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(24 day ago) MOTOROLA unveils new Razr 40 and Razr 40 Ultra Foldable machines with large, "no-stand" exterior screens, and claims the new model is the ultimate in small foldable models.
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(65 day ago) Motorola's latest collapsible phone, Razr Plus 2023, has passed FCC certification.
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(87 day ago) Although there are many horizontal folding and vertical folding mobile phones on the market today, in fact, it was MOTOROLA that first introduced the vertical folding mode in China, and it copied the very popular flip phone Razr.
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(152 day ago) After several rounds of exposure, Motorola officially announced the ThinkPhone for the first time on CES 2023, proving the existence of the phone and making it clear that it belongs to the Motorola-branded product line.
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(156 day ago) For domestic Android users, LineageOS may be a slightly unfamiliar name, but as the ancestor of the third-party customized ROM, the reorganized spirit sequel of CyanogenMod & rdquo;,LineageOS can already be said to be the largest third-party Android system in the world.
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(172 day ago) Today, Lenovo Chen Jin announced that a new Motorola machine — — moto g53, will debut at the new moto launch tonight at 19:30.
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(245 day ago) On October 3, MOTOROLA unveiled its new Moto G72, which features a centre perforated screen with three rear cameras, including a 108-megapixel main camera, and costs 18,999 Indian rupees (RMB1,660).
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(288 day ago) Android 13 was announced in May at the Google I/O developer conference
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(302 day ago) According to news on August 7, at present, the industry's first 200 million pixel flagship Moto X30 Pro has been launched on the e -commerce platform, and the new machine is expected to be released on August 11.
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(307 day ago) IT House News on August 2nd, Chen Jin, general manager of the mobile phone business department of Lenovo China announced that the MOTO new product launch conference scheduled to be held at 7:30 tonight was canceled. Please continue to pay attention to the official platform of Moto's official platforms Essence
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(318 day ago) Motorola can be said to be a clear current in the mobile phone industry, almost no one in terms of cost -effectiveness, and has also grabbed the launch of the Snapdragon flagship chip.
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(329 day ago) MOTOROLA Edge 30 Fusion receives multiple certifications and supports 68W fast charging
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(331 day ago) Recently, the Snapdragon 8+ models have sprung up and warm up. According to previous news, Motorola will also launch the corresponding new machine in recent times, even a one -time one.
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(337 day ago) As flexible OLED panels continue to mature and iterate, a number of foldable mobile phones have emerged in the market. As a new product, the durability, thickness, crease and battery of foldable mobile phones have become the primary consideration of consumers.
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(347 day ago) Today, the blogger@Digital chat station broke the news that Motorola Snapdragon 8+ flagship will be released in July. It has a rear 200 million pixel super large bottom main photo. Due to the high cost of this Sensor, the price of new machines is not like the Motorola Edge listed at the beginning of the year. X30 is so cheap.
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(352 day ago) News on June 18th, blogger@6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6.7 inches is 6.7 inches. It is equipped with the latest flagship Snapdragon 8+ processor in Qualcomm. It is the Razr 3 that Motorola is about to release.
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(1 yr ago) The annual 618 promotion has begun, motorola jingdong self-operated flagship store shows that the motorola edge s pro top version to the hand price of 1799 yuan (12GB + 256GB), at the same price is very competitive.
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(1 yr ago) On May 25, the well-known whistleblower onleaks exposed the real machine photo of motorola Razr 3 folding screen.
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(1 yr ago) Not long ago, the so-called "Roll King" Snapdragon 8 flagship - Motorola X30 Champion Edition ushered in the first sale, the 12+ 512GB version of the first price of 2999 yuan
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(1 yr ago) Earlier, Motorola's new folding screen mobile phone RAZR3 already had real machine photos. Recently, the well -known news person Ross Young released some information about this machine screen.
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(1 yr ago) May 11 news, Motorola launched the Motorola Edge X30 Champion Edition on May 10, and this phone quickly became the focus of attention after its release.
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(1 yr ago) Just today, Moto released a preheating poster, & ldquo; dare to pay, dare to live up to look forward to & rdquo; and the Snapdragon 8 will be popularized.
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(1 yr ago) In April of this year, Chen Jin, general manager of the mobile phone business department of Lenovo China, revealed that the new folding screen flagship has been on the road. It can not be said to be too much, but it has made a lot of efforts for the general pain points.
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(1 yr ago) On the evening of May 7th, blogger @digitalChat revealed that MOTOROLA's new snapdragon 8 Plus processor has been registered. This is the industry's first snapdragon 8 Plus model to be registered, which means that MOTOROLA will be the world's first snapdragon 8 Plus processor.
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(1 yr ago) News on April 28, Motorola released Edge 30 overseas at a price of 449.99 euros (about 3100 yuan).
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(1 yr ago) Last month, Motorola released a new flagship configuration mobile phone edge S30 champion edition, which is equipped with a Snapdragon 888 Plus flagship processor, and is equipped with a 12GB + 512GB large storage combination, which is only sold for 2499 yuan (click to buy).
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(1 yr ago) MOTOROLA Edge S30 Champion will go on sale again on April 8, offering 12GB+512GB versions at a price of 2,499 yuan, said Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo's Mobile phone business unit in China.
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(1 yr ago) MOTOROLA is testing its Snapdragon 8 Plus flagship processor, which will debut in Q2 this year, according to @digitchat.
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(1 yr ago) Today, blogger @digital Chat revealed that MOTOROLA's Snapdragon 8 Plus flagship is being tested. The main image will be a 200 megapixel Samsung HP1 or 194 megapixel Samsung HP1, with a 50 megapixel ultra wide Angle and a 12 megapixel portrait.
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(1 yr ago) Today, the blogger @ digital small talk station broke the news, Motorola Snapdragon 8 Plus flagship is being tested, the main camera may be 200 million pixels of Samsung HP1, may also be 194 million pixels, the secondary camera is 50 million pixels of ultra-wide angle and 12 million pixels of portraits.
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