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Challenge Qualcomm! With Helio G90 series, MediaTek has entered the mobile game market. What's the odds?

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On July 30, 2019, the United Development Section held a meeting in Shanghai.

However, I do not know whether it is coincidence or intentional, today's game mobile phone brand Black Shark also held a new product launch, jointly Qualcomm, officially released the 2Pro based on Qualcomm's latest Miaolong 855 Plus platform. Moreover, Qualcomm announced today that it will sign a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Tencent Game to launch a comprehensive strategic cooperation in the field of games.

Obviously, Qualcomm and Unicom are very optimistic about the game mobile phone market, and then, with the entry of Unicom, the original monopoly of the game mobile phone chip market by Qualcomm, also began to have new competition.

The mobile game market explodes rapidly, and the mobile game performance has become a user.

In recent years, with the popularity of smartphones and 4G mobile networks, the development of online multi-player mobile games has been greatly promoted.

According to the "China Game Industry Report 2017" jointly released by GPC, CNG and IDC at the end of 2017, China's game industry broke through the 200 billion mark in 2017, reaching 203.61 billion yuan, an increase of 23.0% over the same period last year. Among them, the actual sales revenue of mobile game market is 116.12 billion yuan, accounting for 57.0%.


According to other data, as of the end of December 2017, the penetration rate of China's hand-games app market reached 76.1%, with a user size of 776 million, with an average of 335 hand-games apps installed per user.

At this year's Tencent Global Digital Conference, Gamma Data released the "Game Industry Trend Report 2019", which shows that in 2019, the sales revenue of China's game market is expected to exceed 230 billion yuan, while mobile games exceed 150 billion yuan, accounting for a further increase to 65%.

At today's press conference, data released by MediaCorp also showed that there are 2.2 billion mobile game users worldwide. Asia is the most important market for mobile games in the world, with 64% of global mobile games revenue. Game has already become one of the top three applications of mobile phones, which are juxtaposed in social networking and shopping.


Especially in the past two years, with "Honor of Kings", all kinds of

According to data released by Ning Binhui, head of Tencent Hand Travel Accelerator, the number of users of Tencent's "King's Glory" has exceeded 100 million in 2018, while the number of users of "Peace Elite" has exceeded 58 million at present. These two figures are really scary.


The rapid outbreak of mobile game market also reflects that mobile game has become a key application of smartphones, and mobile game performance has become an important pain point for mobile users. This also stimulates mobile phone manufacturers to pay more and more attention to the performance of mobile games.

Looking at the Game Mobile Market

Since 2018, the global smartphone market has begun to become saturated, the market has begun to enter the stock market competition, the market competition is further white-hot. Especially since the second half of this year, we can clearly see that the head of the mobile phone brand manufacturers in their efforts to break into the high-end market, but also began to adopt some new market strategies to compete for the market, such as the introduction of new sub-brands or independent brands, new ways to penetrate the competitor's market. For example, OPPO's independent brand Realme and vivo's sub-brand iQOO have begun to enter the main online market competition for cost-effective. Millet's Redmi brand is independent, launching CC series for fashion crowd, competing with OPPO, vivo and Huawei nova.

In conclusion, the competition in the market is increasingly fierce, and the mobile phone manufacturers need to be more and more refined. Compared with the mid- and low-end market of the Red Sea and the high-end market which is hard to cut in for a short time, the game mobile phone market is a small market, but it is really a.

In 2018, a number of mobile phone manufacturers entered the mobile game market and launched a series of mobile games, such as the Black Shark Game Phone, Nubia Red Devil Game Phone, ASUS ROG Game Phone, and Razer Phone, a game peripheral manufacturer.

From the market feedback point of view, as users pay more and more attention to the game performance of mobile phones, the brand of mobile games aiming at heavy hand-swimming groups has also achieved some success in the market.

Take the black shark game mobile phone as an example, the first generation of products were launched in just five days, the full platform reservation broke through the million mark, and the first sale on the JD.com platform was sold out for 18 seconds. Second generation products

When the first generation of Nubian red magic e-sports mobile phone was launched, it also performed well, with the first sale of 10,000 sets in the first 37 seconds in Nubian JD.com Super Brand Day alone. The second generation of Red Devils Mars was also very popular after it was sold, winning JD.com 's game mobile phone category and 3000 on the first day of sale.

Although the overall sales of each model of the Black Shark and Red Devil may be very difficult to reach millions, after all, for the small market, but their relatively high price range (currently around 3000-4000 yuan), so that they can live in this market relatively moist. Whether it is the Black Shark or the Red Devil, their overall performance has exceeded industry expectations.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Asus has abandoned the general consumer mobile phone market, but still retained the ROG game mobile phone (its ROG game mobile phone pricing is around 6,000 yuan), and announced that it will continue to invest in the game mobile phone market, which also reflects its good prospects for the game mobile phone market.

In addition, many high-end and flagship mobile phones of mobile phone brands are constantly strengthening their game performance. They regard game performance as a major selling point of mobile phones. They not only introduce corresponding game acceleration technologies (such as GPU Turbo of Huawei, Game Turbo of Millet, HPPO's Typeer Boost, etc.), but also unite Teng. Information Game has set up a joint laboratory.

Since last year, mobile chip manufacturers have also begun to set up joint laboratories with Tencent games to optimize the performance of their chips in Tencent's related trump card games. For example, in May 2018, Huawei and Tencent Games joined hands to set up Huawei.

After a year and four months of cooperation with Tencent Game, today Lianfeng finally launched the first mobile phone chip Helio G90 series for the game.

Release of 730G and Helio G90 series of Lianfeng Branch to Standard and Elevation Tongluo

As we all know, the main market of MediaTek has always been in the low-end mobile phone market. Although it has tried to hit the high-end market many times before, it has not succeeded. Therefore, it is very difficult for the joint development branch, which lacks high-end market experience and high-end flagship mobile phone product support, to compete with the flagship platform of Gaotong Yuelong 855/855 Plus in the first place. Therefore, the joint development branch chose the Qianlong 730G, the strongest of the seven series released by Qualcomm in April this year, as its target. The positioning of Qiaolong 730G is the sub-flagship.


According to the data released by the United Development Section, the strongest Helio G90T is composed of two Arm Cortex-A76 and six Cortex-A55 kernels, and the highest main frequency is 2.05GHz. GPU uses Arm's latest Mali-G76 MC4, main frequency as high as 800MHz, and the built-in dual-core APU, combined with CPU and GPU, can provide AI computing power of 1TMACs, and support 10GB LPDDR4x memory, with a frequency of up to 2133MHz, which can bring strong performance to the mobile phone. At the same time, in the aspect of photography, three ISP, support 6400 million pixel photos direct out, support four photos; on the screen, support Full-HD 21:9 90Hz full screen; the network also supports LTE Cat.12; in addition to intelligent dual microphone voice wake-up / 2 wake-up words.


Helio G90, by contrast, is mainly slightly lower in CPU/GPU main frequency, supporting only 8 GB of memory, 60 Hz screen refresh rate, and 48 million cameras and three cameras. Other aspects are basically consistent with G90T.

According to the running scores released by the United Development Section, Helio G90T is about 10% higher in versatility and performance than Qualcomm Qiaolong 730G.

In terms of GFX 3.0/4.0 of GPU performance test, Helio G90T is 13%-26% higher than Luan 730G, and slightly higher than Luan 730G.

Antutu 3D and 3D Mark test results also show that the GPU performance of Helio G90T is higher than that of Qiaolong 730 15-17%, and slightly higher than that of Qiaolong 730 G.

Hand in Hand with Tencent Game to Launch HyperEngine, the Game Optimization Engine

Although the CPU/GPU performance of Helio G90T is higher than that of Qiaolong 730G, in order to achieve excellent experience in the actual game, deep optimization is needed. In this regard, through cooperation with Tencent Games, MediaTek launched a chip-level game optimization engine HyperEngine.

In the view of MediaTek, the most important thing that game players pay attention to in the game is faster online experience, faster touch response speed, better picture quality and smoother game experience. Therefore, HyperEngine also focuses on these four aspects of in-depth optimization, including network optimization engine, manipulation optimization engine, picture quality optimization engine and intelligent load control engine and other leading technologies, to bring users a flagship game experience.


Firstly, in terms of network optimization engine, CDK cooperates with the fast roaming accelerator of Tencent Game to develop network delay optimization technology. Intelligent dual-channel Wi-Fi concurrency (2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual-band WiFi or two routes can be connected at the same time) is added. When WiFi network connection is not good, intelligent concurrency will occur. WiFi/LTE, the reaction rate is as low as 13 milliseconds.

According to Ning Binhui, head of Tencent Hand Travel Accelerator, the current intelligent dual-channel Wi-Fi concurrent technology (which provides chip-level support) cooperated with both sides of MIDK can support popular games such as "King Glory" and "Peace Elite" under Tencent's banner (currently being tested in-house).


In addition, MediaDistribution Section has also joined the technology of not dropping calls and so on. Through the baseband technology of chip layer, users will not be disconnected from the network due to calls when they are playing happily, resulting in game dropouts and cartons, which greatly solves the problem of network stability.


The technology optimization is based on the standard of < 100ms="" delay="" of="" game="" network,="" which="" is="" more="" stringent="" than="" the="" standard="" of="" 200ms="" commonly="" used="" in="" the="" industry.="" it="" can="" effectively="" reduce="" the="" card="" rate="" of="" game="" network="" and="" improve="" the="" problem="" of="" delay="" of="" game="" />


In particular, UT's high-performance network connectivity has also led the adoption of the German Rhine T.


According to the data released by Mediated Development Section, Helio G90T's game network performance is better than Qualcomm Miaolong 855.


For mobile game control, we first need to touch the panel and then go to the chip. After data processing, then we can feed back to the actual screen display. In this process, there will inevitably be control delay. The control and optimization engine of Mediated Development Section controls the delay within 16.6ms (60 frames of game), which is 2.5 times faster than that of Myulong 855.


Intelligent load control engine is responsible for managing CPU/GPU resources, which can be analyzed according to the needs of game scenarios, intelligently adjust the frequency and frame rate of CPU/GPU, so that the game is smoother and smoother, but also can reduce power consumption and make the game power more durable.


According to the data released by the United Development Section, with the deployment of its intelligent load control engine, the number of cartons (when the frame rate fluctuation is relatively large) is less than or equal to 2 times per minute, and the fluency reaches the same level as that of Luan 855, while the performance of Luan 730G platform appears. Obviously Carton.


In terms of image quality optimization engine, thanks to the unique MiraVision image display technology of MediaCorp, it can greatly improve the game quality, support Hollywood special effect HDR 10 quality specifications, 10-bit color depth and 2020 color gamut, and can present vivid pictures on HDR-enabled mobile phones. The image display technology can improve the contrast, clarity and brightness of game pictures. It can arrogate the panorama in the dark scene of the game, make the picture more vivid and increase the immersion of the game.


Overall, HyperEngine, the game optimization engine of MediaTek, has made great efforts in network optimization, manipulation optimization, load regulation and picture quality optimization. It has improved the stability of the network, reduced the network delay and manipulation delay, improved the picture quality and fluency of the game, and made the overall experience of the game not only comprehensive and excellent. Yuqiaolong 730G is even better than Yuanlong 855 in many aspects.


What is the odds of United Development Section?

From the above introduction, the hardware parameters of the chip, the Mediator Helio G90/G90T should be close to the Qiaolong 730G, and maybe a little lower in some places, such as chip manufacturing (Qiaolong 730G is Samsung 8nm), CPU main frequency, etc. But surprisingly, according to the test data released by Mediated Development Section, Helio G90T is superior to Luan 730G in CPU/GPU performance. Xinzhixun can only be understood as Arm's latest Core-A76 and Mali-G76 multiplier, and Mediated Development Section's optimization is better.

And the key to the overall performance of the game of MediaTek Helio G90T is better than that of Luan 730G, even catch up with Luan 855 in some aspects, is its chip-level game optimization engine HyperEngine. It can be said that the Helio G90 series is indeed a chip for deep optimization of the game.

However, it is noteworthy that at present, whether it is Black Shark, Red Devil, ASUS ROG, or brand flagship mobile phones with game performance as the main selling point, all of them adopt Qualcomm Dragon Flagship Platform.

For example, Asus ROG Game Phone 2, which was released overseas a few days ago, and Shark Game Phone 2 Pro, which was released this afternoon, all use Qualcomm's latest M855 Plus platform. In addition, as the former has been a large number of use of interlocutor chip, and most of the flagship models also use Qualcomm 7-series OPPO, vivo, now in order to pursue game performance, also began to use Qualcomm flagship chip on high-end models.

Therefore, it is not easy for CDK to compete with Chase in the game mobile market. From the current situation, black shark, Red Devil, ASUS ROG and other game mobile phone manufacturers will still choose Qualcomm Dragon flagship platform. In contrast, millet, OPPO, vivo, Meizu and other brand manufacturers may consider introducing a model based on Helio G90 series of main game performance.

However, at today's press conference, the executives of OPPO and vivo, who I thought might first go to Helio G90 series, did not show up. The Meizu executives who had been supporting the United Development Section were also missing. Only the executives of Red Rice Mobile Phone Company came to the platform.

At the launch, Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand, said Redmi would launch a phone based on the Helio G90 series. But when it will be launched does not give a clear message. And the outside world is also worried about whether the most cost-effective Redmi will take the lead in bringing the Helio G90, which could have had the opportunity to enter the middle and high end of the market.

Editor: Xin Zhixun - related articles of Ranger Sword

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