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A brief history of the Chinese AI company conference room

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Li Gen from the concave temple

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Does your meeting room have a name?

Conference rooms, technology Internet companies compete for the most intense places, where the brainstorms are most frequent, and where many technologies and products that affect the digital world begin.

The name of a conference room in many companies is also a serious matter that is serious and far-reaching.

A name, a set of methods, may reflect where the company came from, where it is going, as well as collective hobbies, interests, and ambitions that are rarely expressed in public, or even the poetry of the founding engineers.

Simple, like the name of a conference room, behind these are the worldviews of these technology companies, the cosmic system, and the romanticism hidden in the deepest.


“Where to come from”

Every company has its own cultural heritage story.

Sometimes, the conference room is the proof of where the company comes from, a continuation of a set of worldviews and the universe.

Baidu explained his name, from the Song slogan "Let's find him thousands of Baidu".

However, the outside world may not know that Baidu’s meeting rooms are named, and the Song word system continues. Every meeting room is followed.Placard nameName it.


So the wolf factory, known for its technology, programmers and engineers, can often hear such conversations:

“About the Tunxi sand”

“ 9 o'clock in the morning at the water melody & rdquo;

“鹧鸪天 has been vacated”

After the office building of the Science Park in Houchang Village was built, the name of the placard was obviously not enough, so you can also see "Picking", "Luming", "July" and other "Book of Songs" Named conference room.

Among the new generation of AI companies, the cloud from the technology conference room is also based on the company name.

Cloud fromThe name comes from "Zhou Yi & middot; Classical Chinese": the cloud from the dragon, the wind from the tiger. The sages do everything, and the people of the heavens are close to each other.

So the name of the conference room, there will be "and & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。


Behind every name is a rich and rich cultural heritage.

The company founded by Yu Kai is calledhorizonThe meaning behind and the pursuit are obvious, but combined with the name of the conference room, you can better understand the great dream of this AI big cow.

Landmarks of the Great Navigation Age: Cape of Good Hope, Amazon, Suez, Magellan, Da Gama, Drake, Columbus, Cook … …


There are also stars and sea series, named: the Irish Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the Bay of Biscay, the East China Sea, the South China Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, Neptune, Uranus, Sirius and so on.

Behind the name of the company and the name of the conference room, the horizon also emphasizes the “pirate spirit”: bravery, adventure, exploration, tenacity, strength, freedom, conquest & hellip; … rejection of tradition and observance.

Autopilot companyAutoX"The most intuitive is the founder Xiao Jianxiong's "Xiao"; is also the continuation of the Princeton University Computer Vision and Robotics Lab founder "Professor X (Professor X)" rdquo; X & rdquo;

AutoX's conference room is named after the main hero in the series "X-Men".


Professor X in X-Men leads a group of supernatural heroes who fight for peace and tolerance and fight humanity from disaster.

At AutoX, they also believe that there is a professor of X who leads a group of technical madmen in various fields and struggles day and night in order to bring people safer and more efficient transportation.

The largest conference room in the AutoX Silicon Valley office, named Colossus, is the largest member of the X-Men and is committed to improving the destiny of humanity with its own capabilities. The size of the room matches the mission.

“where in the place”

In addition to using the conference room to strengthen the company "Where to come from", some people replied through the conference room name "where to go".

The most typical isbusinessFor the name.

such asSogouMost conference rooms are named after the business department. They are based on their own research and development projects, and even have “ ”server”"webpage","application” and so on.


and alsoKnow almost, also named the conference room with business and product features.

Such as conference rooms in the relevant departments of the community: questions, answers, comments, approvals, objections, reports, salt values, round tables … …

Meeting rooms of the member department: Live, reading club, private class, training camp, unlimited membership, e-book & hellip; …

Technical conference rooms in the middle of the platform: tile, NLP, routing, models, strategies, etc.

So knowing about business, visiting a meeting room may be more intuitive.


The best way to reflect the progress of the business isMeituanThe business of the company is progressing in real time, and the name of the conference room can also be used to see one or two.

At the start of the business, each meeting room is named after the city, and there is time under the name.

Starting from “Hundred Regiments”, the business advances every new city and becomes the name of the new conference room. The time is the opening time.

The first meeting room of the US Mission was “Beijing”, and it continued to open and there were more and more unknown cities.

But behind the number and name of the conference room, it is the testimony of performance. Each section has its own story and history of growth and growth.

Similar to the US group, there are AI companies and soups.

Shang TangSome of the conference rooms will be named after the latest cooperation products. For example, there is a conference room called “Glory of the King”.

DespiseThe Urban Brain Division also used the provincial and municipal landings to name the conference rooms, so Henan, Hebei, Shanghai, and Tianjin all appeared on the conference room system.

In addition to the business progress to name the "meeting room", there are also examples of this named "product project".


Peng Jun and the building master jointly createdXiao Ma ZhixingThe conference room chose a great scientist, but the R&D vehicles were named after Maxima.

Responding to Pony, the first car is called Red Rabbit, and later there are Lu, Shadow, Chasing, Lightning & Helip; …

Their engineers joked and joined Xiao Ma Zhi Xing, not only to explore the frontier of autonomous driving, but also to increase the "name" & quo; knowledge.

Localization features

The company is big, and the branches will grow up like mushrooms.

Therefore, the name of the conference room with local characteristics is natural.

Sogou’s conference room in Beijing has “Wu Daokou”. But to the Chengdu office, there is "Emei", "four girls", "Wolong", "Gong Ho" and so on. Hangzhou is more cultural: Jiuxi smoke tree, Yunqi Bamboo Trail, Santan Yinyue, Qushui Xunmei, Lake Heart Cloud Shadow, Autumn Lufei Snow … …


AI interactive unicorn longer than SuzhouSpirsonThe headquarters meeting rooms are named after Suzhou attractions.

Qifeng, Lingyan Mountain, Lushan Mountain, Guangfu Tower, Tiger Hill Tower, Sangha Tower, Ruiguang Tower, Hanshan Temple, Wenshan Temple, Xiyuan Temple, Chongyuan Temple, Liuyuan, Coupler Park, Yiyuan … …

After knowing the meeting room of Spirent, most of the places in Suzhou will be in the chest.

Naming methods like localization features are also common in the international giant's Chinese rudder conference room.

Google’s current office in Beijing is very Chinese, but not a place name, but a “flag”.

There is a "hot pot" meeting room, there is "the big theater" & "the conference room … … there is really a hot pot model in the hot pot meeting room.

In short, every meeting room has a theme.

“ Where to go”

Behind the name of the conference room, there are naturally many far-reaching ideas.

The same is an autonomous driving company,Wenyuan ZhixingTo name the conference room with the “Cosmic Galaxy” to express the autopilot exploration is like opening up outer space, full of imagination, and the journey is endless.

An unmanned vehicle engineer with a deep interest in astronomy finally named more than 30 conference rooms with the Star Galaxy.


Therefore, "Virgo A/M87", the maiden star A, which often appears in science fiction, has become the name of the conference room of Wenyuan Zhixing.

Others are the Andromeda Galaxy Andromeda/M31, the Black Eye Galaxy Black Eye/M64, the Pod Galaxy Bode/M81……


There is also a conference room named after the astronomical universe.FilmTechnology, this is the head player in the domestic entertainment AI field.

Although the technology is in the field of entertainment, the conference room is more reflected in the starry sky.

Because of the conference room of the film, I chose to name it astronomy, including nebula, aurora, galaxy, sundial, light year, and so on.

They themselves explained:

If you look up to the starry sky to represent the long-term vision and grand vision, it is the conceptual world of the art category, and down-to-earth is to build a solid foundation for the ideal building, and the real world of the scientific category.

Starry sky and feet, ideals and reality, past and future … … are commonly used logic for naming.

Another AI Interactive Unicorn CompanyYunzhishengThat's it.

There are both Athena Wisdom, Doraemon Doraemon, Jarvis Iron Man's AI Steward, and Matrix Matrix.

There are also “gold, wood, water, fire, earth”, which symbolizes the AI+ five lines representing the ubiquitous industry application and coverage of Yunzhisheng.

There are also basic elements of AI and science, such as Yun Zhisheng Shanghai Conference Room: ∞ (infinity symbol), c (light speed), G (gravity), π (pi), φ (gold cut rate) &hellip ;…

If you don't understand the cardinal sign, you can't understand the meaning behind it.

There is a cooler way to name it, from science fiction movies, TV shows … …


DespiseThe programmers named their favorite science fiction works as conference rooms.

If you don't know "Space Roaming", "The Matrix", "Galaxy Roaming Guide", "Resident Evil" and other works.

Mostly, I don't understand why the conference room is called: HAL-9000, Matrix, 42, RedQueen … …


Autopilot companyHedoTechnology is the same.

Cybertron, Western World, Tadis, Winter City, Oasis, SHIELD … … are the names of the conference room of this driverless innovation company.

Walking inside the company, I can often hear “I am waiting for you in the winter city”, or “See the SHIELD”.

If you are not interested in "Top Players", "Star Wars", "Transformers", "Song of Ice and Fire", "Avengers", etc., it is estimated that it is difficult to integrate into the inner world of unmanned vehicle engineers.


There is a similar naming system, previously known as "Jin Yong martial arts", a well-known Alibaba.

In addition to the employee's name to borrow martial arts names, the company's conference room also borrowed martial arts names.

Peach Blossom Island, White Camel Mountain, Sidu Cliff, Ice Fire Island, Love Flower Valley … … Intentional imagery, and even a bathroom named “Listen to Yuxuan”.

The most famous meeting room,Bright topThat is the place where Zhang Wuji and Qiankun moved across the rivers and lakes in "Eternal Dragon and Dragon Slayer". It is also a special meeting room for decision-making in Ali's highest meeting. It is said to be in Ma Yun Office.Peach Blossom Islandnext to.

In addition, in the world of AI engineers, you may want to know more than sci-fi and martial arts fiction.


Another unmanned car companyPaceTechnology, the name of the conference room is also the embodiment of every landing project, but behind each project name, there is a cultural applause.

For example, “Sima”, “Snan”, “Ark”, “Luoshu”, “……” are the names of the conference rooms.

Among them, “Snan” is an ancient compass, which refers to the intelligent driving operation and service platform.

"Book Luo" is derived from the "Wullow Book", "Loss Book", "The book" has the meaning of "circle", which can make the world's thousands of things organized into an orderly operation, this is artificial The meaning and function of “big data” in the intelligent era is consistent.

It can be said that each project name —— conference room name is the best embodiment of the engineers who seem to be incompetent, "there are tigers, scented roses".

There are also AI company conference rooms, behind which are the cultural explosions of the Big Bang and the big history.


unicornAccording toThe conference room is named by the concept of time and space, and the time is divided into: "Cosmos & mdash; Earth & mdash; Human", three levels of time, such as the quark period, the great voyage era.

Therefore, visiting the map is like walking in the universe to watch the evolution of the earth.

There are also some coincidences that make people laugh.

For example, after entering the field of AI chips, the conference room called “Cambrian” would make visitors sigh: “咦, Cambrian” …… is purely coincidental.

History and geography are also the best ways to reflect your ambitions.

Auto driving unicornMomentaThe office was named after the background of the "Great Navigation Age" in 1487. The name includes the names of the islands found in the Great Navigation Age, such as Africa, India, Sumatra, Java, and the Straits of Malacca.

And the names of great scientists in history, such as Columbus, Magellan, Darwin and so on.


Another well-known AI unicornFourth paradigmFounded by ACM World Champion Dai Wenyuan, the conference room is taken from the highest peaks on several continents, highlighting the peak of Yongpan.

Such as Mount Everest, the Alps, Lhotse, Vincent, etc., North Pole, South Pole, etc.

Later, when the new work area was renovated, there was a conference room named “China Famous Mountain”, Gang Rinpoche, Taishan, Huashan and Hengshan.


There are more poetic namings, such asquick workerTechnology.

The company, known as the “old iron”, has nearly 200 conference rooms, all of which come from the “Enlightenment Enlightenment”, “笠翁对韵” and “幼学琼林” in the classics of Mengxue.


Asahi, 绛宵, 锦瑟, 笛韵, Jerusalem artichoke, Songxuan, Kun Ding, rock gallery, water shower, wind winding, moon flow west, bamboo surplus window, wild goose, 莺 和 … &hellip From the Wudaokou period, the fast-hand conference room is mostly a rhythmical and poetic name.

This may be something that many fast-handed irons did not think of.


Finally, the most important type of technology AI company is the naked star chasing and expressing respect for idols.

Love is truthful and advocating science. The name of the conference room is a sage in the field of science, or their achievements.


Sogou, Shangtang, Xiaoma Zhixing and Shenlan Technology, the conference room is dominated by computer and mathematical physics scientists, Turing, von Neumann, Gauss, Newton, Euclid, Descartes, etc., all become " Meeting room”.


Defiance also includes deep learning, neural networks, Momentum, Ohem, Inception, etc. as conference rooms.

Well-known conference room

Of course, the conference room is named more than one "name".

For many companies, the name-taking process itself is an exchange of team temperament and cultural spirit, which may be the first democratic life practice of many technology companies.

And as the meeting room is determined, new stories will happen.

Some because of their particularity, some have memories of their first sight.

The most well-known meeting room in Alibaba isBright topIs the place for decision-making by the board of directors.

Baidu’s second to none isQing Yu AnIt is said to be a special conference room for Robin Li.


Sogou Beijing Headquarters Conference Room,Four seasandTuringMost famous of all, Sihai is the main venue for training, company activities, conferences and so on.

The most famous conference room within the group isChina HallIt is the only conference room not named after the city. This conference room witnessed most of the important moments in the early days of the Academy. Many of the early press conferences were also held here. It was also the youth training base for selling the Iron Army in that year.

The conference room, which is the most well-known conference room in the innovation workshop, is also the focus of the press conference.

Moreover, when Kaifu Lee, founder of Innovation Workshop, returned to China in 1998 to establish Microsoft Asia Research Institute, he devoted too much attention to the conference room and organized too much discussion.

Finally, there was the Sigma Building of Microsoft Institute for Asia.


Wen Yuan is best known for his knowledge and practice.Zuchong Star (1888 Zu Chong-Zhi)This is the smallest of the 30 stars, but it represents

Wenyuan is the word of Zu Chong-Zhi. CEO Han Xu has always admired the ancient Chinese scientist very much, so he became an ancient Chinese scientist.

Nothing is better known thanagree withandOppositionConference rooms, they are the first two known conference rooms, and have been used up to now.


The fourth paradigm, which takes the mountain as the name of the conference room, but the most famous one does not have a name.

It is said that at first Dai Wenyuan, the founder of the company, had a normal station, but later, due to the expansion of the company and the shortage of workplaces, Dai Wenyuan was put


In Ito Technologies, can be scheduled toBeaver starThe conference room will be a source of pride.

Because the beaver star is a planet in the universe, only the genius and geek of science and engineering have the right to live on the beaver planet.


One more thing

As you may have found, behind the name of the conference room, there are also a lot of technology companies.

Business, hobbies, respect for scientists, even the ambitions of the Star Sea and the Earth's Universe are the profound spiritual world of the creators of code and digital products.

This is a very different world from many passages about volume, checked shirts, Metro Line 13 and Huilongguan in Xierqi.

This world does not take dress decoration, cold material desire and absurd subjective perspective as the evaluation of vitality, nor the vanity pursued by CBD as the direction.

After these meeting rooms, there is a universe: simple form, deep core, knocked down code, polished products to drive the whole world.

Many technicians and engineers don't talk about how cool and romantic they are. Only small details like the name of the conference room can reveal a little rich inner world.

However, there are also some companies that are too big and too fast to develop so fast that it is too late to do so.


Maybe you're still wondering why you haven't introduced the name of a conference room to companies like Tencent, Lenovo and Byte Jump?

That's because their conference rooms are all numbers.


So how does your company name the conference room? What other interesting stories are there?


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