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Ren Zhengfei: Digging for genius pay is higher than Google. Hongmeng system will be listed soon.

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Huawei Mall

In addition, on June 27, Ren Zhengfei also accepted an interview with the Canadian Globe and Mail and talked about it.HuaweiBusiness, US ban, Meng Xiazhou incident, etc.

On July 4th, Ren Zhengfei was on the cover of the latest issue of the famous French magazine Weekly. According to the "Lianhe Zaobao" reported on the 5th, "Viewpoint" published a portrait of Ren Zhengfei under the heading "This person will change history", and published detailed reports on Ren Zhengfei and Huawei for a length of 15 pages. The content covers issues such as 5G technology development, Sino-US relations, China-EU relations, and geopolitics.

On the afternoon of June 29, at the press conference after the closing of the G20, Trump publicly stated that American companies can continue to sell parts to Huawei. In a recent interview, Ren Zhengfei responded to Trump’s statement that Trump’s softening stance has little impact on the company and will continue to reduce Huawei’s reliance on US suppliers, but the statement is beneficial to US companies. Huawei is also willing to continue to buy products from US companies.

The fund has compiled the contents of Ren Zhengfei's recent external voices, and sorted out the key points to readers.

Talking about Huawei's expansion:

Junior genius salary is higher than Google

Before Trump announced the softening of the ban on Huawei, Ren Zhengfei emphasized in an interview that Huawei pursues the concept of self-reliance.

Ren Zhengfei said: "By giving us these difficulties, the United States is helping us in a very good way. Under external pressure, we have become more united than ever before. If we are not allowed to use American components, we I am very confident in my ability to use parts made in China and other countries."

"According to the original plan, it will exceed 150 billion U.S. dollars next year. Now it is expected to maintain about 100 billion U.S. dollars next year," he said. “We are still in full swing, and the number of employees has expanded from 188,000 to 194,000. Why do we have so many people? We need a lot of people to research, supply, sell, service, etc. to switch versions. We will come in in July and August. More than 10,000 students, we are still developing in difficulties, and we have not stopped."

Ren Zhengfei said that everyone is welcome to come to Huawei, but there is also a threshold for entering Huawei. Huawei University has an examination system. There are a large number of exam questions. First, you must pass the exam before you have an interview. For example, if you win a gold medal in the World Computer Competition, your salary may be five or six times the usual entry level. Every year, there are 40 gold medal winners in the world. We have dug a lot of people this year and the salary is set higher than Google. This year, I have entered some young talents, and more young talents will come to us next year.

According to Ren Zhengfei, these talented teenagers are both domestic and foreign. Of course, not all gold medals, champions, and the second place. Ren Zhengfei said that the number of people participating in international competitions in China is still too small. The state should encourage university students to actively participate in international competitions. There are certain rules in international competitions, and there are very strict coaches. Those who are good at ability testing are also good for promoting teaching. “The people we entered are like “muddy”, drilling our organization and activating our team.”

But at the same time, Ren Zhengfei also mentioned that the company does not recruit Americans in principle. As long as you have the identity of the United States, have a green card, and have permanent residency in the United States, you may have a US component and you must accept long-armed jurisdiction. "The strength of the United States is not land, it is talent. What do we learn from the United States? Attract talent. There will be a lot of talented people coming to China in the future."

Talk about the list of US entities:

The pain is the American company, not us.

In Ren Zhengfei's view, the US entity list has no death threat to Huawei. "We have been adjusting over the years, and the overall situation has not been greatly affected, because we have the ability to use the most advanced and important chips. Small parts can be developed faster, and Chinese-made parts can be used instead. ”

He said that the current fundamental problem is that the United States wants to cancel the list of entities instead of delaying them. The most painful thing to delay the list of entities is the US company, not us.

Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei is not afraid of the list of US entities, based on three basic conditions:

First, the interior is highly united. After Trump hit us, everyone's work enthusiasm and enthusiasm are even higher;

Second, to establish a broad united front, American companies do not supply devices to us. We do not anger them, or we must actively cooperate with them. Regardless of foreign companies or Chinese companies, we will open our arms to cooperate on a larger scale; as long as we can help us, we must increase cooperation. This is "to get more help, helpless and helpless";

Third, adhere to the "big direction to be correct." The US is hitting our 5G, it is only part of our network connection industry. We are not only 5G leading the world, optical transmission, optical switching, access network and core network are far ahead of the world. This industry relies on our own chips and software and can exist independently and is not affected by the United States.

He said that the terminal is currently affected more. Huawei has tried to adjust it in one or two years, and it can also complete the continuous growth of the terminal. The difficulties encountered by the terminal will be gradually overcome in the second half or next year.

When talking about the chip business that the outside world is concerned about, Ren Zhengfei said that my biggest concern is not the chip, because our own chip is actually more advanced than the United States. Therefore, the US entity list has no death threat to us. The technical level is easy to solve, just takes time.

"All the existing 'holes', we are all capable of making up. Because we have 80,000 R&D personnel, the annual R&D expenditure is 150-20 billion US dollars, as long as we adjust our heads to solve the problem, let the most sophisticated people from ' Seeking development, exploring future research, turning around to solve simple and urgently needed problems, there is no problem that cannot be solved." Ren Zhengfei said.

Ren Zhengfei said frankly that if the United States can open up, Huawei can make a very high and sophisticated advanced system with American hardware and software. If you can't use American parts, you are also confident that you can use the Chinese-made parts and parts made in other countries outside the US to make a system that still leads the world in the whole machine, because Huawei's overall ability is significantly ahead of the world.

Talking about Hongmeng system:

60% faster than Android

On May 20 this year, Google announced the suspension of Huawei's update of Android due to the US entity list. This means that Huawei can only use the public type of Android operating system in the future and cannot obtain updates to Google's Android operating system. Subsequently, it was reported that Huawei's own operating system, Hongmeng, had already started research and development, and it has been tested in some parts of China. It is expected to be listed soon.

Ren Zhengfei talked about the new operating system "Hong Meng" in the interview. He said that the production of the Hongmeng system itself is not for the sake ofMobile phoneUsed, but for the Internet of Things, such as autonomous driving, industrial automation, because it can accurately control the delay below five milliseconds, even to the millisecond to sub-millisecond, Huawei is hoping to continue to use the global public open mobile phone Operating system and ecology.

However, Ren Zhengfei also stressed that if the United States restricts our use, we will also develop our own operating system. The most important part of the operating system is to build an ecosystem. It takes two or three years to re-establish a good ecology. We are confident that we can rely on China and build an ecosystem for the world.

"First, there is a huge application in the Chinese market. Compared with all Internet software, our system delay is very short. If some people think that it is applied well on this short-latency system, some services will be moved to Huawei. Second, China's large number of service providers are eager to go overseas, but they can't go out, they can be carried out on our system." Ren Zhengfei said.

In the interview, Ren Guangfei said, "We are developing an operating system that can be used with printed circuit boards, switches,routerCompatible with smartphones and data centers. The processing delay of this system is less than 5 milliseconds. It will fit perfectly into the Internet of Things and can also be applied to autonomous driving. Ren Zhengfei pointed out, "We built this system in order to be able to connect all objects synchronously. This is how we move towards a smart society. ”

When asked if "Hong Meng operating system is better than Google's Android (Android) orappleIs the Mac OS X system faster? "This question, Ren Zhengfei cautiously gave the answer "very likely" and gave a technical argument. According to a previous report, Huawei's operating system is 60% faster than Android.

However, Ren Zhengfei also admitted that Huawei has made a big mistake in competing with Google and Apple: "Compared with Apple's operating system or Android, we still lack a good application ecosystem." In order to solve this problem, Ren Zhengfei Said that Huawei is already working on the development of Android and Apple App Store alternatives and trying to attract developers.

Talking about Sino-US relations:

China needs open development to have a future

In an interview with Ren Zhengfei by James Kynge of the Financial Times, there was such a dialogue:

James Kynge: Talk about President Trump. If he wants to call you, would you like to answer his call?

Ren Zhengfei: He may be too busy, have time to call and talk about home? I don't think it's realistic.

James Kynge: If he wants, are you willing to accept it?

Ren Zhengfei: But I can't understand English.

James Kynge: Can be translated.

Ren Zhengfei: Translation does not understand politics. I also engage in electronics. I may express different language methods and communicate difficulties.

James Kynge: If Trump calls, if you have a chance to answer, what are you willing to say to Trump? What do you think of the dispute between the United States and China, especially the Huawei part?

Ren Zhengfei: First, he is too great. I am a small person. How can I see him? Second, I have no time to see him, busy with "filling holes." Third, China's solution to trade issues is related to national events and to the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Why should our company mix and let the people make sacrifices to save China? The state wants to talk about Huawei's benefits in the trade war and to make concessions in other areas. We don't think the country needs to do this. After we were beaten, the money will be harder and harder, and the will will be stronger.

Regarding the question raised by the reporter, "The US government has brought a lot of problems to Huawei, will the Chinese government create problems for American companies?" Ren Zhengfei said that, first of all, the US challenge to Huawei is to give us great help under external pressure. We are more united inside, and we have enhanced the cohesiveness of the team in the “Bailian into Steel”. Huawei is now a "puffy" company. It has not experienced hardships and hardships because of its rapid expansion in the past 30 years. If you play a few times, the organization becomes strong, the human will is strong, and the bones of the strugglers are hard, which is good for our future development, so we are not afraid of attack.

But I believe that China will not retaliate against American companies because China will have a future if it wants to develop. It is now something that the United States does not sell to China, not China. If China voluntarily rejects advanced American companies, is China not self-sufficient? Strategically speaking, China will become more and more open and will not become more and more closed. This is my opinion of the country leader.TVThe understanding of the speech. Especially in the manufacturing industry, it has to be a joint venture before. Now it is a sole proprietorship, its own technology, its own production, and its own sale. China is a platform.

Ren Zhengfei said that the two hundred years of history in the United States have proved the correctness of opening up. The United States was a wild land more than two hundred years ago. Through two hundred years of openness, a large number of talents gathered and a large number of institutional optimizations made the United States the strongest country. China wants to learn to open the United States.

Talk about 5G: Super 130 countries adopt Huawei technology

Has got 50 contracts

When talking about the 5G market, Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei has already received 50 5G contracts and shipped 150,000 base stations. Most of the good customers in foreign countries will adopt Huawei 5G, because our 5G provides the most advanced and most practical value. Customers have been working with us for more than 20 years and will not give up on our choices without listening to a few words.

According to Ren Zhengfei, about 135 and 136 countries around the world use Huawei's 5G technology. “The US will definitely not use it, and Australia will not use it. The vast majority of Europe has no problem, and the UK is no problem.”

For the British behavior in the search for Huawei's system source code, Ren Zhengfei said frankly that the British search for our source code is to care for and care for us. Because no system is perfect, the United Kingdom only pointed out the problems and shortcomings in our security in the process of investigation. We all work together for security. Britain is not rejecting us, but telling us that there is a problem with the system. The United Kingdom does not use the words of praise to solve problems. We are the most severely inspected by the UK, so it thinks we are the most reliable.

Regarding the cost of ensuring network security, Ren Zhengfei said that it will definitely cost a lot of money, but how much does not know. Network security must have a standard. You can't say that you are safe. I say security. "The public says that the public is reasonable, and the woman says that the woman is reasonable." At present, Europe has clearly proposed to establish a unified network security standard, including privacy protection GDPR, we will comply.

"This is definitely a network reconfiguration, network re-development, and changes in architecture and code... It takes a lot of effort. We plan to complete the new architecture of all the company's products in about five years. The architecture is minimalist network architecture, minimal product architecture, extremely secure product architecture, privacy protection at least in line with European GDPR standards, and this architecture is also the cheapest to do network in the future." Ren Zhengfei said.

For the 5G domestic market, Ren Zhengfei believes that our domestic share will be relatively large, which is affirmative, because all operators know us better. RecentChina MobileThe result of the first bidding of the 5G core network, Ericsson and Nokia is about 44% market share, we are about 50% more. The core network is the place where the West is most worried about cyber security. China is open, and it is trust and openness for Western companies to occupy such a large share of the core network.

The United Kingdom said that "the core network does not buy Huawei, but others can buy Huawei." This decision is correct. Because the 5G base station is a transparent base station, the processing information packet is not opened; the transmission channel does not open the packet processing; the access network does not open the information packet; the information is transmitted to the core network, and the packet is opened for processing. It is understandable that the United Kingdom has proposed not to buy a core network, so it feels safe. However, not buying Huawei's core network may mean falling behind. Our core network is also the most advanced in the world. In the future, many foreign customers will buy our core network for the sake of advancement.

China does not have a monopoly core network, and 44% of the most advanced core network is for Nokia and Ericsson. Therefore, on the 5G issue, we will not take too much, otherwise we will squeeze other companies too much. Ren Zhengfei believes that in the future, at least 12 million 5G base stations will be needed in the world, and the space is extremely huge and extremely promising.

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