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5G tariff "cabbage price" is dreaming? China Telecom 5G Experience Package: 100G per month!

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Author: Liu Tingyi

Recently, China's first 5G mobile phone with access licenses —— Huawei Mate 20X 5G version was officially released, 5G mobile phone further stepped away from users, Xiaobian also finally asked questions about how long it would take to buy 5G mobile phone partners. There is an account.

According to Xiaobian, in the second half of this year, a large number of 5G domestic mobile phones will be listed in the domestic market, including Huawei Mate 20X 5G version, ZTE Axon pro 10, and vivo IQOO 5G version.

In the past two years, Apple has been rumored by Qualcomm's lawsuits. In July of this year, Apple announced the acquisition of Intel's baseband business, demonstrating its determination to develop its own 5G baseband core technology. It is reported that Apple will launch 5G mobile phones in 2020.

The 5G experience package is coming, are you ready?

5G mobile phones will be available soon, and it is foreseeable that it will cause a wave of purchases. Some people may ask, 5G mobile phones must be out, when can the operator's 5G tariff package be available? Don't worry about the appointment, please arrange!

According to insiders of China Telecom, China Telecom has launched relevant 5G experience packages in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities, and can enjoy monthly gifts.100G large traffic, the experience period is two months.Just start with a 5G mobile phone and enjoy the 5G high-speed network.

China Telecom will launch a 5G experience event in mid-August, when users will not change cards, change numbers, change packages, and experience telecom 5G with a mobile phone.

How can I join the 5G experience event? China Telecom revealed that users with 5G mobile phones will receive the 5G service SMS sent by China Telecom after the card is turned on, and directly reply to the SMS “KT5GTYB” (“Open 5G experience package”) to experience Telecom 5G. Enjoy 5G high speed and enjoy 100G of high traffic per month. Users can also open 5G experience through business hall, 10000, online business hall, handheld business hall, online service, etc.

Previously, China Mobile also announced the “5G test unified package”, rdquo;The package includes 200G traffic, 1000 minutes of voice, and 100 text messages per month.

How about the flow from the 100G is not very exciting, in the 4G era simply can not think, Xiaobian has quickly calculated how many pesticides can be played in the brain 100G, but the mathematics is limited, Xiaobian said “;death”.

About the 5G package, users are most concerned about the issue

The oversized traffic packet hits, but there is no mention of the package price, which makes the user "look forward and be afraid".

The empty city of the netizen said that it is very doubtful. When the 5G traffic is used, will it be calculated by T?

Netizen spiral whirls and said: "Let's look at it, 200G in the 5G era, equivalent to 2G traffic in the 4G era, 2G traffic package, 50 blocks can not be more. ”

The netizen dimple victim commented: It seems that I can afford a 5G mobile phone.

It is not difficult to see from the above comments that users currently have the following questions about 5G tariff packages and 5G mobile phones:

1, 5G mobile phone use, traffic will not rise? Xiaobian still remembers the paragraph when the 4G era just arrived. Some people used 4G mobile phones. They forgot to turn off the traffic before going to bed at night. The next day, the house moved to China. Duan Zi is a sub-section, but this is one of the reasons why users are waiting to see 5G.

2. At present, WiFi coverage is combined with 4G network, which can fully satisfy the traffic demand of most people. What are the 5G users that are more attractive to users, and can allow users to abandon 4G mobile phones and use 5G mobile phones with higher tariff packages?

3. Will the price of 5G mobile phones be higher than that of 4G mobile phones? How much higher can it be in the consumption range that users can afford?

About 5G data traffic,South Korea is the first country to start 5G commercial use. According to statistics from the Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea,The average data usage per 5G users is up to 22.4GBIn the same period, 4G users used 8.37GB on average, and 5G data usage was about 2.7 times that of 4G, and this amount is still increasing rapidly.

About 5G package tariffThe three major operators all indicated that the specific tariff packages are being refined in design, and will be introduced to the market as soon as possible, while clearly indicating that 5G will be cheaper than 4G.The unit price of the flow will not be higher than the 4G level

Regarding the flow meter structure,China Telecom and China Mobile both stated that the 5G tariff structure adopts a multi-dimensional, multi-level billing model, at which time users are free to choose. China Unicom said that there will be new changes in the convergence of 5G and 4G billing models.

About 5G terminal priceIn August, 5G terminals will be listed in the market. Compared with the previous market, 5G mobile phones are generally expected to sell at RMB 15,000. The major mobile phone manufacturers said that the actual actual selling price will be 5000-7000 yuan, which is similar to the current market 4G high-end machines. Even flat. It is believed that with the promotion of operators, terminal manufacturers are expected to end the industry downturn into the recovery cycle and will also promote 5G construction.

In any case, the 5G era is overwhelming, and the various industrial chains are already gearing up. As the 5G terminal technology continues to mature, prices continue to decline, and the change will be on schedule. The replacement of 5G mobile phones will bring huge opportunities for RF front-end, antenna, RF connection and other fields.

This will be a brand new era, just as this summer is hot and full of hope. After we were 90, we missed the simple but passionate era of 80, 90, but we have witnessed the landline & mdash; PHS & mdash; clamshell & mdash; the complete development history of the intelligent machine, now it has a new The 5G era. As Pu Shu sang,The new world comes like a dream.

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