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Disassembly Report: Huawei FREE LACE Wireless Headset

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Huawei Mall

Separate design, well hidden charging interface, but also throughMobile phoneThe computer, etc. reversely charges the headphones, and no additional charging cable is required.

Below, follow my love audio network together to explore the internal secrets of this product through detailed disassembly reports.

First, Huawei FREE LACE wireless headset out of the box

The box is very simple and atmospheric, with red, black and white colors. The product renderings are most eye-catching. The product name and brand logo are located at the left and right of the box. In terms of the opening method of the package, the black tape on the right side is opened like a book; thus, the internal object can be clearly seen without opening the package seal.

The back of the package is divided into three major content areas. The top is the product's six major selling points, such as Bluetooth fast matching, portable fast charging, long-lasting battery life, sound quality, comfortable wearing, noise reduction call. BackbreadThe central part of the installation also gave a detailed introduction to Huawei HiPair flash connection. The official instructions for use, need to support EMUI 9.0 and above mobile phones, also need to upgrade through HOTA; need the mobile phone's USB Type-C port to support reverse charging function . Below the package are some disclaimers and corporate information.

Open the box and see the internal headphones, plastic tray, charging cable, and five sets of earphones. We bought the red version, except for the charging cable.AccessoriesThe colors correspond to the products one by one.

The charging cable close-up comes with a USB-A to USB-C female cable. At present, most of the chargers on the market are still USB-A ports, and Huawei takes into account the actual needs of users. If the charger is a USB-C port, it is more convenient to charge the headset.

Charging cable USB Type-C female close-up, white plastic core, Apple style, fine workmanship.

Huawei FREE LACE wireless headset overall real shot, the cable part has a small sticker. The overall material is mainly composed of silica gel and aluminum alloy.

HUAWEI's LOGO hit the headphones through the laser process, and the white color is also very eye-catching. This metal casing is an anode blasting process, and the metal material can protect the PCBA circuit board inside.

The earphones L and R are also placed on the metal casing by laser technology.

Huawei FREE LACE wireless headset volume +, - add, subtract, play and pause button close-up.

Close-up of the back of the volume button, you can see that the two-stage design is used, which is one of the most mysterious places of the earphone, including the main control chip and antenna, which will be described in detail below.

The left side of the power switch key is the LED light transmission hole, which is composed of several small holes. The pickup hole of the microphone is cleverly hidden in the gap below the function and volume keys.

Pulling it out slightly, the USB Type-C charging port of the headset comes into view.

The left and right ears of the L and R of the earphone are connected through a USB Type-C interface, which can charge and transmit audio.

Huawei FREE LACE wireless headset USB Type-C female connector close-up, there is a circle of black rubber waterproof ring.

Huawei FREE LACE wireless headset USB Type-C male interface close-up. It can be seen that there are 24Pin pins inside, which conforms to the USB-IF standard specification. The all-Pin design not only can charge the built-in battery of the earphone, but also supply power to the left and right ears, and transmit audio signals through these pins, and the ears are synchronized without delay.

The nameplate sticker on the Huawei FREE LACE wireless headset is printed with the model CM70-C, 5V 1A, CMIIT ID, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., etc.

Using the USB charger and the supplied power adapter cable, it can be seen by the Chargerlab POWER-Z KM001C current voltmeter. The charging voltage and current are 5.076V, 0.192A and the power is about 0.97W. The built-in battery capacity is not large, so this charging speed is not slow.

The mobile phone that supports the USB-C port reverse charging function can also conveniently charge the earphone.

Left and right ear close-up.

A tuning hole located on the metal cover of the earphone.

A pressure relief hole located at the root of the earphone unit conduit.

After removing the silicone earplugs of the earphone, the metal mesh can be seen to prevent foreign matter from entering the unit diaphragm.

Second, Huawei FREE LACE wireless headset dismantling

Huawei's FREE LACE wireless headset is disassembled. We find a breakthrough from the USB Type-C male end and remove the decorative film first.

Remove the decorative piece smoothly.

The panel is buckled. This position can be seen as a plastic material. It uses a spray coating process, so it looks visually similar to the aluminum alloy casing on the other side, but it is not.

The lower metal cover also serves as a grounding shield.

Close-up of the outer casing, this is an aluminum alloy casing, and the button is hollowed out with CNC engraving. The copper piece of the grounding part is fixed by laser spot welding. Look closely, this shell has a laser with XJM English words.

Grounded metal shrapnel.

The micro switch structure of the power button.

Open the black protective case and the PCBA inside is unreserved.

The main control chip is affixed with a two-dimensional code sticker, and the sticker is printed with a number, which stores information such as the production batch and date of the product. The main control chip and the adjacent MLCC are also fixed by the dispensing process to prevent the components from being desoldered due to dropping and vibration, and improve product reliability.

Remove the motherboard.

The connection between the motherboard and the earphone uses an FPC flexible circuit board for a total of 11 and Pin angles.

The front panel of the main control board is close-up, USB Type-C is located on the right side, the middle is the main control chip, and the left side is the FPC base.

The PCBA board of Huawei FREE LACE wireless headset is compared with the one-dollar coin, and the integration is quite high.

On the back of the main control board, there are 3 jog buttons on the left, center, and right, corresponding to the volume addition and subtraction and pause playback.

Jog keys close-up.

The voice microphone pickup hole with a dust-proof net.

The silk screen is the EZJ462 chip.

The silk screen number is G1239046 silicon wheat. A vertical vertical PCB trace that is vertically connected to several components on the left side of the silicon wheat is part of the antenna assembly of the earphone, and the end is soldered to the metal case of the USB Type-C male.

The silk screen number is 2601JYDA chip.

Huawei FREE LACE wireless headset master chip uses BES Hengxuan BES2300, which is a fully integrated adaptive active noise reduction scheme, supporting Bluetooth 5.0, LBRT low frequency forwarding technology and dual mode Bluetooth 5.0, it also supports the third generation FWS full Wireless stereo technology, dual microphone, etc., in 28nm, BGA package.

In addition, we have seen the application of BES2300 in the disassembly report of Huawei FreeBuds2 Pro and Glory FlyPods.

Just disassemble the board position, the next part is to the battery section. Also open the case, the battery of the Huawei FREE LACE wireless headset is tightly wrapped inside.

The battery model is HUA01, the charging limit voltage is 4.2V, the capacity is 120mAh, 3.7V, 0.44Wh, and the standard GB 31241-2014 is implemented.

The battery protection board uses a dispensing process around the chip to reinforce the chip. The dispensing process is also widely used on mobile phones.

The rear of the USB Type-C socket has metal support reinforcement.

The powder and orange two unit signal wires are soldered to the USB Type-C female base. With the nylon wire stretch resistance, increase the durability of the earphone wire.

The sound chamber is partially closed, the horn is fixed in the wall, and the enameled wire is knotted to avoid untwisting.

Headphone horn close-up.

Huawei's FREE LACE wireless headset has been dismantled as a family portrait. Because this headset is very precise in work, many places use ultrasonic, glue and other processes to fix, the fuselage can not see the screw, although it can only be dismantled by violence, or is almost finished by XiaobianbeautifulRestored.

I love audio network disassembly summary

Through detailed disassembly, we found that Huawei's FREE LACE wireless headset has made many innovative designs. The first is charging, and the headset is smashed into two. Through the current mainstream USB Type-C male and female links, it can be charged. It is also possible to transmit audio data at both ends. The idea is very clever, and when you go out, you can get a less charging cable.

In terms of circuit, Huawei's FREE LACE wireless headset uses the Chinese core BES Hengxuan BES2300, which is a highly integrated Bluetooth audio SOC single-chip master that supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0. In addition, Huawei's deeply customized firmware implements the HiPair flash connection function. This chip is also widely used in the Huawei family's TWS true wireless headset. It is a classic Bluetooth chip with a powerful function.

In terms of structure, the separated earphones are placed on the circuit board at one end and the battery is placed at one end. There is no visual difference, and there is no sense of contradiction in the design, and the processing complements each other. It is worth mentioning that the antenna design of Huawei's headphones is very good. The whole antenna system is made up of PCB wiring, and the male metal shell of USB Type-C is combined. There is no additional volume, and the limited space is rationally utilized. stand up.

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