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The most classic vs, the latest fashion compares Windows 10 to recall XP bit by bit

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Windows XP has already stopped updating in 2014. Today, Windows 10 has been released for more than four years. Now it has been upgraded to 1903 (updating in 2019). Are you still using XP?

Two days ago, Xiaobian helped a friend rebuild the old notebook system and also need to install Windows XP. So he touched the operating system which had not been used for a long time, and there were many memories in his mind.

Next, let's start with the installation and review the classic Windows XP operating system, which has accompanied Xiaobian for several years. By contrast, Windows 10 1903.

There are many 50P pictures in this article, which can be called "killing cats with more pictures" in the past. In recent years, it has been "pay more attention to the flow of pictures", but now in the era of unlimited flow and optical fiber, it has become "viewing officers, you can browse high-definition maps at will".

Have you personally installed Windows XP?

The installation of Windows XP is simpler than that of Windows 98.

After booting, it enters the installation interface, but XP can only use keyboard operation in the installation process, and does not support mouse, while Windows 10 supports mouse operation.

_Windows XP Installation Interface

_Windows 10 Installation Interface

Next comes the partitioning step of Windows XP. This is a necessary operation for the new hard disk. It seems inconvenient to use the keyboard for partitioning operation. I accidentally pressed the return train and had to come again.

_Windows XP partition operation

_Windows 10 partition operation

After partitioning, formatting partition is the next step. In Windows XP, FAT file system format, which is currently less used, has been eliminated because it does not support large partitioning and large files.

_Windows XP formatting operation

After a series of steps, restart, and then formally enter the installation mode.

_Windows XP installation process

_Windows XP Language Options

_Windows 10 Language Options

_Windows XP User Information Settings

_Windows 10 account login

Speaking of the installation of Windows XP, Xiaobian has not known how to install hundreds of times, so that the product keys also remember the melon ripe (more familiar with Windows 98 QY7TT-VJ7VG)

Xiaobian's own computers like to install the pure version, install the CD-ROM image with the original Windows XP to install the system, then install various hardware drivers and common software, and finally make a Ghost backup.

User Configuration for Windows XP Installation

At the end of the installation, Windows XP asks the user whether to turn on automatic updates and configure the network, and Windows 10 is already the default automatic updates. Finally, there is an additional privacy option in Windows 10.

_Windows XP Automatic Update

_Windows 10 Privacy Options

Blue Sky and White Cloud Classic Wallpaper Familiar Operating Interface

After installation, enter the classic operation interface, into the eyes of the classic blue sky, white clouds, green grassland scenery Bliss wallpaper, as well as the familiar start menu.

Windows XP's default desktop wallpaper is Bliss. Photographs were taken in 1996 in the southern part of Locomar Valley, California, near the site of Clover Stornetta, a dairy company.

Bliss's name comes from the rolling green hills, blue sky, layered and rolled white clouds in the area.

_Windows XP Desktop

_Windows 10 Desktop

Two Start Menu Modes

There are two modes of Windows XP's start menu. One is the new version at that time. At the first level of the start menu interface, the installed program is not displayed directly, but a bunch of functional entries.

Another is the classic start menu style. The first operation of the editor after installing the system each time is to change the start menu to the classic style, because the classic style does not need to press more than once before entering the program list.

_New Start Menu Style of Windows XP

_Classic Windows XP Start Menu Style

_Windows 10 Start Menu (Pay attention to Microsoft)OfficeNew icon)

After Windows XP installation, the default desktop has no icon, and the editor also needs to call out common icons such as my computer at the first time, otherwise it will be very inconvenient. Xiao Editor has never understood why Microsoft hides desktop icons by default.

Few people use the system to update what's in my computer

In Windows XP, my computer has a list of hard disk partitions and mobile storage devices, as well as shared documents and my documents.

In Windows 10, "my computer" has become "this computer", and this computer also has more libraries and directory trees.

_Windows XP My Computer

_Windows 10 This Computer

A somewhat rudimentary resource manager

Look at Windows XP's resource manager again. It looks so rude now.

_Windows XP Resource Manager

_Windows 10 File Resource Manager

After installing Windows XP, Xiaobian has another operation, which is to turn off the automatic update function, and then update the system manually on a regular basis.

The manual update operation of Windows XP is to enter the update interface of the web page version. Later, there was an additional verification step for the genuine version. However, at present, because the genuine verification page can not be opened, the newly installed system can no longer update the system in this way.

_Windows XP Automatic Update Settings

__Have you used the classic Windows XP upgrade page?

Microsoft also has a conscience to patch Windows XP with a high-risk vulnerability in the past few days, but it needs to download manually.

Update operation of Windows 10 system is mandatory. In the old version of Windows 10, it is mandatory to update even under many unsuitable circumstances, which results in interruption of user's work or game and causes user's dissatisfaction.

However, in the new version of Windows 10, there are suspension updates and the ability to choose the time period of system updates intelligently according to the user's use of the computer.

Old Internet Explorer Browser

The browser in Windows XP is IE8. Users can update it to 10.0, but even IE10.0, there are many websites that do not support it. When browsing the webpage, there will be a certificate error prompt. You have to update the certificate manually.

_Windows XP IE8 Browser

_Tencent has no support for IE8

IE browsers in Windows 10 are already 11 and on the verge of being phased out. Even the new Edge browser has been transferred to the Chromium kernel.

How much time do you spend playing XP classic games?

There are also several classic built-in classic games under Windows XP, such as mine sweeping, cards, idle soldier and so on, which have accompanied how many users to spend their free time.

There are no built-in games under Windows 10. Users need to install them manually. Minesweeper has been transformed into Microsoft Minesweeper.

_Several classical games in Windows XP

_Microsoft Minesweeper

How many words are typed in the notebook

Notepad under Windows XP is difficult to use, so Xiaobian has been replacing it with other software. In Windows 10, notepad has been enhanced, but it is still not easy to use.

_Windows XP Notepad

_Windows 10 Notepad

There are also drawing tools under Windows XP, remember a God used it to draw a shocking picture, and small editors only use it to simple repair. In Windows 10, drawing has become drawing Figure 3D, which users can use to draw 3D graphics.

_Windows XP Drawing Tool

_Windows 10 Drawing Figure 3 D Tool

System Configuration Utility

The system configuration utility (MSConfig) is also a common tool for small editions, and it works well to manage self-startup programs.

In Windows 10, this tool has been weakened, and even startup management has been migrated to the task manager.

_Windows XP System Configuration Utility

__Practical Tools for Windows 10 System Configuration

Task Manager

Speaking of task manager, under XP, editors often use it to find suspicious processes and shut down unresponsive programs, but later they all use ice blades.

Under Windows 10, this tool has been greatly enhanced. More resource occupancy information can be seen in the performance tab, new contents such as GPU occupancy and power throttling can also be seen in the detailed process information, and startup management has been moved here.

_Windows XP Task Manager

_Windows 10 Task Manager

Control center control board controls the whole situation

The Windows XP control panel is the real place to control the overall situation, where all the system settings are concentrated.

Under Windows 10, Windows settings and control panel are managed in two ways, which makes it inconvenient for users to find settings in these two places sometimes when they want to set up a system.

_Windows XP Control Panel

_Windows 10 Settings

_Windows 10 Control Panel

Windows XP is getting old and losing hardware and software support

Windows XP is old and has lost Microsoft's official maintenance updates. It is in a phase-out state. There are already many hardware and software that do not support this classic Windows system.

Let's look at hardware support. First of all, it's very difficult to install XP on the new motherboard, even if it doesn't support XP installation directly.

Secondly, many new hardware has no official Windows XP driver, that is to say, even if you install Windows XP system, there will be graphics cards, sound cards, and even network cards can not work properly.

At present, many drive-free hardware, such as cameras, wireless network cards and so on, is not drive-free under Windows XP, which requires users to download drivers for installation.

Because Directx 12 is not supported, Windows XP has no chance of many new game masterpieces. Some popular games that were previously supported have also been turned into XP-unsupported games.

The Heroes Alliance announced that it would stop supporting Windows XP and Vista systems in May this year. Now the Heroes Alliance client has announced that it will release version 9.10 on May 16, 2019 and downtime maintenance. Version 9.10 will no longer support XP and Vista systems.

Steam Game Platform began to stop supporting Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems on January 1, 2019, which means that from that day on, Steam clients will no longer run on these versions of Windows.

Directx 9 in Windows XP


The computers that are still running Windows XP are supposed to be older computers. The new computers are now equipped with Windows 10. Of course, some unused ones will be installed back to Windows 7. Although Windows XP is good, it has accompanied us for many years, but it has reached the age of retirement, let it rest.

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