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(1 day ago) The Redmi K60 won the gold list of mobile phones, beating the iPhone 14 in second place.
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(1 day ago) As the saying goes, birds die for food when they die for wealth. You will certainly have a deep experience after watching this video.
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(1 day ago) Russia's Sputnik news agency reported that the country has banned Russian civil servants from using iphones at work.
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(1 day ago) For reasons known to all, Huawei's phones are not yet capable of supporting 5G, but the P50 series 5G phone case was launched in June last year, but the price has dropped dramatically recently, and now you can get your hands on it for only 38 yuan.
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(1 day ago) Fast Technology, June 4 - The annual 618 mid-year sale has just begun, and various discounts are available for consumers who want to replace their mobile phones. It is indeed a good time to do so.
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(1 day ago) [mobile China News] after launching Nokia 2660 Flip phones in three different colors last year, Nokia introduced two new colors for the phone in 2023.
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(2 day ago) Fast Technology, June 4, according to the official introduction of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Beijing has issued a new batch of "Jingcai · Green" consumption coupons, which will last until July 16.
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(2 day ago) According to news from IT House on June 4, in order to speed up the release of green consumption potential and expand the service supply of important nodes such as Dragon Boat Festival and Summer Holiday, Beijing issued a new round of "Beijing Color Green" consumption coupons from June 3 to July 16. Consumers in Beijing can receive up to five coupons totaling 1600 yuan.
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(2 day ago) The screen size of the mobile phone is an important factor that affects the user experience and choice. From the original mobile phone to the current comprehensive screen, the screen size of the mobile phone has undergone continuous change and development.
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(2 day ago) A schoolgirl in Zhejiang Province recently discovered that her school toilet pipe turned out to be a "fecal-enclosed lamp" after the lights were turned off.
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(2 day ago) The concept of AI has received a lot of attention this year due to the popularity of ChatGPT. The main reason is that ChatGPT achieves a completely different intelligence. It can carry on a conversation and answer various questions, just like Jarvis in the Iron Man movie.
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(3 day ago) On June 2, Mobile China noticed that "Huang Xiaoming saved my phone" topped the list of trending searches on the Weibo platform. As of press time, the topic has received nearly 95 million views and more than 3,300 comments.
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(3 day ago) Question! Do you have a film and a case on your phone? Nowadays, many mobile phone users, in order to pursue the most extreme use experience, will give up the mobile phone case and toughened film. Although the hand feel is indeed increased a lot, after a long time, the mobile phone, especially the screen, will always be covered with dense fingerprints, solidified grease and blackened dust, and countless invisible bacteria attached to it. Even the toilet seat is cleaner than the screen of a mobile phone. Just thinking about it is mind-numbing
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(3 day ago) Mobile phone system update is a problem that everyone will encounter at present, and most of the mobile phone is very embarrassing, the automatic update prompt can not be cancelled normally, which leads to a lot of people whether they are willing to update or not will inadvertently touch the update button, update their mobile phone system to the latest system
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(3 day ago) Fast technology June 2, Russia's Sputnik news agency reported that the Russian president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov told the media that civil servants were prohibited from using Apple phones during their work.
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(4 day ago) Fast science and technology news on June 1, the annual 618 years of promotion has begun, the major mobile phone manufacturers to benefit consumers from the preferential purchase activities.
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(4 day ago) Recently, there is news that Gree has disbanded the core team of mobile phones, or will no longer launch new phones. According to Sina Financial report, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree, responded that some time ago, it was said on the Internet that our mobile phones were no longer available. That's impossible. We must stick to it.
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(4 day ago) According to the news of IT House on June 1, with the continuous increase of mobile phone image sensors, there are few new products for card machines that use 1-inch picture and M43 picture. One of the main reasons is that the card machine market has been gradually replaced by high-end mobile phones.
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(5 day ago) Vivo S17 series was officially released on May 31st.
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(6 day ago) IT Home May 30 news, this morning, Master Lu officially released the "Master Lu long use fluency test report phase I", according to the official description, the report data from Master Lu selected nearly a year of hot new machines, and the same brand with the same chip platform only select the performance advantage version as the test object
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(6 day ago) Nowadays, almost everyone has one or more mobile phones, and people who play with mobile phones are getting younger and younger, so how serious is the impact of mobile phones on primary and secondary school students? According to the results of a recent study followed by Japanese experts for three years, after middle school students get a mobile phone, they begin to surf the Internet or play games every day, and their brainpower will stop at the level of the sixth grade of primary school.
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(6 day ago) On May 30, the topic "A Shanghai elderly man mistook a subway rail for a vending machine" sparked heated discussion on Weibo.
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(7 day ago) Today, Huawei officially announced the time of the new developer conference, and the HDC.Cloud 2023 will be held in Dongguan on July 7th. At the same time, there will be sub-conferences in more than 10 countries around the world and more than 30 cities in China, inviting developers from all over the world to discuss new opportunities and new possibilities under the wave of AI
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(8 day ago) Billionaire Elon Musk apologized to Twitter users today after he shared a screenshot of his phone's storage space that showed the Twitter app used 9.52 GB, more than most other apps.
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(8 day ago) The waterproof performance of the latest iPhone is generally up to the IP68 waterproof level, but there are also some phones "talented", waterproof performance is comparable to the "super version" IP68, even in water for a long time, still can be used normally
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(8 day ago) It House May 28 news, Honor Magic5 series push system update, version number (SP2C00E123R4P6), size 692MB, add glory image frame, optimize the photo effect of some scenes, improve the audio playback effect of some scenes, optimize the button layout at the top of the suspension window, improve desktop sliding fluency, and so on.
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(9 day ago) What do you do if you drop your phone in the reservoir? Most people just let it go and buy a new phone, but what about getting it back in the water? An Indian official did just that.
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(9 day ago) As early as April 2021, South Korea's LG officially announced that it would stop its mobile phone business and officially quit the mobile phone market at the end of July that year.
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(9 day ago) The global mobile phone market saw a sharp decline in shipments in the first quarter of 2023, with some well-known brands seeing double-digit declines in shipments, according to a recent report by several market research agencies.
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(9 day ago) In general, we do not recommend ordinary users to buy used or third-party stores of iPhone, because the "water is too deep".
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