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(58 min ago) Last September, NVIDIA and Microsoft jointly announced that "my world" game will be upgraded to support NVIDIA RTX ray tracing technology, and will be pushed for free sometime in 2020. Today, NVIDIA released my world's first experience edition, which gives players a glimpse of the magical effect of the combination of the world's hottest games and ray tracing technology.
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(9 hr ago) By default, if you are a user of NVIDIA GPU, there must be NVIDIA geforce experience installed on the PC, but for most users, have you carefully understood this program? Users can switch between NVIDIA studio driver and NVIDIA game replay driver through NVIDIA geforce experience
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(13 hr ago) The Netease game, which ranks among the top 10* in global game revenue, has chosen to AWS accelerate global market development, Amazon Web Services,Inc. announced today.
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(16 hr ago) More and more people have to stay at home under the PC Game epidemic, which also makes the number of steam online players reach a new high, which has exceeded 230000 yesterday. Now the problem is coming. So many people live at home. What games do you play? According to valve, from March 23 to March 29, 2020, the game with the highest sales volume of steam game platform is the shooting game "destroyer:
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(23 hr ago) Marcin momot, the community manager of cdpr, tweeted in praise of the homegrown game "ancient sword 3" and said, "I can't stop this game at all!". In the comment area, when a Chinese player interacts with him with a screenshot of his microblog, he even replies in Chinese, "I also like their game!"; (in fact, the manager has long praised various Chinese Game TV plays on twitter, and tweeted two years ago that he wanted to play "the legend of the Xiake" (finally linked to the Phoenix game of the publisher)
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(2 day ago) The country's first game phone creator, black shark technology, recently launched its new flagship, tencent black shark game mobile phone 3 and tencent black shark game mobile phone 3 Pro two models. On March 27, the two games were sold at JingDong, which won 3.27 sales of the game's mobile phone category
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(2 day ago) The epidemic affected the office efficiency of many enterprises, but it was only temporary. 13. According to foreign media reports, the follow-up development of Microsoft Flight Simulator, a game masterpiece, has been back on track since this month, and the development team has brought updates including function discovery series and development roadmap.
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(3 day ago) The shortest distance between two points of branch is a straight line, but this line is not the most interesting in most cases. Unless you provide the player with a choice of detours from time to time, the player will feel like a bystander and can only move in the same direction even if he makes some detours in the middle.
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(3 day ago) On the evening of march 26, nintendo suddenly released a 30-minute video of the mini face-to-face meeting, introducing a number of games that are about to land on Switch platform in the first half of the year, and announcing "gather !" Animal Sen Friends "," fitness ring adventure "and other game updates.
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(3 day ago) On March 27, Tencent game signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Huawei, announcing the establishment of a joint innovation laboratory, which uses the powerful computing power of Huawei Kunpeng processor to jointly build gamematrix cloud game platform, and conducts technical exploration and innovation practice in game engine, cutting-edge technology (AI / VR / AR) and other game fields.
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(4 day ago) Ign gave a final evaluation of 9 points for "destroyer: Eternity". Before that, ign scored 9 points and 8 points respectively for single player mode and multiplayer mode. Let's have a look. score: 9 points amazing whether you are a new player or an old fan of destroyer, the performance of Destroyer: eternity will definitely bring you fun.
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(4 day ago) The default recently, HyperX Cloud headset series ushered in a new member ——HyperX Cloud Alpha S alpha enhanced version of the game headset (obsidian black).
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(4 day ago) Article / elk source: yuyanjiayoubao not long ago, the game live platform, douyu, launched its own cloud game platform, and put dozens of mobile games and end games on the shelf. Without downloading, players can play end games such as dota2 and world of Warcraft on douyu, as well as hand games such as King glory and peace elite.
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(4 day ago) Remember the happiest time in computer class? In addition to the next table students handed over the U disk with empire times, those small games originally installed in the computer are the biggest "source of happiness".
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(4 day ago) After mark Cerny, the chief architect, introduced the hardware specifications of ps5 in depth last week, everyone was disappointed because the content was too professional for developers, and there was no function or performance introduction link that players were interested in. However, a Sony patent recently exposed may reveal the upcoming new function of ps5 - second into the game.
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(4 day ago) The game studio dynamic voltage Games said that they are ready to display an exclusive Xbox series X work with a picture specification of up to 4K @ 120fps, making it the first console game to reach this specification on the market.
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(5 day ago) Although companies such as Microsoft and Google have launched popular cloud game services, these services are hard to reach more than 1 billion IOS users due to the restrictions of Apple's App Store app store rules. As companies such as apple, Microsoft, Google and NVIDIA launch a series of new mobile subscription services, video game fans suddenly have a large number of game directories to choose from.
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(5 day ago) There are more and more 32GB memory on the market. For small board users, it is easier to build 64GB or 128GB platform under limited space and slot conditions. Today, teamgroup announced the introduction of DDR4 memory for t-force Vulcan Z and dark Z games, each with 32GB capacity.
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(5 day ago) "Is there any new story in the live broadcast of xiuchanghua game?" ԡ Wen / haschai source: reliable quadratic element (ID: kpacgn) in 2019, the "master of the broad" fish fighting show was successful, and the "Iron Rooster" tiger tooth user growth peaked.
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(5 day ago) You think I'm on the first floor, but actually I'm on the fifth floor. When you think that V club can't count 3, and staff of V club are all on holiday to update their own games occasionally, V club can bring surprise to players. As it turns out, although "half life" hasn't been counted to 3, half life series is actually being done.
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(5 day ago) If you often need to play games on your laptop anytime, anywhere, and the existing platform can no longer meet you, then the best time to update is now. 13. The AMD sharp dragon 4000 series of light and thin books and game books are going on the market in succession. On April 2, we will usher in another set of new platforms, a more popular and product rich platform.
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(5 day ago) On March 24th, the Hangzhou intermediate people's Court issued a filing case through the official WeChat official account today, which triggered the concern of practitioners in the field of cloud gaming. This infringement lawsuit initiated by Tencent Inc can be said that China's first lawsuit involving cloud games in the industry is known as "the first case of cloud games in China".
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(5 day ago) Game book destroy warrior cool Rui last two months, everyone's life must be similar, in addition to telecommuting, stay at home the rest of the time is thinking about how to polish the time, some people play games, some people do live, others play vlog, record video every day, anyway, a lot of tricks.
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(6 day ago) Half life 3 half life: alyx has been officially released in steam store and has been widely praised. Dario Casali, the gate designer of V club, and Kerry Davis, the programmer, recently reported to gamespot that "half life: alyx" can be very scary.
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(6 day ago) According to the report of Japan's fami, according to the weekly sales list of Japan's physical game store GEO, "come together! The first week sales of "Friends of animals" broke the first week record of NS game! According to geo statistics, from March 16 to March 22, data from about 1200 game stores are collected!
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(7 day ago) After the second-generation remake tasted great benefits, "biochemical crisis 3: Remake" will be released on the PS4 / xb1 / steam platform on April 3. According to producer Peter Fabiano, the knife has been strengthened in "biochemical crisis 3-fold system", which can be reused without damage.
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(7 day ago) Fast technology march 23 news, shun net technology at 9 am through the online live broadcast mode, released its cloud game new product shun net cloud play, this product is the first domestic hardware and software integrated cloud game system, provides the big screen cloud game service for the player, so far, together with last year's cloud electric brain product, shun net technology cloud game ecological outline has gradually become clear.
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(7 day ago) Strong configuration and price conundrum have kept discussions hot since asus's of choice opened on march 17. On march 23rd (today), asus officially announced the first price of sky-selected game book, with the RTX 2060 graphics card version surprise price of 6599 yuan, and the GTX 1660Ti graphics card version is only sold 6299 yuan, the price-performance ratio is absolutely called a "inverse sky ".
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(7 day ago) On the morning of March 23, black shark official announced that Tencent's Black Shark game mobile phone 3 Pro through the hot line exclusive edition will be officially launched on 3.27 Jingdong super brand day, with exclusive limited edition and six interest free sessions. The biggest highlight of Tencent Black Shark 3 Pro is that it is equipped with lifting game buttons to improve the real press feedback, which is in line with the micro surface design of ergonomics, fits all kinds of hand types, zero delay, zero false touch, automatic identification of game scenes, intelligent lifting of buttons.
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