinduoduo's growth momentum remains unchanged, the number of Ali buyers will catch up with pinduoduo in 2020. (13) Tencent News: Li Ruchao, the prospect, released the first quarter financial report at the same time by pinduoduo and Ali on the evening of May 22.
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(5 day ago) Fengwei finance and economics Co., Ltd. published the first quarter report of 2020 on May 22, with a sharp rise on that day. However, it is not difficult to see many strange things in this financial report, which means that there are obvious loopholes in the growth story of pinduoduo.
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(6 day ago) On May 22, Ali released the fourth quarter financial report and the annual report of 2020 financial year. According to the news, pinduoduo's financial report, which was originally scheduled to be released on the 18th, was also postponed for several days to the 22nd, which was released on the same day with ALI, and an analyst meeting was held at the same time.
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(7 day ago) For the first time, pinduo and Alibaba, the happy enemies, released their financial statements on the same day. When we look at these two financial statements carefully, we find that the most important information related to e-commerce is everywhere the shadow of each other. The GMV profit of novel coronavirus pneumonia was 7 billion 131 million yuan, a 19% decrease compared with the same period last year, and the operating profit margin dropped from 9% to 6%. The Alibaba has been reexposed to the new crown pneumonia epidemic.
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(7 day ago) On May 22, pinduoduo released its financial report for the first quarter of fy2020 as of March 31. 13. According to the financial report, pinduoduo's revenue in the first quarter was 6.541 billion yuan, up 44% year on year. The non GAAP net loss attributable to ordinary shareholders was 3.170 billion yuan, and the net loss in the same period last year was 1.379 billion yuan.
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(7 day ago) Yan Yan, author of NetEase technology section "state temperature" column group (official account: tech_ 163) today, pinduoduo publishes Q1 financial report in 2020. The financial report shows that in the first quarter, the company's revenue in the quarter was 6.54 billion yuan, up 44% year-on-year from 4.545.2 billion yuan in the same period last year, higher than the market expectation of 4.969 billion yuan; the net loss in the quarter (under the general accounting standards) was 4.119 billion yuan, up 119.34% from 1.878 billion yuan in the same period last year
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(8 day ago) With the expansion of the online economy, the new retail concept has also become popular, the major e-commerce brands have also tried to test the new retail model of traditional industries, pinduoduo also launched live online car sales. On may 22, e-commerce platform pinduoduo introduced, geely car during the "taizhou made" industry live broadcast festival appeared in pinduoduo car easily beat channel, open live sale of cars, in 12 minutes to get 160 car orders, an average of more than 10 cars per minute.
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(8 day ago) On May 21, the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council and pinduoduo officially launched the "live action of 100 counties for poverty alleviation through consumption" yesterday. Under the guidance of the social poverty alleviation Department of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, pinduoduo will give full play to the advantages of the platform for agricultural products and select 100 poverty-stricken counties to carry out poverty alleviation activities through consumption.
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(9 day ago) Wen / Wang Xueqi source: Alphabet list (ID: wujicaijing) original title: what does Huang Zheng want to say there are not many entrepreneurs in China who are willing to express themselves actively. They either cherish words like gold, or they are human form repeaters.
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(11 day ago) On May 19, according to foreign media reports, on Monday, U.S. time, U.S. stocks closed up sharply, and Wall Street ushered in the best day in more than a month. Moderna, an American pharmaceutical and biotech company, has released early data on human trials of a new coronavirus vaccine that the company is focusing on, creating optimism about a possible new coronavirus vaccine.
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(12 day ago) Photo source: @ visual China, Kwai Wen II, the last year, fast hands are fighting against themselves. If you are comfortable with the positioning of China Snapchat, the Kwai has already completed the task, the valuation is high and low. If you learn instagram to find a small gold master, the Tencent with the check will be outside the door.
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(13 day ago) Pinduoduo iPhone 11 ; when Apple meets pinduoduo, there is no "bottom line" for crazy price bargaining. A few days ago, the news that the price of iPhone 11 series was reduced by 1600 yuan appeared on CCTV. After investigation, pinduoduo began to open up unprecedented 10 billion subsidies for iPhone 11 series and new SE since May 15, among which the lowest price of iPhone 11 was 4399 yuan
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(14 day ago) On May 15, pinduoduo launched 13000 bottles of 53 degree Feitian Moutai from 1499 yuan. Through the "10 billion subsidy" channel on the front page of pinduoduo app, users can get the coupons issued by the whole point.
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(14 day ago) Article / American Stock Research Institute source: American Stock Research Institute (ID: meigushe) who is more worthy of expectation for pinduoduo and Jingdong's performance? 13 on May 12, the U.S. stock market opened, and pinduoduo rose by more than 8% at one time, and its share price exceeded $59, a new record! Its market value was $71 billion, more than JD's $70.2 billion.
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(14 day ago) Photo source: visual China business review, author Shili Liusha, editor scar sister, do a math problem first: 71.654 billion dollars minus 70.158 billion dollars, what's the answer? 13. The arithmetic problem of the primary school students' meeting has been used as the title by many media - "houlang" spelled many market values and surpassed "Qianlang" Jingdong.
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(16 day ago) Netease science and technology news on May 14, according to foreign media reports, on Wednesday, the US stock market closed lower across the board again, and the chairman of the Federal Reserve made pessimistic comments at a time when the prospect of the US reopening economy is unclear and market valuation is worrying.
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(17 day ago) The continuous high performance of pinduoduo has directly driven Huang Zheng's value, which has become the third richest man in China after Ma Huateng. On May 13, the stock price of pinduoduo, an e-commerce platform, hit a new record. By the end of the US stock market, its share price had soared 5.26% to $57.83, with a market value of $69.259 billion. At one time, it broke through the $70 billion mark, surpassing Jingdong in market value. What's more, pinduoduo's market value has exceeded two Baidu's.
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(18 day ago) After the epidemic, more and more young people are used to "no discount, no orders ", some smart consumption gradually popular. Recently, lexin's member service platform leka launched the "pinduoduo value buy special area ", through the" member consumption pinduoduo "double subsidies, users buy goods on pinduoduo, the highest price can be 80% lower, inspired a lot of users consumption desire.
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(18 day ago) May 10 is the annual mother. In the first week of the month, the number of searches for the keyword "mother's Day gift" increased sharply, 30 times more than the average level in April. Now, pinduoduo has released the top ten hot goods list on Mother's day.
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(19 day ago) Photo source: in the Internet circle of visual China, author Yu songye, editor Zhou Weizhu, in recent days, spelled out the news of "50% off for Cadillac" and bombarded people's eyes. In a query, Cadillac officially issued a statement, explaining that pinduoduo's partner is Cadillac authorized dealer Bailian Group. During the "May 5th Shopping Festival", pinduoduo platform directly gives consumers high subsidies.
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(24 day ago) According to the data released by pinduoduo, from 0:00 p.m. on May 1 to 4:00 p.m. on May 5, the platform has issued more than 2.5 billion yuan of cash and consumption vouchers. 13 up to now, through the use of consumer coupons and subsidised goods online and offline, pinduoduo has led the offline entity sales and online sales of Shanghai brands to a total of more than 3.2 billion yuan.
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(26 day ago) Different from other online brand live events before, pinduoduo directly holds hands with the car companies and directly gives a 50% discount, making a profit of more than 100000 yuan. Therefore, the live car selling activity of pinduoduo also attracted many consumers' attention. At the coming of Shanghai may 5 Shopping Festival, today, pinduoduo announced that it will add 10000 new world city shopping vouchers to meet the growing consumer demand.
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(27 day ago) According to domestic media reports, recently, pinduoduo announced to launch three models again for the "May 5 Shopping Festival" car buying activity in Shanghai, which will be subsidized and profited by the platform combined with vehicle enterprises. The price is as low as 50% and will be open to users all over the country.
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(30 day ago) On April 29, pinduoduo released to the whole staff an integrity notice that Chen Mou, a former advertising business employee, and his briber were arrested by the procuratorial organ on suspicion of commercial bribery. In fact, pinduoduo is not the first time to expose "domestic clown". As early as March 6, the background of pinduoduo merchants synchronized the notice that Yunwei, the second merchant of China Merchants, was arrested by the Procuratorate on suspicion of accepting bribes from merchants, and Liushen, the manager of China Merchants, repeatedly accepted bribes from merchants and was taken criminal compulsory measures by the public security organs.
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(30 day ago) Beijing time april 30 morning news, according to reuters reports, two people directly familiar with the matter, a chinese e-commerce company pinduoduo employees suspected of accepting digital marketing company open domain group (Cue Holdings) a manager bribe, pinduoduo has reported to shanghai police.
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(31 day ago) On April 29, according to domestic media reports, pinduoduo will launch 55 SAIC cars with "large direct subsidy". 13. The specific models include 15 Cadillac xt5 28T luxury models, 30 SAIC Volkswagen Tuen 330tsi two drive luxury models, 10 SAIC Volkswagen tuguan l330tsi intelligent mobile luxury models, each of which is sold at a discount of 5.5%.
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