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Samsung Note 10:The newly dressed workers have their own magic sticks.

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Before the Galaxy Note 10 China conference, SinaMobile phoneGot the international version of Note10. After a period of experience, for you to bring this evaluation, so that you have a general understanding of the product. It is important to note that we got the Note10 is an international version, equipped with Samsung Exynos 9825 chip, while the Bank of China version is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip.

"Special" Digging Screen andcurved surfaceDesign

The biggest change in the Note 10 series this year is the look. Whether you accept it or not, this Note series has reached a new level of beauty. Since Samsung introduced the concept of Infinity-O, the digging screen has become the mainstream of Samsung's flagship mobile phones.


The three sides of Note10 are narrow enough

The Note10 series attracted me to the bright screen in large part because it made the forehead very narrow and the width was very consistent with the width on the left and right sides. Plus the effect of curved screen, which brings visual impact. In fact, we've seen a lot of "full-screen" phones that remove bangs and droplets, but for the first time, a combination of curved screen and middle hole screen.

Compared with the "All-in-one screen", Samsung's design has the advantage of no mechanical structure, and it has not added a more complex structure to the full screen, at which Samsung andAppleIt's almost the same. No mechanical structure, can ensure that the fuselage is thinner and lighter. However, Samsung has abandoned a lot of things in order to "really full screen", such as no iris recognition since S10, and smaller front lens in order to open holes, although the pixel is improved but the aperture is smaller than the previous generation.

The front lens opening is much smaller than that of S10.

When it comes to screen holes, if you can accept screen holes on the left or right, then this in the middle is not a problem at all. What's more, the Note10 series has smaller holes than the S10 series, and has little visual impact in the face of large screens of 6.3 inches (Note10) and 6.8 inches (Note10).

The only regret is that Samsung did not make the Note 10 chin as narrow as the other three sides.

"Chin" is slightly wider than the three sides.

It takes so much time to be positive because it changes the most and is most impressive. Aside from these visible designs, the Note10 6.8-inch screen is also laudable, with a resolution of 2K (3040x1440) and support for HDR 10. 5%. DisplayMate, a professional screen testing agency, gave it a rating (this score is top on the phone screen).

Only this one-time Note10 series has two products _ Note10 and Note10, with a screen resolution of 1080P and a size of 6.3 inches.

Dual-computer Strategy of Samsung Note Series

For the first time, the dual-computer strategy on the Galaxy Note series. Samsung is more likely to polarize the Note series this time, with the top match still high and the lower positioning adjusted a lot. The screen we mentioned above is part of the screen, in addition to the battery, the Note10 battery capacity is 4300 Ma, while the Note10 is only 3500 Ma.

Judging from the results of my actual use, Note10's battery medium users have no problem using it for a day. I started listening to Bluetooth headphones on the subway from 72% of the electricity. During the period, I kept browsing Weibo, Sina News, post bar and other apps. Half an hour later, I had 63% of the remaining power (9% of the electricity consumed); then I watched the video with Bluetooth headphones for 70 minutes, with 59% of the remaining power, and 7% of the power left on standby.


Continuity Test Statistical Chart

Given that we have this international version of Note10, the domestic version may vary from processor to processor, but it should be generally consistent.

As to whether the battery capacity Note10 is enough for only 3500 Ma, let's draw a question mark. Although the screen resolution is reduced to 1080p, it helps to survive, but compared with the S10, which is the size of the screen, the battery capacity is 600 Ma less.

On fast charging, the Note10 family is equipped with 25 watts of fast charging, but the Note10 supports 45 watts and 15 watts of wireless charging, while the Note10 supports only 12 watts of wireless charging. In addition, Note10 has an ToF lens to achieve better depth.

There's a 3D lens on the back, under the flash.

In general, the Noe10 is more like the lower S10e in the S-series, not S10 (three in the S10 series, S10e, S10, and S10). In other words, Samsung is in the middle of this time, only the "Low profile" and the "high profile" can be selected.

Familiar with the back layout of the workmanship is very "Samsung"

If the front of the Note 10 series is impressive, the back is not so special. Although the back layout and lens arrangement have changed compared with Samsung's own products, this change is familiar.

Popular layout on the back of Note10

This is a popular layout, the reason why it is popular is that everyone is using it. Of course, there is a popular reason. For the internal structure, the vertical arrangement of cameras on one side is conducive to the "platoon arrangement" inside the mobile phone. In smart phones such as the internal space of the product, abandoning the design of the earlier design has nothing to say.

What we get is Monet color Note10, and the color on the back changes in different light. The whole looks like metal silver, sometimes reflecting blue and sometimes orange. This is Samsung this time the main color, for this kind of color, the people around me like and do not like, the praise is different.

The colour changes in different light.

The glass backing plate of the Note10 is much larger in radians than other products, and is also very fit and is finished with the metalBeautifulJoin together. The Note10 midframe is very different from the S10. It is very slender, as if it were just a buffer between two pieces of glass, while the top and bottom midframe are symmetrical strips. This design makes the whole cell phone look very regular, and it doesn't feel as hard as you can see.


Glass, metal, and then glass, which is also the best place to reflect the work of Samsung mobile phone.

In addition, there are some small details, such as the power and volume keys are on the left side of the mobile phone, the AI left to Bixby is missing, the fingerprint position under the ultrasound screen is more comfortable, and so on, let's not go into details.

The only thing I'm not used to these days is gesture interaction. Samsung's default gesture is Android's early one. It slides according to the position of the three Diamond Buildings, but most domestic manufacturers have optimized it to slide left and right to back. Fortunately, Samsung officially has a Good Lock App, which plug-ins can make up for this shortcoming. It's not clear why it's not built into the system.

Samsung Gesture Operation

Photo quality changes little, but there are many ways to play.

The Samsung Note10 rear lens basically follows the Samsung Galaxy S10 set, a 12 million pixel main shot, supports intelligent variable aperture (f ≤ 1.5 f ≤ 2.4), a 16 million pixel ultra wide angle and a 12 million pixel long focal lens, in addition to one more 3D ToF lens than the S10, the aperture size of the long focal lens increases to F 2.1, which means that it can get more light under the same conditions.

Back lens height OK

Although the lens parameters can not determine the whole of the mobile phone photo, but the hardware does not change (or does not change much), the final photo quality will not be greatly improved. The test by DxOMark, a well-known camera evaluator, also confirmed this, with Samsung's Galaxy Note10 5G scoring just one point higher than the S105G, topping the list.

Outdoor sample, colourful

Depth of field is excellent

Double shooting

2-fold zoom shooting

The quality of zoom picture is reduced more than 2 times

From the sample, Samsung Note10 in good light to take the photos clean and transparent, bright colors, white balance is accurate. For close-range still life, realistic virtual effect can be obtained. The long focus lens can provide twice the optical zoom, but when the zoom is more than 2 times, the quality of the picture can no longer be guaranteed.


Note10 exposure suppression is bette

At night and low light conditions, the highlight of Samsung's Notebook 10 is prominent, and the night mode can effectively improve the brightness of the screen. In the noise and detail, Samsung Noe10 has found a relatively balanced point that doesn't give too much attention to noise and sacrifice detail, and it won't ignore the noise for more details.

Nightscape mode brightness will be better

Because of the addition of a 3D lens, Note10 can live more profound information, Note10 in real-time virtual mode a lot of ways to play. Real-time virtual is equivalent to the "portrait mode" as we know it, but the method is different. Note 10 camera has five kinds of virtual effects, which is more than S10. It can make the background virtual effect more prominent and the spot more obvious.


In Scene Circle mode, there's a slight defect in the hair.

But there is no algorithm that distinguishes between people and backgrounds, especially for tiny filaments such as hair. Samsung Note10 is no exception, but it can adjust the degree of falsification and adjust the photo to a suitable state.

Portrait colouring


Zoom mode

In addition to real-time virtualization on photography, Samsung Note 10 adds real-time video virtualization. Dynamic video is clearly more technical than static photos. But similar play Samsung is not the first, before. HUAWEIThe mobile phone's portrait color retention can also retain the color of the person in real time in the video, and turn the background into gray.


Small Fault Mode

Samsung Note10 has added three kinds of video modes: scattered circle, blur and minor fault on the basis of "portrait color", of which minor fault is the most characteristic. In the process of measurement, stable shooting can basically ensure the real-time separation of characters and background, and occasionally there will be "mistakes", especially when the lens can not recognize the face.

S Pen became a magic wand

S Pen is the symbol of Samsung Note series and the essence of this series. The Note 10 pen has become more versatile and interesting, but there's also a question about whether you can use it.

Samsung optimizes the pen almost every generation of Note Series updates. This time, the addition of a blank gesture manipulation in the Note 10 series turned it into a magic stick. This pen relies mainly on Bluetooth and Note 10 phone pairing, with low power consumption. And in such a small thing, including a six-axis motion sensor and a gyroscope, these devices make it have the function of isolation operation.


Swing up and down S Pen to switch camera

In the camera photography interface, we can switch the camera, the photography mode and even the camera zoom by swinging the SPN. Just hold down the key on the penholder and wave it by gesture.


S Pen can also do AR graffiti

The first time you use this feature, it's amazing. It really feels like Harry Potter. But when you calm down, you have to think about whether such a function is really needed. In fact, this Note series pen has always faced such a problem. How many times have you pulled it out in the ordinary use? Having been used to finger touch, would you like to try a pen?

For these questions, I asked many people around me, and the answer is difficult to unify. For people like me who have been used to fingers for years, it's easy to ignore this pen. But for some people, this pen is very convenient, they can take it out to take notes at any time, write pictures on screenshots, and now it can be used to keep a distance from the mobile phone and operate in isolation.

S Pen's handwritten pen is very small

In the past, people would think that a large screen, business mobile phone with a pen, is a cool thing. Now SPN is no longer "cool" but has become more and more functional and interesting. Although it is difficult for people to buy Note series because "it has a pen", but "there is a pen" makes this series much more fun.

Performance and other details

As mentioned above, we have an international version of Note10, powered by Samsung Exynos 9825 chips. There is no more interpretation of this chip here, because after all, it is different from the version you can buy. The CDB version will be equipped with Qualcomm Cellon 855 processor, and the Note10 has only 5G version, that is, the version of the Cellong X50 modem is mounted.

Or did he score the next point?

Samsung didn't use Qualcomm's latest flagship chip, Miaolong 855 Plus, on the Note 10 series, but UFS 3.0 was used for flash memory. At present, there are not many mobile phones using UFS 3.0. The first one is Samsung's unsold fold-down screen mobile phone. Other brands use UFS 3.0 mobile phones includingOne plusSeries 7 andASUSROG Phone 2.

Flash memory read-write test results

The advantage of UFS3.0 is that it reads and writes faster. Samsung Note10 continues to write to more than 1600MB/s and to 588MB/s. What users can feel is that the application installation speed is fast, especially that kind of large game, the effect is more obvious.

In addition, Samsung also mentioned "and"MicrosoftCooperation. Today's Note10 can directly recognize handwritten notes as text and save them as Word documents. After connecting the mobile phone to the display, you can see a PC-like interface to easily manage files. This feature used to require Samsung phones to connect to Samsung Dex.partsOnly then can it be realized. Now a mobile phone is OK.

Samsung Notes Transferred to Word

Cancellation of 3.5 mm headphone holes is probably an unexpected event. Samsung has compared this feature before.IPhoneThis is the advantage of Samsung's mobile phone. This time, the design was finally cancelled, a move that will allow more users to choose wireless headphones, especially Samsung's own Galaxy Buds.

Write at the end:

For Samsung, the Note series was revolutionary: for the first time, it adopted a dual-machine strategy, changed its appearance, added 3D lenses, canceled 3.5mm headphones, and so on. But for users, they have seen too many "really comprehensive screens" of lifting lenses and four shots with ToF lenses, and there are not many places that can really surprise users, although the phone has done a good job in all aspects.

After diluting the "business" label, the Note series began to face a wider audience, and the iconic handwriting pen became a tool for writing and writing. Although it is "dilution", in fact, the attributes of entertainment and creation have been enhanced, which makes business less conspicuous.

Finally, give some advice on buying a machine. If you really like the appearance of the phone, workmanship, photography, or even that pen, it is recommended to stomp your teeth and stomp your feet to buy a more expensive Note10. After all, it has a better screen, a better lens, a bigger battery and 5G.

(This evaluation only represents the level of the prototype. Follow-up mass production retail version or software upgrade may lead to different performance in some aspects, and short-term evaluation can not fully represent the problems that may arise in the daily use of the product.)

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