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(6 hr ago) Surface Duo is Microsoft's new dual screen mobile phone. Although the details have not been released, it obviously has a slot - no notification information is displayed. The design of the surface Duo is similar to that of a normal laptop. The two screens close when it is turned off, and there is no secondary screen on the back of the body to display information.
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(12 hr ago) Microsoft plans to launch the RTM update of windows 10 20h1 (also known as version 2004) in the spring of 2020. Now, we are a step closer to the official release of the new version. On Tuesday, Microsoft released a candidate ISO image for windows 10 20h1, which means interested users can rush to perform a clean installation of the new operating system before it is officially launched to the public.
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(13 hr ago) On February 27, Beijing time, Microsoft issued a performance warning after hours on Wednesday, saying the outbreak would cause the company's windows and other businesses to fail to meet the revenue guidance previously given. 13. Apple announced a week ago that it was not expected to meet its previous quarterly revenue forecast due to the impact of the epidemic.
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(16 hr ago) A former Microsoft software engineer has been convicted of 18 felony charges for stealing more than $10 million in digital currency in a fraud related to Microsoft's retail platform. On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Justice said that after a five-day trial, volodymyr kvashuk, a former engineer at Microsoft and a Ukrainian citizen, was convicted of 18 felonies:
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(16 hr ago) According to foreign media windows latest, some surface Pro 7 and surface Pro x owners reported that their surface pen encountered "extreme" accuracy problems, which Microsoft has yet to confirm.
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(22 hr ago) At present, the Android version of Microsoft edge browser in the testing stage has allowed users to customize new tabs, and provided a new menu. Users can reorganize projects according to their preferences. The Android version of Microsoft edge also allows users to synchronize browser data with the new version of Microsoft edge or edge legacy.
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(1 day ago) Volodymyr kvashuk, a former Microsoft employee who had previously stolen Microsoft's $10 million electronic currency, was convicted of 18 felony crimes, including 5 wire transfer fraud, 6 money laundering, 2 identity theft, 2 false tax returns, 1 email fraud, 1 access device fraud and 1 access to protected computers.
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(1 day ago) Microsoft's patches have been rolled over to different degrees, and they can only continue to fix it. 13. On the Patch Tuesday activity day of this month, kb4532693 released by Microsoft has brought many troubles to users. In addition to the failure of normal startup, it also causes the loss of desktop and account configuration files after user upgrade.
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(1 day ago) This month's patch tuesday activity day, microsoft's kb 453 2693 caused a lot of trouble for users, except that it wouldn't boot properly, causing users to upgrade their desktop and account configuration files. Now the Microsoft support team acknowledges these errors and offers another solution for restoring your profile.
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(1 day ago) Microsoft plans to provide a dedicated "garage facility" for employees working in the one Microsoft court building in Dublin, Ireland, which is currently under renovation. The company will continue to adhere to the motto of "do more and speak less". After the decoration of the area is completed, it is convenient for employees to cooperate to carry out various tests.
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(2 day ago) Microsoft officials tonight blew up a lot of stuff, confirming the next-generation Xbox Series X host's multi-view,12 TFLOPS performance, hardware light catch-up, and the most anticipated compatibility to be compatible with the four-generation Xbox game.
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(3 day ago) A few days ago, deepfake technology appeared in India's elections, and was used by candidates in promotional materials for campaign canvassing. Although the candidate ended up with a fiasco, it means that the AI face changing fire ignited by deepfake is gradually warming up.
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(3 day ago) Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella today held talks in Mumbai, India, with Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, India's largest private group, praising the cooperation in cloud services.
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(3 day ago) To update the new version of edge browser based on the chromium kernel, the current user needs to go to the settings page and select about Microsoft edge. The software will automatically detect the available updates and download them on this page, and then prompt the user to restart to complete the update.
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(3 day ago) The onedrive cloud disk is integrated in Windows 10. Through several years of iterative updates, Microsoft is quietly strengthening its position. For example, the default storage location of office has been changed to onedrive, and the removable content of library files has been uploaded to the cloud.
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(3 day ago) Almost five months after its official release, Microsoft's new Surface ProX version of the National Bank of China has finally arrived, and Microsoft's official mall is on sale. The Surface ProX National Bank version offers three alternative configurations,8GB/256GB9988 yuan,16GB/256GB11988 yuan,16GB/512GB13988 yuan, all in elegant black color.
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(5 day ago) For many years, Amazon AWS has been regarded as a giant in the cloud market. However, according to the latest analysis report released by canalys, the growth rate of enterprise adoption of Microsoft azure cloud service in 2019 has exceeded that of Amazon AWS.
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(5 day ago) Windows operating system ԡԡԡԡԡ ԡ.
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(5 day ago) Microsoft just pushed 82.0.425.3 preview to the insider testers of dev channel. As the first update of version 82, it did not introduce many new features, but brought many fixes and improvements.
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(5 day ago) Microsoft Flight Simulator, a game masterpiece that Microsoft is preparing, has attracted the attention of many players. For such a high-quality flight game, Microsoft has paid a lot of energy. According to the information disclosed by developer asobo, in order to restore the real face of each airport, Microsoft has manually edited 37000 maps through high-resolution Bing map scanning (plus advanced Microsoft azure generation)
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(6 day ago) For a long time, Microsoft's surface product line has been favored by fans for its outstanding industrial design and adherence to its own independent thinking. As a new product member of the surface family, surface - headquarters is also Microsoft's first step in the audio field.
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(6 day ago) Windows Defender is Microsoft Windows's default antivirus security software, which is more and more perfect in both functionality and security, and highly praised. Microsoft is also pushing it to more platforms. Today, Microsoft announced that the preview version of Microsoft defender ATP for Linux has been released. Welcome to the global Linux user experience and feedback.
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(6 day ago) Both Windows 7 and IE browsers stopped support last month, but Microsoft decided to provide security patches for Windows 7 system again due to the latest exposed serious ie vulnerability. After discovering a JavaScript engine vulnerability widely used by hackers, Microsoft decided to provide security updates for all pre ie 9 browsers.
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(6 day ago) In the early hours of February 21, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the tech giant would invest $1.1 billion in Mexico over the next five years, according to a promotional video released Thursday by the Mexican government.
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(6 day ago) Windows operating system ԡԡԡ ԡ. In today's release of the windows 10 preview update, Microsoft has brought a new color icon with fluent design language.
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(6 day ago) Microsoft has begun to introduce new modern style icons for windows 10. From today on, fast ring testers of windows 10 will be able to get icon updates for each built-in application of the system.
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(6 day ago) Tencent technology news, in the eyes of ordinary people, technology companies or Internet companies mean high education and high wages. The positions released by these companies are beyond the reach of non university graduates. However, this is not the case. Recently, the head of Tesla said that they did not require a college degree when recruiting talents. In addition, many basic positions of Microsoft did not require a college degree.
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(6 day ago) Tencent technology news, as we all know, Microsoft has suffered a tragic failure in the field of smart phone operating system and mobile hardware, and is currently implementing their "mobile priority cloud priority" strategy on the Android and IOS platforms of competitors.
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