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PCIe 4.0 SSD is unprecedented prosperity! Regret for not supporting it

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With the advantage of first-mover, Group Connection Electronics has become the dominant market of PCIe 4.0 SSD. At present, the PCI 4.0 SSD is based on PS5016-E16, and the new PS5019-E19T and PS5018-E18 are being prepared. It has a great time.

Huirong, another major manufacturer, is a bit disappointed. At the Taipei Computer Exhibition, Weigang once showed PCIe 4.0 SSD based on Huirong's scheme, but it was not mature enough. The product that was released later was a group project.

At the FMS Flash Memory Summit in 2019, Huirong finally officially put forward its own PCIE 4.0 SSD master control scheme, which is two at once.


First of all, it's high-end.SM2264. Supporting PCIe 4.0, NVMe 1.3,Eight channels, supporting 9x-layer stacked 3D TLC/QLC flash memory with maximum capacity of 16TB, performance nominal maximum sustained read/write speed of 6.5GB/s and 3.9GB/s respectively, and maximum random read/write speed of 700,000 IOPS.

Compared with Group E16, Huirong's scheme continues to read faster, but continuously writes and reads at random is a little slower.

There's also one.SM2267,Reduced to four channels, the maximum capacity is cut by half to 8TB, and the performance is also significantly worse:Maximum continuous reading and writing 4 GB/s, 3 GB/s, and maximum random reading and writing 400,000 IOPS.

Huirong did not disclose when the two new main controls will be supplied in batches and when the specific products will be on the market. It is said that it may not be available on a large scale until next year.



After AMD officially released the second generation EPYC 7002 series processor codenamed Rome, Samsung also presented a gift and released its first PCIe 4.0 SSD PM1733..

Samsung, which predicted PM1733, as early as last fall and unveiled it at a second-generation Xiaolong launch, will replace PM1723b, to take full advantage of PCIe 4.0's ultra-high bandwidth.

Samsung PM1733 uses its own research and development control to match its own.Fifth Generation V-NAND Flash MemorySingle Die capacity 512Gb (64GB) provides two different styles:One is a 2.5-inch disk with dual U.2 interfaces, each with a PCIe 4.0 X4 bandwidth, which adds up to a PCIe 4.0 X8 with a maximum capacity of 30.72 TB.

The other is the PCIe half-high and half-long expansion card, which directly uses the PCIe 4.0 X8 bandwidth. This should be the first one with a maximum capacity of 15.36 TB.



Because bandwidth doubles compared with PCIe 4.0 x4, performance is also better released.The nominal value of continuous reading can be as high as 8GB/s, and the actual measurement during the exhibition period can reach 7.9GB/s. The maximum value of random reading is 1500K IOPS.But write performance is not disclosed.

Samsung will start shipping PM1733 SSD this quarter, but did not disclose when to release consumer-grade PCIe 4.0 SSD.



At the same time, Samsung also announced that its high-density and large-capacity RDIMM, LRDIMM memory has been fully supported by the second generation of AMD Xiaolong, single-channel support eight-channel DDR4-3200, the maximum capacity can reach 4TB.


As one of the main manufacturers of domestic flash memory control chips,YEESTOR Microelectronics, ShenzhenRecently, we took part in FMS Flash Memory Summit in 2019 with a full range of products, and for the first time, we made the main controller of mobile SSD public.

There are two models of mobile SSD master control, YS5281 and YS5283, which support 3D MLC/TLC/QLC NAND flash memory. They all support dual-channel, four CE and LDPC error correction. The former supports USB 3.05 Gbps, continuous reading and writing speed is 440 MB/s, 380 MB/s, and the latter supports USB 3.10 Gbps and continuous reading and writing speed is 540 Gbps. MB/s, 410MB/s.

The mobile SSD market is still in the early stage of its explosion. The demand is about to blow out. It is estimated that the whole market will reach tens of millions of dollars annually.


At this exhibition, the exhibited products of microelectronics include PCIe SSD controller, SATA SSD controller, UFS controller, eMMC controller, USB controller, SD controller, secure storage controller and so on. They can be widely used in data center, server, PC, smart phone, tablet computer, smart home, Internet of Things, etc. Equipment.

Key products include: eMMC 5.1 master YS8295/YS8293EN/YS8293, SPI NAND master YS7281, secure storage master YS2295, USB 3.2 master YS7081/YS5081, USB 2.0 master YS1581, SD 6.0 master YS6285/YS6295, and so on. YS6295 is the first SD 6.0 master chip supporting LDPC in the industry.

This year, Deyi Microelectronics has entered the main solid-state storage market in an all-round way.From the consumer level to the enterprise level, from SATA to PCIe, the products include YS9081XT/YS9083XT SATA 3.2 SSD main control chip, YS9201/YS9203 PCIe SSD main control chip and so on, and soon received a lot of cooperation inquiries.It has also cooperated with a number of solid-state hard disk manufacturers such as Zhiyu Science and Technology and Radio Technology.

The design of SSD control chip involves complex chip architecture, interface protocol, flash memory algorithm technology and high technology threshold. The main control of SSD of a microelectronics can fully support 3D NAND, and provide a microelectronics specialty to help customers achieve NAND Flash Sorting (screening), Assembly (assembly), Production (production), QC (quality). Quantity control) One-stop service.


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