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It's the 5G you're using! China 5G package price is certainly lower than that of foreign countries

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"5G and I can't climb high", "I and 5G are separated by a lot of money", "It seems that 4G is suitable for me"... For the known foreign 5G package, many netizens'feelings have revealed a helpless. At the same time, it also makes users worry about the price of 5G package in China: "5G, can you use it?"

In this regard, many domestic experts have also given the answer, China is certainly cheaper than other countries, and with the popularization of 5G, prices will become lower and lower. Not only that, before that, the three major operators have also made some suggestions or statements, "5G fees will not be very expensive, everyone can afford it."

5G package: foreign shock, domestic surprise?

Basic telecom operators at home and abroad are accelerating the pace of 5G.

At present, telecom operators in Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Finland and other foreign countries have announced the opening of 5G network services, and announced the 5G package standards.

Elisa, the Finnish operator, is the first operator in the world to issue 5G mobile packages, which cost 50 euros (about 400 yuan) per month and can reach an unlimited network speed of up to 600 Mbps (75MB/s).

SK, Korea's largest telecom operator, offers five types of 5G packages: 8GB traffic packages of 55,000 won (325 yuan), 150GB traffic packages of 75,000 won (444 yuan), 200GB traffic packages of 95,000 won (562 yuan), and 300GB traffic packages of 125,000 won (739 yuan).LGUplus is much the same as SK.

Verizon's 5G package fee is divided into three categories, starting at $85 per month (about 571 yuan) and the first one at $85 per month (about 571 yuan), which allows only 480p video to be viewed smoothly. The second one, 95 US dollars per month (about 638 RMB), can watch 720p video smoothly and enjoy 22GB unlimited traffic per month. Third, 105 US dollars per month (about 706 RMB), unlimited traffic, but can only share hot spots under the 4G network, the sharing size is limited to 75GB, the fastest network speed can reach 625 MB/s.

In addition, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and other countries have also begun to provide 5G commercial services, and are basically based on traffic charges. Compared with foreign operators, China's three major operators have been closely promoting the 5G business process, but there is no clear information on the 5G package fees.

The high price of foreign 5G set meals has caused some worries to domestic users. Will China's 5G set meals be similar to foreign countries, starting very high and soaring all the way?

In this regard, communication expert Xiang Ligang said that users need not worry too much, foreign traffic packages for domestic meaningless, China can not be so expensive.

For example, in the 4G stage, BT's package is 12 a month (about 110 yuan) with 2GB 4G traffic, unlimited text messages and 500 minutes of calls; the top-end 20 (about 183.4 yuan) package contains 20GB 4G traffic, unlimited text messages and calls. China Unicom, for example, has a 4-gigabyte package. Ice cream packages of 99 yuan a month can achieve domestic flow, but when they exceed 20 GB, they will be limited in speed, including 300 minutes of domestic calls.

"Funds abroad are basically higher than those at home. You don't have to judge domestic 5G prices because of foreign prices."

There are also communications experts pointed out: "In fact, 99 yuan Unicom ice cream packages can be sold as 5G packages, the maximum speed limit is raised a little bit on the line."

In addition, for the users' concerns, the three operators have also made a statement.

Gao Tongqing, deputy general manager of China Telecom, once said that the Internet tariff in the era of 4G is no longer suitable for 5G, and the tariff standard in the age of 5G is under study. In the 5G era, the tariff should be 10 GB, and the price should be less than 10 yuan or even lower.

Jianqin, vice president of China Mobile, said that China Mobile adopted multi-dimension tariff design to build multi-dimension, multi-dimension and multi-mode service capabilities based on speed, bandwidth, delay, slicing and function. The cost of 5G traffic would not be higher than the unit price of 4G.

Zhang Yunyong, director of China Unicom's research institute, said that although the current 5G tariff has not yet been finalized, it can be determined that it will not be more expensive than 4G.

It is worth noting that the unit price of 5G traffic may be lower than 4G, but due to the super fast speed of 5G, the amount of use will increase correspondingly, and if it is charged on a quantity basis at first, the total amount should also be higher than 4G.

At present, China Mobile and China Telecom have also launched a 5G public beta version. China Mobile 5G test suite includes 200G traffic/month, 1000 minutes voice/month, 100 short messages/month; China Telecom 5G experience package gives 100G traffic per month, which can experience two months. But neither side has announced the price.

Billing model: there will be diversified forms

At present, there are three kinds of tariff schemes for global 5G operators, one is to provide unlimited traffic packages at a rate, the other is to charge according to traffic, and the other is to bundle 5G wireless.RouterThe hardware is charged. However, from the perspective of package fees, it is mainly based on flow, which is also the basic fee charging model.

China clearly wants to make breakthroughs in these three schemes. According to the leaks of the previous three operators, besides the 5G price will not be too expensive, compared with the existing traffic billing model, the three operators are actively exploring new and more diversified multi-dimensional billing model.

It is reported that in addition to charging by flow, the future 5G charging mode of the three operators may appear charging by speed, bandwidth, delay, slice and function. In the future, customers can automatically open 5G network without changing cards, numbers or registrations, so that the network audio-visual services with ultra-high definition and large traffic can be faster and better popularized.

For example, according to rate charging, the business scene can be refined through the concept of "rate gear flow" and "Rate Gear Content". "In the early stage of the business, the network experience with large flow rate can be realized, and the limit of the flow valve will be improved, and the current limit of the three operators is basically 20 GB." Unicom operator high-level representation.

In addition, with the maturity of 5G business, it can also be charged based on scenarios. Faced with different application scenarios and the special needs of enterprise users, 5G needs to provide differentiated services, and then it can charge differentially. For example, for VR, 8K HD live broadcasting, video surveillance, etc., large-volume billing is used, for sports, concerts and other live live live dynamic billing is used, while the traffic used by ordinary users is basic billing.

It is worth mentioning that the unlimited package has always been a controversial issue in China, and calls for its cancellation remain high. A few days ago, China Telecom announced that it would stop selling all kinds of packages on September 1, and that it would have to stop selling all kinds of packages at the same time. In this regard, Fu Liang, an analyst in the telecommunications industry, believes that in the 5G era, traffic has increased dramatically, and the original speed limit threshold has been mostly unreasonable. The abolition of "volume deceleration" is conducive to the unified planning of packages for operators, to restore the value of traffic, and to reduce the worry of user traffic deceleration.

At present, the three major operators are still further exploring the charging mode of 5G.

Ultimately, it is not known how the 5G package fare will appear in China or how it will be charged. It can be predicted that the 5G package fare in China is certainly lower than that in other countries. With the gradual maturation of 5G, the cost will become lower and lower, and the billing model will also have more possibilities.

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