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Intel's Official Science Popularization: Ten Questions Seconds Understand Ten Generations of Core

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1. What are the new features of the ten generations of Core Rui?

First of all, the most intuitive is the trademark change, i3, i5, i7 LOGO re-change, are more flat, and the first time into gray without color, and the sharp torch Iris Plus core graphics card set up a new LOGO, which will appear in the form of stickers on the ten-generation Core notebook.

The new features are mainly European:

- Based on the new Sunny Cove microarchitecture andIntel10 nanometer process technology.

For the first time, 11 generations of verification is used, and the computing power reaches the Teraflop level for the first time, and the graphics performance is improved by about 2 times.

For the first time, AI has been introduced to PC on a large scale. The version of Iris Plus can achieve 2.5 times faster AI performance.

Integrated Lightning 3 support. Based on ten generations of Core computers, it can support up to four native lightning 3 interfaces.

-support for the latest generation of Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig) wireless networks, up to three times faster.

2. Where can the 10-generation Core New Products be used?

The first 11 products released at present are designed for fashionable and beautiful light-weight notebooks and two-in-one notebooks, which enable mobile products to have outstanding AI performance, entertainment function and connectivity, satisfy content creators and entertainment enthusiasts in terms of performance, and meet stringent requirements for volume and weight in terms of portability. Users.

3. What kinds of models can we choose from?

Intel has released 11 10-generation Core processors, covering Core i3, i5 and i7, including 6 U-series and 5 Y-series. They support up to 4 cores and 8 threads. The highest single-core Core frequency is 4.1 GHz, and the highest graphics card frequency is 1.1 GHz.

Ten Generation Core Processor U Series Product Line

10 Generation Core Processor Y Series Product Line

On TDP, except Core i7-1068G7 28W of 28W, the U series are all 15W/25W models, while the Y series is 9W/12W.

Why is TDP 15W/25W or 9W/12W? This is also the new change of the ten generations of Core, that isConfigurable TDP, in addition to the nominal TDP, there is also a TDP that can be adjusted according to heat dissipation capacity and usage scenario configuration.

4. How can we understand the naming rules of ten generations at a glance?

As you can clearly see, the 10-generation Core introduced a new processor numbering and naming structure. It may seem inappropriate, but once you understand this set of rules, you can basically easily identify the processor model.

Take Core i7-1065G7 as an example, the front i7 needn't be said, the 10 unification behind i7 represents the ten generations Core, so 11 processors are all 10 here. 65 represents the level of CPU model, the bigger the stronger, the second also represents TDP, 8, 5, 0 correspond to 28W, 15/25W, 9/12W respectively. The final G7 represents the graphics card level, and 7, 4 and 1 correspond to 64, 48 and 32 execution units respectively.

In short, the naming method is:Product identity (i3/i5/i7) several generations of CPU code and graphics card performance.

5. What is Iris Plus? Will it bring a performance leap?

The 10th generation of Core includes the latest 11th generation of nuclear display, including Iris Plus, UHD Hypercore graphics card, Iris Plus is one of the brand of high-performance graphics card.

Let's start with a set of features:

-Iris Plus was the first nuclear display with a performance of 1 Teraflop, and the performance almost doubled.

The encoding ability of HEVC (H.265) is twice as high.

-support for 1 billion colors4KHDR content output.

When playing games, the frame rate also increases by nearly two times.

-the first Intel GPU to support VESA adaptive synchronization

These characteristics meanIris Plus can run mainstream 3D games smoothly at 1080p resolutionFor example, Field 5, another 4K video editing, fast application of video filters and high-resolution photo processing will also benefit. Support for VESA adaptive synchronization gives better fluency to games such as Dust Rally 2.0, Fortress Night and so on.

6. It sounds great to add AI to notebooks, but what are the benefits?

Ten generations of Core officially introduced AI functionality on a large scale, which means that mobile computers are beginning to enter the AI era. This generation of CPU supports IntelDL Boost, built-in special instruction set, which can achieve deep learning acceleration.

Automatic Resolution Optimization of Photographs Using AI

When it comes to apps, the benefits of adding a laptop to AI are obvious, and that is to really make your computer "smart." For the time being,AI can be widely used in automatic image enhancement, photo indexing, realistic sound effect, voice control and other application scenarios.

Take automatic image enhancement as an example, since then your computer can AI automatic repair of graphics, such as low-resolution photos can be automatically repaired into high-definition photos, or, for example, during fitness, the computer can monitor the standardization of various actions through image analysis.

These applications are just the tip of the iceberg for AI applications. With the development process, AI will further change the computer experience.

Use AI to monitor the standardization of fitness movements through cameras.

Ten generations of Core Rui also have special support on AI voice. A simple example is that a user can wake up a computer by saying a word and instruct the computer to achieve more functions and actions. Through GNA special engine, it can run backstage loads such as voice processing and noise suppression with very low power consumption, thus maximizing battery life.

What are the changes in the support of 7, 10 generations of Core on the interface? What is the relationship between Lightning 3 and USB 4.0?

Ten generations of Core Rui directly integrated support for Lightning 3, up to four interfaces.

Whether it's Lightning 3 or USB 4.0, in fact,Both of them adopt the USB Type-C interface. They share the same underlying protocol and are complementary and compatible.

8. what has changed in the support of Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi 6 is well understood, but not all people named Wi-Fi 6 have the same performance. Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig), is supported on 10-generation Core based computersIt uses 160MHz channels to achieve real Gigabit speeds, twice as fast as the mainstream Wi-Fi 6 solution.

9. Ten generations of Core will accelerate the landing of Athena's plan?

Readers who have seen Athena's plan vision video are probably impressed by the scene shown in it.

At an earlier Taipei International Computer Show, Intel previewed several of its first 10-generation Core systems, which are coming on the market and are being validated through Project Athena Innovation Program, including宏碁(Acer)集团包括宏碁,展碁,第三波,建智,网际威信,乐彩与宇瞻等公司,宏碁(Acer)从事自有品牌宏碁(Acer)台式电脑,宏碁(Acer)笔记本,宏碁(Acer)服务器,宏碁(Acer)液晶及数位家庭等产品之研发设计及行销与服务,并发展通路事业与微巨电子化服务事业。 Swift 5,DELL XPS 13,Hewlett-Packard 公司总部所在地:美国 主要业务:计算机 Envy 13, Lenovo S940.

PC manufacturers will launch the first systems on Christmas sales day, and laptops that meet the "Project Athena" standard are coming!

10. What new news will the ten generations of Core Rui have in the future?

This release is just the beginning. Intel will launch more 10th generation Core processor family products.More details will be released at the end of this month.

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