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The new HUAWEI MateBook E evaluation: light office era self-help green paper

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I don't know when, "light office era" has become a concept that many manufacturers vigorously promote. However, in the face of a manuscript that can never be written, a plan that can never be completed, a form that can never be filled out, and a code that can never be knocked out, it is difficult for people to have the feeling of “light”. In particular, because some small things can't be solved in time, the working hours are prolonged, and it is even more difficult for people to survive.

Take the example of Xiaobian, I have already got on the subway to go home after work. Suddenly I have to add one or two sentences to the manuscript. I can get things done in a few minutes. Because the computer can't connect to WiFi, I can only wait for it. Or on the high-speed rail, the files that can be passed in a few minutes, because the 4G hotspots are intermittent, it will drag on for an hour. Even more frustrating is that the computer used to work, "strike", but the phone can also receive real-time greetings from leaders and customers "friendly greetings" &helquo;…


The feeling of crying and tears above, I believe that all of you have a deep understanding. So, is there a way to solve these small things that are as annoying as flies at work? Xiaobian I worked hard for thousands of years before the Buddha, and finally waited for this light and thin two-in-one notebook & mdash; — new HUAWEI MateBook E. The kind of work that is easy to work, easy to carry, and easy to use, “light” is a brand new version that slag will not tell you.

Just like the vast majority of love issues is because you ignore his or her feelings, the vast majority of workplaces are also because you have delayed the needs of leaders or customers — — he will think that you are an irresponsible slag male! The new HUAWEI MateBook E's full-time connectivity makes you instantly reliable.


On the left side of the new HUAWEI MateBook E, we can see that there is a SIM card slot, just need to insert a mobile SIM card, the new HUAWEI MateBook E can connect to the 4G network, and no longer have to search for WiFi messages from the end of the world. Mobile phone 4G can also be independent, no need to supply blood to your notebook.

The new HUAWEI MateBook E is also equipped with 4*4 MIMO multi-antenna reception technology. In an environment with high signal strength, this technology can increase the signal speed, so that you can feel the crushing feeling in the office, and in the weak signal environment, you can improve the signal receiving ability, no matter you. Take the subway or the high-speed rail, take the elevator or the garage, even if you are in the middle of the deep forest, and beyond the five elements (this is purely for rhyme), the leadership of the work, customer feedback can respond in a timely manner, never drag.


Moreover, compared to the many laptops that focus on white-collar biceps, the new HUAWEI Matebook E is really thin and light, as thin as 8.5mm and lightly only 698g. For the mobile office crowd, this is a go. The feeling of no stress is simply not too embarrassing.

In this age of beauty, looking good is also a kind of productivity. The new HUAWEI Matebook E has a textured back shell with a four-sided metal middle frame. When used in the flat mode, you can get a very comfortable grip. The diamond cut high-cut trimming design, combined with the delicate ceramic sandblasting process, plus There are two colors of charm sea blue and titanium gold gray. Seeing it has a pleasing feeling, and the working mood will naturally be much better.


In order to let us see more on-screen content, the new HUAWEI Matebook E uses a 3:2 high-definition touch screen with a resolution of up to 2160*1440. In the actual experience process, whether it is PPT or PS Both get more display content than the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio screen, and the operation is full.


Since it is a two-in-one laptop, the new HUAWEI Matebook E naturally supports touch-screen operation, which is a big reason for grass-roots users who like to control their hands. Coupled with the optional M-Pen lite stylus, it supports 2048 high-precision pressure, giving you a smooth feel on paper.

At work, uploading a video photo of a mobile phone to a computer is a very common and cumbersome task. If you want to upload hundreds or thousands of content at a time, relying on third-party software alone will definitely crash you. At this time, Huawei Share, which has the ability to subvert traditional pictures and video sharing transmissions, is really a rescue.

As long as you have a Huawei or glory mobile phone with EMUI 9.0 and above and NFC support, you can use the Huawei Share one-touch function of the new HUAWEI Matebook E to achieve fast data-free and network-free transmission.


In order to further experience the transmission speed of a hit, Xiaobian uploaded nearly 500 photos at a time, and the result was transmitted in less than one minute. Compared with the data transmission or third-party software, it is fast and fast. Convenience, this efficient way of working will make you feel "light" to dark.

When playing audio and video, the new HUAWEI MateBook E's dual-speaker, dual-microphone design, dual SmartPA smart amplifiers and Dolby Atmos sound will give you a more immersive audiovisual experience.

The power outage of the notebook is definitely a disaster in the work of destroying the earth. For better endurance, the new HUAWEI MateBook E has a built-in 36.3Wh (typical capacity) capacity battery. According to official data, it can achieve up to 10 hours of local 1080P video playback, or 8 hours of daily office needs. The standby time can reach 360 hours. In the actual experience, this value can basically be reached, so that you don't have to find WiFi or grab the power socket when you go out to work.

In short, the new HUAWEI MateBook E“boot-on-the-network, network not offline” full-time online feature allows you to respond to work anytime, anywhere, & ldquo; "Touch and pass" & rdquo; Huawei Share function to transfer between your phone and computer The file is extremely efficient, the light and convenient body and the two-in-one function make you lose a burden when you work in the office. The performance of other products is also tailored for the office crowd.

For everyone who wants to experience the “light” office age, the new HUAWEI MateBook E with 18 martial arts will be the best choice for your slim and light two-in-one notebook.

On April 30th, the new HUAWEI MateBook E started its first online sales. The official e-commerce platforms of official mall, Jingdong, Tmall and Suning were simultaneously sold, and mobile office tools are waiting for you!

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