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(11 hr ago) Here comes the Reebok 7 4700u! Redmibook 16 sharp dragon edition evaluation: work together with AMD to create the best cost performance source: fast technology 2020-05-27 22:27:34 Author:
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(12 hr ago) On June 16, AMD will release a new series of enhanced processors of the sharp dragon 3000xt, which will be launched on July 7, the first anniversary of the three generations of sharp dragon, including the sharp dragon 9 3900xt, the sharp dragon 7 3800xt and the sharp dragon 5 3600xt. The only suspense is how much the frequency can be improved.
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(21 hr ago) Players who focus on AMD graphics cards are certainly looking forward to RDNA 2 architecture and Big Navi core of the next generation of products, after all, to support the pursuit of light, and the old yellow positive just a moment also conducive to the development of the entire industry. But I don't know, the RX 5000 series still has new moves.
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(21 hr ago) Visit the purchase page: for each generation of ryzen processor, agesa has a branch version in Zen When the 2 processor was launched, agesa forked out a new version of comboam4. At present, this branch has been updated to At present, many motherboard manufacturers have launched BIOS updates including this version of agesa. For the b550 motherboard that has been launched and will be launched next month, we expect that it will directly integrate the latest version of agesa
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(1 day ago) This article is reprinted by the authorization of super energy network, and reprinted by other media with the permission of super energy network. With the release of comet lake-s by Intel, the competition between them and AMD in the CPU market has entered the next stage. Now, neither of them has clearly announced the next product trend, but it is necessary to sort out the CPU roadmap of the two companies from this year to the next year, that is, 2022.
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(1 day ago) With Intel's release of comet - lake-s, their competition with AMD in the CPU market has entered the next stage. Now, neither of them has clearly announced the next product trend, but it is necessary to sort out the CPU roadmap of the two companies from this year to the next year, that is, 2022.
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(3 day ago) On May 21, Xiaomi notebook official announced a large screen notebook products, closely following the current notebook big screen trend. The notebook is also Redmi first 16.1-inch notebook product, named RedmiBook 16..
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(4 day ago) AMDARM had previously released an unexpected product in 2014——AMD K12, the first self-designed 64-bit ARMv8 architecture core in AMD, when it was planned to officially launch it in 2016 and apply it to high-density servers, embedded, semi-customized, ultra-low power consumption other areas.
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(4 day ago) NVIDIA ampere has already made a move. Will the new card of AMD rDNA 2 architecture be far behind? It is said that both will release the next generation of game cards in September this year. ԡ amd officials have long confirmed the existence of big Navi core, code named Navi 21, positioning flagship and high-end fields, as well as mainstream Navi 22 and low-end Navi 23.
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(4 day ago) Visit the purchase page: Although the flagship store of AMD was quickly deleted, it was just like "to cover up", but it was further hammered, because OPN number, reference frequency and thermal design power consumption are completely corresponding. Combined with this exposure and the previous exposure, it can be confirmed that there will be a total of 12 different models of the sharp dragon 4000g APU, which can be divided into 65W G Series Standard Version, 35W Ge series energy-saving version, each of which has 6 models, and also can be divided into consumer version and pro business version, each of which has 6 models.
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(4 day ago) Yesterday, it was revealed that AMD will launch new models of the sharp dragon 7 3750x and the sharp dragon 7 - 3850x, which will be released on June 16. They will be launched on July 7 (the first anniversary of the sale of the three generations of the sharp dragon). They are all 8-core 16 threads, with a thermal design power consumption of 105W, but the specific frequency specifications are not yet available.
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(5 day ago) Originally thought that Renoir APU would be the last piece of the Zen2 architecture family puzzle, did not expect, Ruilong 7 3750X and Ruilong 7 3850X accidentally surfaced. Some netizens even found clues from a microblog by an executive of PC board card factory that the two CPU will be released on june 16 and officially open on july 7.
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(5 day ago) Recently, it was reported that the new amd card based on rdna2 architecture and the NVIDIA RTX 30 series based on amp are both planned to debut in September this year. Now, it seems that there are new amd products brewing at the same time, namely the A520 motherboard. At present, there are x570 and b550 chipsets for native adaptation of the three generations of sharp dragon. If these two platforms are still high positioning for you, A520 will undoubtedly be a good choice.
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(5 day ago) Visit the Purchase Page: The good news AMD the flagship store is that B550 chipsets are expected to be used more securely PCIe 4.0, and the motherboard is more affordable than X570 chipsets. Moreover, despite AMD commitment to maintaining compatibility AM4 processor interfaces for four years, older motherboards such as B450 and X470 may be struggling with Zen 3 new architecture.
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(6 day ago) In recent years, 5g has been a hot topic in the industry. In 2020, the 5g sector is full of good news, and the industry development ushers in a bright moment. According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, more than 200000 5g base stations have been built in China, and nearly 100 5g mobile terminals have obtained 5g access licenses. At the same time, 5g related applications have also been launched in succession, no matter in the fields of Ultra HD video, cloud games, AR, VR and other consumer areas, or in the deployment of the Internet of vehicles, industrial Internet, medical and other key fields
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(6 day ago) On May 21, redmi announced that the new redmibook will be released on May 26. 13. The official poster "what screen is the perfect size for games and offices" suggests that redmibook will have a new size this time.
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(7 day ago) Amd has previously revealed that the next generation processor based on Zen 3 architecture will no longer support the previous generation of 400 series b450 and x470 motherboards, for one reason, the BIOS ROM capacity of these motherboards is not large enough.
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(8 day ago) In 2017, amd announced that AM4 slot can be used in 2020. However, not long ago, amd said that 300 and 400 series motherboards could not be compatible with zen3 processor, causing a large number of a-meal protests. Tonight, amd changed its mind and announced the new benefits of zen3, which can be downward compatible with b450 and x470 motherboards.
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(8 day ago) The 7 nm process and zen2 architecture of the Ruilong 3300 X and the Ruilong 3100 processors have been put on the market. Of course, they can be matched with the main boards such as x570, x470 and b450, but the X series is too noble, and the b450 can't open the PCIe Four The perfect partner is the new b550.
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(8 day ago) Visit the Purchase Page: AMD flagship store but long life cycle, multi-generation architecture across, but also to compatible upgrade brought a lot of challenges and trouble, especially on the motherboard used to store BIOS information SPI ROM storage space is limited, resulting in some old motherboard can not support the new processor, or the new motherboard had to delete the support for some old processors, and some motherboard specially released a new version of the larger capacity BIOS.
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(8 day ago) Visit the purchase page: AMD flagship store OPN No. is 100-000000063-07_ 46/40_ N、100-000000063-08_ 46/40_ Y、100-000000063-23_ 44/38_ N. The corresponding reference frequency and acceleration frequency are respectively 4.0/4 .6GHz、 4.0/4 .6GHz、 3.8/4 .4GHz。
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(10 day ago) Players are looking forward to a new generation of host landing, from the current revelations, Xbox Series X and PS5 will be available as soon as october and november. The two hosts, though different in configuration, claim to be disruptive, including 4 K 120Hz output, up to 8 K resolution, hardware-accelerated real-time ray tracing, and 2 GB/s of SSD read and write speed.
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(11 day ago) At the desktop level, the price difference between Intel and AMD's peers is very transparent. For example, the difference between the core i9-9900k and the performance similar ryzen 73700x is a thousand yuan.
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(13 day ago) Amdcpu processor apu7nm sharp dragon Zen 2 ԡԡԡԡ AMD 7Nm zen2 family only has the last puzzle, that is, Renoir (Renoir) series APU desktop version, especially mobile sharp dragon 4000H and sharp dragon 4000U series, which makes a large number of DIY users full of expectations for desktop version. The recent frequent exposure also proves that AMD is grasping the final preparation
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(13 day ago) Several years ago AMD proposed a 3 A platform plan, is AMD CPU chipset graphics card collocation, at that time there was a metaphysical problem, is that A card collocation will have performance bonus. This doesn't really make any sense, but yesterday AMD released a AMD card ProRender 2.0, use processor, rendering performance 100% is not a dream.
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(14 day ago) On the evening of May 13, AMD officially released a new generation of graphics workstation professional graphics card "Radeon Pro VII", for television broadcasting, engineering computing, graphics modeling and other professional fields, can provide excellent graphics, computing performance.
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(14 day ago) Visit the purchase page: the reason why Su Zifeng, the flagship store of AMD, said this is related to her childhood education experience. When she was 3 years old, she immigrated to the United States with her parents from Tainan (very similar to Huang Renxun, founder of NVIDIA). Her father, Chun hwai Su (Su Chunhuai), was a statistician and taught her mathematics at a very early age. Her mother, sandy Su (Luo Shuya), was an accountant before, and later founded a business by herself, taught Su Zifeng a lot of business experience.
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(15 day ago) On May 18, the summer promotion of AMD Jingdong, "the rise of the core tide has its own unique" activities are on-line. During this activity, many amd Ruilong notebooks were launched in a centralized way, and some of the products were reduced by 900 yuan within a limited time. You can enjoy 12 periods of free interest when you buy the designated popular products, and you can get multiple discounts such as 100 yuan Jingdong e-card when you place an order for single drying evaluation.
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(15 day ago) Content navigation: page [01]: [test platform and test project] page [02]: [CPU performance test and analysis] page [03]: [collocation of independent display test] page [04]: [disk performance and power consumption test] page [05]: [test conclusion, summary] before 2017, the four core eight thread rule has been an insurmountable consumer level rule for nearly ten years.
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