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(1 hr ago) According to a patent application document released today by the U.S. patent and Trademark Office, Apple plans to extend the "nearby authentication" technology to other devices, that is, to allow users to automatically unlock another device nearby through an already authenticated device.
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(13 hr ago) In fact, as early as 2016, Apple has explained such problems. ԡ exiting the background application has become a routine operation for iPhone users to extend the standby time or speed up the operation. But Apple said don't do it.
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(17 hr ago) A report earlier this week suggested that the upcoming iPhone 12 might support the new WiFi standard 802.11ay. Today's reports speculate that the new WiFi standard for Apple's iPhone 12 may be compatible with Apple's long rumored smart glasses.
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(17 hr ago) Last year, Microsoft introduced the function of downloading system image in the cloud for the first time in the windows preview edition, so that when it is unable to enter the desktop and there is no ready-made U disk on hand, it can reinstall the system online.
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(1 day ago) The default Su Ning 24 stages free of interest, this wave of this spring the strongest "pull wool ", how to operate? The first step, log on to SUNING search "24 issue interest-free "to view all active goods, but also can directly search for good things, check 24 issue interest-free to find active goods; the second step, download Su Ning finance, open" wayward payment ", after the opening of the order 24 issue interest-free goods. ..
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(1 day ago) The iPhone is often seen in movies and TV works. However, when communicating with foreign media, the director of the hit film "knives out" Ryan Johnson shared an unknown film making rule that Apple does not allow villains to use the iPhone in the camera.
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(1 day ago) Students at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California, can now add their student ID card to their wallet application on the iPhone and Apple Watch, so they can use their own electronic devices to visit attractions, participate in sports, buy food, view library books and more, according to a report.
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(1 day ago) According to the report "smart phone model market tracking" released by omdia, Apple's iPhone XRS accounted for half of the global smart phone market in 2019, followed by the latest iPhone 11 launched in September of that year.
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(1 day ago) Apple's failure to gain a foothold in India - where both Samsung and Chinese brands have sold more than the latter - or was overturned by a new study, according to foreign media outlet Apple Insider. The study showed iPhone sales accounted for more than 75 percent of all high-end smartphone sales in India in the fourth quarter, while sales of iPads, Apple Watch and AirPods were also strong.
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(1 day ago) Travel restrictions around the world due to new coronavirus outbreaks coincided with Apple engineers flying to Asia to refine new iPhone production missions this fall, former Apple employees and supply chain sources have revealed. Two former Apple employees said that while the company won't be mass-producing until the summer, they communicate with partners such as Foxconn in the first few months of each year on specific assembly processes.
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(1 day ago) According to the latest news, BOE is investing heavily in opening and improving the OLED module production line only for Apple products, which seems to be the necessary preparation for BOE to obtain Apple orders and become a new generation iPhone supplier. According to previous industry chain information, Apple plans to order OLED displays from BOE in 2020, which will make BOE the second largest OLED display supplier of iPhone.
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(2 day ago) Tencent technology news, in September this year, Apple will hold an autumn conference to launch this year's iPhone 12 (the name temporarily used by the media, which has not been confirmed by the official) series of mobile phones. In addition to Tieding's support of 5g communication network, what other highlights will this mobile phone bring? According to the latest news from foreign media on February 24, Apple's new mobile phone is expected to support the new version of Wi Fi communication protocol, which will bring ultra-high data transmission between Apple's mobile phones in a short distance.
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(3 day ago) It is expected that in September this year, Apple will release 2020 iPhone series products, namely iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro max. It is also predicted that Apple may hold a product launch in March this year to launch the long-awaited new iPhone Se series products, namely iPhone se 2 or iPhone 9.
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(3 day ago) Apple iPhone mobile phone iOS make complaints about apple on iOS. Hours are increasing, and more and more users are tucking away. According to foreign media reports, Steve streza, a Tumblr software engineer, expressed dissatisfaction with the excessive advertising on Apple's iPhone smartphone.
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(3 day ago) The concept of folding screen is popular in the smartphone market, but Apple intends to "skip" this stage and consider a different approach. 13. According to foreign media reports, Apple's latest patent shows that they are developing an iPhone with a full glass around the touch screen. Any side of the iPhone can act as a screen to display information, application icons and images.
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(3 day ago) The multitasking of IOS has not satisfied users, and apple is also actively improving. From the newly exposed IOS 14 cross section, it seems that Apple has enabled the iPad like multi task interface in the new system. When operating with iPhone 11 Pro max, four applications can be displayed on the screen on the single call multi task interface, and other applications can be viewed when swiping the finger to the right.
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(4 day ago) Apple iPod touch , which is the most eye-catching product in Apple iPod series, is also the youth memory of many Apple fans in their school days. It symbolizes the peak of MP4 player and the iPod most like iPhone. In this issue of the geek Museum, let's talk about Apple's iPod touch series.
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(4 day ago) Recently, according to netizens, pinduoduo's 64GB iPhone XS Max was sold at an amazing price. It costs only 5399 yuan to get it, approaching the 5000 mark. ԡ ԡ ࡴ, the iPhone XS Max 64GB in the current promotion of JD, is priced at 6199 yuan. You can get 5000-500 yuan of coupons and 5699 yuan of coup.
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(4 day ago) Apple today released "A Journey into the Valley of Fire," the latest promotional video for the Shot on iPhone series, using ultra-wide footage of the iPhone 11 Pro to shoot a high-quality 4K video at Flame Valley State Park in Nevada.
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(4 day ago) On February 22, according to foreign media reports, although Apple launched three iPhone 11 models in September 2019 only five months ago, it is now rumoured that the iPhone 12 is about to appear. However, the name of Apple's upcoming new iPhone has not been officially confirmed by apple, and here it is named after iPhone 12.
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(5 day ago) Although Apple introduced three iPhone 11 models in September 2019, just five months ago, there are now rumors that the iPhone 12 is on the way. However, the name of Apple's upcoming new iPhone hasn't been officially confirmed by Apple and is still named after the iPhone 12.
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(5 day ago) Apple's patented drawings show wallpaper extending to the side, the edge shows the touch control Tencent Technology News, February 21 news, according to foreign media reported that the day must be vertically held iPhone to use Face ID is about to be ended! Apple's latest patent exposure shows the company is working on an all-glass iPhone with a surround touch screen that can display information, icons and images on any surface.
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(5 day ago) Apple iPhone mobile phone iOS apple is also aware that users make complaints about Liu Haiping, mainly because they can not reach the full screen technology at present.
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(5 day ago) According to Apple's latest patent, apple is studying the all glass iPhone, which can display information, icons and images on any side. The whole device is sensitive to touch. Apple patent 20200057525, entitled "electronic device with glass shell", describes an iPhone with a six sided glass shell.
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(7 day ago) In order to limit the search and access to pornographic content, Apple has provided a preset filter for iPhone, which is convenient for users to enable when necessary to prevent the presentation of embarrassing content. However, it turns out that Apple's default settings are a little too hard, resulting in "Asian" related search content being blocked.
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(7 day ago) Apple is rumoured to be releasing new entry-level iPhone smartphones in the coming weeks. Yet as a successor to the original iPhone SE model, which launched in 2016, it may not be able to come as promised. In a recent interview with the Nikkei Asia Review, a source said the company may miss the production schedule for the legendary "iPhone 9", also known as the iPhone SE2, due to a new coronavirus-induced pneumonia outbreak.
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(7 day ago) According to foreign media reports, in 2021, Apple may let some accessory factories share more manufacturing tasks. For example, the older iPhone models will be handed over to airpods wireless headphones and the apple watch smart watch factory, luxhsare precision.
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