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New office suite choice WPS Office for Mac vs. Microsoft Office 2019

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If you have also suffered from MicrosoftOfficeTake up too much space, expensive prices, etc., you can try the 700M WPS for Mac. Although Apple also has office suites, Offices, Numbers, and Keynote, iWork, in order to maintain file format compatibility, universality, and convenience, it is a good idea to have one choice.

What is the difficulty in working on the Apple system?

For most of my friends, the first computer I’m in contact with is definitelyWindowsNaturally, I am used to the various operations and workflows of Microsoft Office. When switching to a Mac computer, using the macOS system, Apple's iWork will feel very difficult to use, and you need to have a learning process. In addition to Keynote, it's still easy to use. Pages and Numbers are always a bit confusing. Office software needs to call a lot of functions and buttons. After the iWork suite is free, Apple's update frequency is very high. When using it personally, iWork can't always use the convenience and easy to use equals, and the learning cost is high.

Microsoft Office's performance on Apple systems is generally

In the past few years, when Ballmer was the CEO of Microsoft, the company did not pay attention to mobile platforms such as macOS, Android and iOS. Office software on the Mac platform usually lags behind the Windows version of Office for many years, not only does the interface look like people don't want to use it. It is not complete enough. The most terrible thing is that the stability is very poor, and all sorts of bangs, crashes, and mistakes make people big. Although there have been improvements in recent years, there has never been a feeling of deep integration with the macOS system in terms of functionality and experience. As a product of a US company, Office is not perfect for the localization of Chinese users. However, on the macOS platform, Microsoft Office has almost no competitors as a functional office suite. Ordinary users can only choose to silently accept Office.

WPS brings changes to the Mac

In December last year, Kingsoft's well-known office software WPS launched the Mac version, WPS Office for Mac. As a domestic software, WPS Office for Mac has many advantages, such as better understanding of Chinese users, free, more stable cloud synchronization services. Similarly, as a domestic software, I believe that everyone's attitude towards WPS is also very cautious, there are also many concerns, such as stability? Is the function complete? Can you let users elegantly complete a variety of office needs on the Mac. With these questions and the heart of looking for a great office suite, we experienced the official version of WPS Office for Mac, compared to the latest version of Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac 16.23 (190309).

Small and exquisite

From download to installation, the first impression of WPS Office for Mac is small. The download and installation package is only 256MB. After downloading, it is a DMG file, which can be dragged to the application folder. The installation is also less than 700M. The entire download and installation process is very comfortable, without any pressure, after all, this drag-and-drop installation is more practical than the PKG installation package. At the same time, you can also search for WPS in the Mac App Store, install it once, and don't worry about upgrading later.

Download address: mac.wps.cn

In contrast, Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac installation package is about 1.6 GB, although the capacity is not large, but compared with WPS, it has increased several times. After the installation is completed, it takes up nearly 4 G. Office 2019 for Mac provides five apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote Memos, and the Outlook Mail client. The important thing is the first three features. OneNote is very useful, but the competitor is not WPS, but the memo notes application such as Evernote and Bear, as well as Outlook.

WPS adopts the 6-in-1 design concept. After installation, it only displays the WPS Office application. Microsoft and Apple are still independent of the three applications.

From the experience of installation to use, WPS Office for Mac can really bring a better experience, and the anxiety during downloading and installation is greatly reduced. This is one of the excellent places for domestic software, giving a good reputation. So what is WPS Office for Mac?

More than just the Office three-piece set, there are three essential features

In addition to the three main functions of text, forms and presentations, WPS Office for Mac provides two useful functions, flow chart and brain map. One software solves multiple problems, no need to find other flowchart software. In addition, WPS also provides some PDF editing functions, which is convenient for editing PDF format and easier to share.

WPS Office for Mac is designed with the All In One. This is also one of the important changes of WPS 2019. Not only the Mac platform, but also the WPS software of Windows platform is integrated, so that all functions can be integrated. When dealing with different types of documents, it is no longer necessary to switch back and forth between different applications. . WPS uses tabbed design, both text and table, integrated in a main interface, some similar to the browser's tab function.

Design and design of All In Onecloud serviceTogether, it brings a seamless experience across systems and devices. After logging in, cloud documents can be synchronized between various devices, and the collaboration between devices is smoother, and the supported login methods are rich, including WeChat, QQ,Mobile phoneNo..

In contrast, Office only supports logins using Microsoft accounts. Sometimes when OneDrive is exhausted, there are documents that cannot be accessed, which is very anxious. The home page of WPS is similar to the home page of the browser. It includes recent access, cloud documents, and can quickly open and create new documents. The five functions of the new page are on the top toolbar, but there is no adaptation for macOS, but the small icon + text display effect, a little copy of the meaning of the Windows version, below is a large number of rice husk templates. Almost all templates are classified on the left side. There are previews and related introductions on the right side. The number is large. The functions of text, table, presentation, flow chart and brain map have similar template interface design. Support search and classified view. Wait for the operation.

WPS text vs. Word main interface display

WPS form vs. Excel main interface display

WPS demo vs. PowerPoint main interface display

Of course, there are flowcharts and brain maps, which are not available in Microsoft Office, but Microsoft provides stand-alone apps that just need to be downloaded separately and are not included in the Office for Mac suite.

Microsoft Office does not have a separate welcome screen, but it does not affect the use. At the same time, there are various template recommendations when creating new documents, but the three apps are independent, not all-in-one design. In terms of the number of templates, it is natural to have more choices for WPS and a limited number of Offices. However, the Office template is free. In addition to the free templates, WPS also needs to subscribe to the advanced templates of rice husks or super members. As for the price, the following is a further comparison and analysis.

WPS text (top) vs. Word toolbar (below)

WPS form (top) vs. Excel toolbar (below)

WPS demo (top) vs. PowerPoint toolbar (below)

The layout and function completion of the three main office software tools are almost the same. Microsoft OFFICE is biased towards solid color, and WPS color saturation is low and relatively light. The main editing functions are divided into start (including common operations), insert (insert various types of elements, not as good as pictures, tables, and WordArt), page layout (adjusting paper size, orientation, etc.), views, and chapters. However, it should be noted that this is the first official version of WPS. The functional completion level is already so high. If you can maintain the update rate in the future and maintain the free download strategy, then it is still quite stressful for Office. .

WPS is not enough. In terms of details, there is no problem with the overall function. For example, the adjustment of the UI details, the buttons of all the WPS toolbars are evenly arranged, and the different functions are not separated separately, and it looks like it is mixed. At this point, Office is doing a little better. The function buttons are partitioned and separated. Of course, these two office softwares tend to be similar to Windows. They are many and full, the interface is complex, and there is no elegant and simple feeling of macOS. This is also normal, after all, you need to use too many functions in the office, if you can quickly choose to use in the top toolbar, it can greatly improve office productivity. Both WPS and Office support hiding all toolbars during text editing.

Thanks to the tab design, the WPS top border takes up more space, and Office integrates the main features on the tab bar. When opening multiple files, WPS can leave more space for the content. WPS's search function is different from Office's search display. Office integrates search function in the upper right corner of the application, while WPS adopts pop-up design. Now MacOS's Spotlight search is also a pop-up window. The animation and smoothness of WPS window is smooth. Slip, but there is room for improvement.

Format, compatibility and cloud synchronization feature testing

Due to the rapid development of cloud computing, almost all software now supports cloud synchronization and backup. As an office software, cloud services are one of the most important features that can solve problems such as document sending, backup, and accidental loss. The rise of cloud services has made the format problem no longer important. Everything is stored in the cloud. On the corresponding client, you only need to log in. You don't have to send the documents. All creation and editing are in the cloud. And it is more convenient to work together.

Both WPS accounts and Microsoft accounts can synchronize documents between devices, including web pages, Windows, mobile devices, and more. Office's synchronous cloud service is OneDrive, and sometimes there are some access problems, and WPS's cloud service localization has nothing to say, and there is no delay in seconds.

In terms of cloud storage, WPS provides 1GB of storage for free users, and OneDrive is 5GB. If you pay, the function and capacity can be increased. The WPS cloud document function integrates better with WPS. The software has built-in cloud synchronization and cloud backup functions, and the operation process is closer to the native application. Office's OneDrive is actually a stand-alone cloud service application. The integration is not as intuitive as WPS, and you need to switch back and forth between windows.

As a free software, WPS for Mac offers a variety of features that are comprehensive and good. If you want to open some advanced features and belong to value-added services, you must open a membership. There are three types of members, WPS members, mainly supporting PDF to Word, cloud space 100G, single file 200M, and 200 team members. Rice husk members are templates that can be used free of charge for various rice husks, as well as super members, which integrate WPS members with rice husk members.

System integration experience

As a macOS software, how to support the deep experience of the macOS system. The latest versions of WPS and Office support dark mode. When we change to dark mode in system preferences, the software will automatically complete the conversion and adapt the system. At the same time, WPS also supports the Handoff feature, which automatically matches document editing points on other Apple devices.

At the moment, WPS for Mac does not have redundant presentations, but the trouble is that you must log in to use. Of course, when you log in, it automatically opens the cloud document storage, and the files are synchronized at any time, eliminating the pain of loss. Some friends may not like the logic to use this login, but the login will only appear once, so the real feeling, but also the user to judge.

Built-in massive rice husk template


Although Office provides some common templates for quick documentation, it has to be said that Office is still not enough to understand domestic needs. There are few types of templates and localization is not good enough. WPS's rice husk online template has been on the line for many years. The number and types of templates are one of the best in China. Users no longer need to search the template online, search directly in the end, and select the download to start editing. Of course, if you want to experience this kind of shortcut, you need to become a member of the rice husk. If you have a large demand for the template, you can open the rice husk member.


There are currently more than 8 million templates and materials on rice husks, as well as fonts, charts and icons. The advantage is deep integration with WPS, you can quickly find and start editing on the new page. If you don't want to pay, the WPS for Mac husk template also provides some free templates, which are enough for emergency work needs.

to sum up:

WPS for Mac, as an office suite that just landed on macOS, is very good in terms of functional completion and all-in-one design. The software is compliant with the Mac's operating logic, and its features are not bad compared to Office, with more stable cloud services, more husk templates, and localization support. The deep fusion Apple system's presentation mode is suitable for Apple users to seamlessly switch to WPS. Of course, as the first software package to log in to MacOS, WPS for Mac has been sincerely full, and I hope that WPS will continue to optimize in the future, allowing users to enjoy free and easy-to-use office software.

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