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Netease music is not enough to socialize to make up?

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Netease Cloud Music released a new version of v6.3.0, upgraded the "Yuncun Community", and launched the Mlog feature, "Theme" and "Hot Review Wall" sections.

Netease Cloud Music Yuncun Community

Netease Cloud Music plans to establish the relationship between music and people, music and content, and people through these functions. With the content connection online and offline scenes, Netease Cloud Music has left more imagination space for the future commercialization while precipitating the relationship between the communities.

As one of the most important innovative products of Netease Cloud Music this year, Yuncun Community carries the important task of differentiated development. It is an important step in the music community strategy of Netease Cloud Music in the past six years.

Looking at the domestic music market, Tencent can be described as "one big", not only has an absolute advantage in music copyright, but also the first to achieve profitability, which invisibly puts more pressure on other music apps.

For the launch of the Yuncun community, although Zhu Yiwen said that the current products still meet the needs of users and do content well, in the long run, there seems to be a lot of articles to do.

NetEase cloud music

Looking back on the development of China's online music platform, from the launch of Cool Dog Music in 2004 to the next decade, the entire market has blossomed, and QQ, music, cool dogs, cool me, shrimp music and other music apps have captured a number of users. Until April 2013, Netease Cloud Music entered the market with “music social” as the entry point, and in the following three years, it absorbed more than 200 million users and grew into a glimpse of the online music market in China.

According to the “2016 Online Music Trends Insight” released by Yi En Consulting, QQ Music has a leading position in both the download and online audition in the first half of 2016. Netease Cloud Music is beyond the Ocean and Ali.

Image source: Yi En Consulting

However, with the end of the "free era" of online music, copyright competition among music platforms has intensified, and the industry has also ushered in a major reshuffle.

In 2015, the daily music and shrimp music acquired by Alibaba merged into Ali music, and successively recruited famous people such as Gao Xiaosong, Song Ke and He Wei to create a closed loop of music ecology. Among them, Shrimp Music takes the professional musician route and listens to the public users every day.

In July 2016, Tencent merged its QQ music with China Music Group (CMC, the original marine music group containing Cool Dog and Cool), and became the major shareholder of the new music group through asset swap. The strategy of “Strong Combination” has also given Tencent an edge in music copyright and has rapidly grown into a well-deserved “hegemony” in the field of digital music in China.

At the same time that Tencent and Ali created the music matrix, Netease Cloud Music has taken a different approach – vigorously supporting musicians. In November 2016, NetEase Cloud Music launched an independent musician support program called “Stone Plan”, which will invest 200 million yuan in the following year to support independent musicians in terms of promotion resources and album investment.

At this point, China's online music has formed a "three-nation kill" situation: Tencent music has songs, Netease cloud music has people, Ali music has money, and the three camps are very competitive.

However, the issue of copyright has always been the key to the competition. Under the great attention of supervision, the competition for music copyright in the online music market has entered a state of enthusiasm in recent years. Tencent Music has become the absolute king of China's online music platform by virtue of the mainland copyrights of the three major record companies such as Warner, Sony and Universal. In contrast, Netease Cloud Music has fallen to the second echelon due to the shortcomings of music copyright, and Ali music is due to every day. The end of the sound fell to the third echelon.

Image Source:

Bida Consulting

Although the major online music platforms in China opened exclusive licensing content in 2018, Tencent Music has already taken the lead and opened a distance with the second NetEase cloud music. According to public information, as early as the second half of 2016, Tencent Music took the lead in achieving profitability; in December 2018, it was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with a market value of US$22.9 billion (about 157.5 billion yuan) on the first day, far exceeding Netease. Cloud Music and Ali Music; As of March 31, 2019, the Tencent Music Library included more than 35 million songs. China's online music platform has officially formed a "one super and many strong" pattern.

Second place's new force point

Although the major online music platforms have reached a cooperation on copyright, it does not mean that market competition has been alleviated. Since then, diversified and differentiated competition has become the norm in the industry.

And music social has become a sharp weapon for NetEase to break through.

In fact, the social genes of Netease Cloud Music can be traced back to the beginning of its creation. In April 2013, NetEase founder and CEO Ding Lei defined Netease Cloud Music as “Mobile Music Community”, focusing on social elements, focusing on the discovery and sharing of music to achieve user social interaction.

For Netease, which has a lack of music copyright, "single songs, comments, UGC content generated by users" have become a magic weapon. So many users lamented: "Look at Netease Cloud's comments as if they are watching their lives." There are even many users who ridiculed: "Netease cloud music is still very comfortable, except for no songs."

However, at the moment when user content is prosperous and competing products are growing, the initial stage of music social experiment can no longer meet the requirements of NetEase cloud music. A space for music lovers to fully and freely express becomes the urgent need of Netease cloud music.

The Yuncun community has come from this. The overall positioning is a music community around the music discussion, creation sharing, emotional expression, it was born to solve three problems: 1, users can use music to express everything; 2, users can enjoy a new music experience And express creative methods; 3. Change the form of music exploration and discovery.

Netease Cloud Music will distribute the previous music exchanges and discussions to the community, and use the four functions of “Yuncun Community Square, Mlog, Theme, and Hot Review Wall” to make users communicate more conveniently.

Taking the top hottest wall of the Yuncun community as an example, Netease Cloud Music has created an immersive experience, allowing users to interact more easily and conveniently around the hot reviews and share their views on the hot reviews. At the end of the hot review wall, there is also a recommended wall function, which is to let the user decide the content of the hot wall, not purely by the official.

“We will find that the Yuncun community has gradually formed a culture of more distinctive people.” After almost two months of internal testing, Weng Yun, director of Netease Cloud Music Community, gave a portrait of the user of the Yuncun community: “ We found that the active users in the Yuncun community are mainly younger users after the 90s and 00s. They are generally very passionate about life and energetic, and they have strong desire to express and creative ability."

This self-operated community is also showing a tendency to go out of the center. NetEase says it focuses on making users feel participatory and sense of belonging.

In the specific operation management, NetEase cloud music will also be carried out according to its own rhythm. For example, in order to let more users see different types of music, it will have a certain inclination to the niche music in the traffic part. In addition, the Yuncun community has also introduced a content security mechanism to establish a 7x24 hour inspection and audit through manual + machine combination to prevent harmful content.

“The music community is one of our most important strategies this year. And this strategy for our platform may carry a very important difference in the future.” Zhu Yiwen said this when introducing the strategic significance of the Yuncun community.

Cross the river by feeling the stones

From the attempt of Netease Cloud Music, some analysts believe that the new section of Yuncun Community has made a music product out of a pure player. Unlike the previous method of using only headphones, users now need to use their fingers and eye. In theory, only when the user has more mentality, the product may have more imagination.

“In the past, Netease Cloud Music was more linked through our algorithms, content operations, columns, and homemade video content. With the Yuncun community, I feel that there is a better distribution of new songs and promotion of newcomers. Grab the hand, this is a foreign aid that expands our entire music distribution." Zhu Yiwen said.

According to Weng Jiaqi, in the past three months, he was smashed the five-version plan for the Yuncun community. Some functions have not been realized because they are too fast, and will be gradually improved in the future.

NetEase cloud music that is eager to meet new opportunities, or another layer of worry. As a music platform, the core profit model of NetEase Cloud Music is still a member model, and the income is relatively simple.

Although Netease Cloud Music was launched on the "LOOK Live" last year, it has narrowed the distance with fans and friends through concert performances and musical instruments, but it has not seen obvious results in conversion. However, in the long run, the music social strategy is conducive to enhancing the user's stickiness and increasing the diversity of platform music content.

The "2019 China Digital Music Industry Research Report" also pointed out that the presence of stars and KOL can mobilize the enthusiasm of users to pay. The report also shows that in 2018, China's online music social market reached 37.37 billion yuan, and the market size is expected to exceed 70 billion yuan by 2020.

Zhu Yiwen is reluctant to disclose more about the capital process of external concern. He only said: "Our standard is to find (investors) that can help us grow and help us to do more."


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