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Game AI mental retardation history

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Artificial mental retardation

There is no AI in video games. There are more lonely players and there is a game AI.

People designed a single-player game for the players who are alone, and added a group of virtual characters NPC to the game, hoping that they can do the work in the game world like the staff in the haunted house.

In order to make the game more realistic, humans use AI, artificial intelligence technology, to implant NPC with “wisdom” to simulate human behavior.

This is an important step forward. From then on, the game is no longer just a simple gameplay, but also has a moving character, story and performance. The game world with AI is a more colorful and complete world.

However, with the large number of applications of AI in the game, players noticed that the AI ​​in these games should not be called artificial intelligence, but more like artificial mental retardation.

They will go straight to the goal, turn a blind eye to all obstacles on the road, and take a confident space step to challenge classical physics.

Their temperament is fickle, and the last second is still my brother and I practice the same-sex marriage, and the next second becomes the enemy who is not in the sky.

Their behavior is unpredictable, they may be willing to go with you for a small matter, or they may be indifferent in the face of the crisis of life and death.

They like to maintain their personality when they lead the way. Just like a military training teenager who is heading to the rostrum, he always maintains his own pace and platoon, and does not care about the players who are eager to step.

It may also be pretending that nothing happens after you have humiliated you.

In the "The Elder Scrolls 5", the NPC's head is buckled and can be legally looted in its home. By removing the ladder from the pool in The Sims, the NPC loses its ability to land on the land.

These are the NPC segments that players talk about. If you don't care about the mental retardation of the NPC, there is still a little joy to watch the idiots. Then the mental retardation of the enemy in the game is only the sourness of playing chess with the fool.

Some of the enemies are the human body's masters who can't hit the human being for three minutes.

Some enemies are active noise reductions that are turned a blind eye to the player.

Some enemies don't look at it, it pretends that you can't see your earings and practice the pacesetter.

In Half-Life 2, holding a jar, the enemy will not attack.

Fighting this mentally retarded enemy is like watching a chat with a bar. At first you still smirk, and then you will not laugh more and more.

But this is not the most serious, because when the enemy's intelligence begins to decline, the game will only become blunt. And when the intelligence of NPC teammates begins to fall, the game will become deadly.

These teammates will jump out heroically when the sneak, let the world know your driving, or intimate help to step on the trap you just missed, or carefully stuck in every gap of the door to advise you to go back.

Ler me get through!

Some follow-up classes in the usual words will help you, but when they arrive in battle, they will become a paddling athlete, not completely unable to cause damage, or tactics fall to the ground waiting for your rescue.

It's just useless. Some teammates seem to be in the sense of asking players for trouble.

You need to save other survivors in Zombie Besieged. In order to prevent you from completing the task, they are betting on their lives. Not only does it have no fighting power, it seems that intelligence is also interfered by the virus, and life is completely unable to take care of itself. It was not the zombie stuck in the corner of the wall, or was blocked by a box of tissues on the way to the safe area.

In the 1997 masterpiece "007 Golden Eye", the girl Nataliya had let countless players gnash their teeth, except that she followed the protagonist to advance the plot, she would not do anything. The favorite thing to do was to commit suicide in the battle. Standing straight in the middle of the battlefield, once the enemy or player hits her, the mission will fail. This has become a resentment for countless players, so that some people have repeated Natalya's various death methods as a highlight.

Gamers may have been pitted by one or the other mentally retarded AI. When I said that it was artificial intelligence, how did it become mentally retarded?


Where is the IQ?

Early game AI was not so mentally retarded because they didn't have as many tasks to execute. For example, in the "Pacman" four enemies, all it has to do is follow the player or stay away from the player. Simple and straightforward, not easy to make mistakes.

After the game is more complicated, NPC needs to move, fight, and talk. At that time, the game's technology was not mature, and the enemy's AI was not fine, so there were cases of bugs and jams.

But for the players at that time, AI is still a new thing, and it is a great experience to have an NPC that can interact and fight.

With the rapid development of technology, the existence of AI in the game has become a matter of course, people began to let AI do more things.

They can respond to your actions, remember what you have done before, interact with the surrounding environment, and even have your own schedule.

They can hear footsteps, find teammates falling to the ground, and notice changes in the scene. They will turn over obstacles, look for bunkers, and know how to wrap around in battle.

They can even communicate with each other and randomly play a soap opera on the street.

In such a group of intelligent AIs, the mentally retarded AI behavior is naturally particularly dazzling.

But the problem is that today's AI is actually not smart.

Essentially they are still making decisions based on established scripts, but there are more decisions that can be made now.

Their behavior is pre-set, not out of their own wisdom.

In recent years, AI technology has been recognized by more and more people, and technologies such as machine learning and computer vision have also been used more and more. Why is the AI ​​in the game still not smart?

In fact, it is not impossible to be smart, but game designers do not want to make them smart.

Game AI is different from AI in our usual sense.

The goal of generalized AI is to allow machines to make thoughts or behaviors similar to humans. The game AI only wants the player to feel that the NPC is acting or thinking like a person.

Game AI's behavior tree

The difference is that the game is built around the player. For game makers, it doesn't matter whether the game AI is smart or not, so that the player gets a better game experience is the most important.

The player understands the game world through sight and hearing. This is similar to watching performances. Only the behaviors that are seen or heard are effective behaviors. The AI ​​that gives the player a good look and feel experience is good AI.

When a film director needs to convince a viewer that a character is smart, they will find a good actor, not a mathematical genius. Real genius is not necessarily a true genius in the movie.

In "Last Survivor", Avery can sometimes pull out a gun battle, she may hesitate when threatened, and finally pull the trigger in order to save her life, then the player will think she is like a real person. . But what the player doesn't know is that if Avery is not in the player's field of vision, she is harmless, because things outside the player's field of vision are meaningless, even if Avery kills a few enemy players, she won't think she is very Being smart, it reduces the difficulty and tension of the battle.

So good games AI are good at being smart, not really smart.

In addition, the game AI can't be too smart.

The purpose of the game is entertainment. The heroic savvy of the protagonist often relies on a variety of helpless pig teammates, a public face that never hits the target, and a bunch of villains.

Once the AI ​​is smart, the player is awkward. AI should be a competent sparring, and you don't want to be in the opposite direction to push you down on the ground. Think about it with a team "Alpha Dog" is a kind of "fun".

Many times, producers don't want to make AI smarter, but instead come up with ways to make AI stupid.


Self-cultivation of cyber actor

The game AI is like a supporting actor, and it has to be bullied occasionally in conjunction with the player's behavior.


The mental retardation in the game NPC will always be inexplicably talking to himself, sometimes flustered and shouted at you: “ Who is where? I obviously see someone! ” “Discover the enemy! ”“Change the bomb! ”“I am full of blood! ”

This is not a lie, but the producer is interested in giving feedback to the player. In this way, the player can know the situation in time, whether he is found, whether the attack is effective, whether the enemy is destroyed, and so on.

If the AI ​​doesn't react after discovering you, but sneaks around behind, a shot is killed. You may not think that this AI is very smart, but the design of this game is faulty, and even think that this AI is cheating.

Mental retardation in the game NPCs usually have regular actions, such as patrol routes, reaction actions, battle modes, etc. This formulaic design is also designed to facilitate players to plan actions.

For example, in a stealth, you know that an enemy must not go back, so you can pass directly from behind him, but if the behavior of the NPC is not certain, but there is a chance, then the player’s plan will be Completely disrupted.

In the "Batman: Arkham" series, if the protagonist approaches from behind in the stealth state, the enemy will not turn, so that Batman's stealth is smoother and there is a superhero.

Mental retardation in the game NPC is very popular in battle. They are slow to respond, not allowed to shoot, not standing in the open space as a target, or hiding behind the bunker, waiting for the players to break. Some of this may be caused by poor design, but some are intentional.

In theory, AI does not need to react to time in the battle, nor does it shoot, but this not only destroys the fun of the battle, but also does not seem true.

In general, the producer will set the response time of the AI ​​to a few seconds based on the average human data, and then adjust a suitable hit rate so that the enemy will not be too strong or too weak.

In Watchdog 2, the designer designed a sophisticated cover system for the AI, and the enemy automatically switches to the best bunker nearby based on the weapon's range, the quality of the bunker, and the player's position. The one exception is that they don't enter a small area around the player, but keep a distance to shoot.

In theory, AI can directly understand all the information of the player through the background, but in order to make the AI ​​activities more realistic, many developers will set limits on the AI, for example, the information can be effectively obtained only when the player is in the field of vision. It is precisely because of this that there is a funny scene in front of the old roll in the basket.

The producers of Cell Division: Blacklist found that the visual AI of the game AI is so good that the player is too easy to find at a distance, so the vision of the enemy is narrowed to help the player get close to the target and make the game experience smoother.

Of course, modern game AI is constantly improving. They are constantly optimized, their behaviors are more and more complex, they can respond more abundantly to more situations, and reduce the chances of mental retardation AI.

But essentially these AIs are not very different from the previous AI. Human input orders can never take care of all aspects, no matter how smart they look, they will still make some mental retardation behavior.

The job of the producer is to try to let the players see their smart side and not feel their mentally retarded side.


The future of the game AI

So will the game AI always be mentally retarded?

Maybe not, there are already people trying to make the game AI have higher intelligence.

Their goal is not just to let the AI ​​control the behavior of the NPC, but to let the AI ​​take charge of the entire game or design the entire game. As the game progresses, the game AI can randomly generate maps and levels for the player, similar to the planet generated by the program in Unmanned Deep Space.

AI can also use machine learning, data mining, etc. to customize the elements that best suit him based on each player's habits. Or modify and optimize the overall design of the game based on feedback from all players.

Previously, NVIDIA used the learning ability of AI to realize the random generation of virtual streets. I believe that one day AI generated games will become a reality.

The state of the game at that time, according to New York University professor Julian Togelius, was: "The player is in the game, the game is also playing the player".

Perhaps at that time, people's definition of the game will also change. Players are no longer satisfied with the virtual pleasure of traditional games, but want a smarter AI to provide a more realistic and exciting experience.

Or maybe people at that time still liked the AI ​​of mental retardation, but the game AI at that time could be smart enough to make a mental retardation for pleasing humans.

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