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Apple dumped the hardware at the press conference, but there was no One more thing.

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Apple Online Store (China)

A friend of mine told me that instead of looking at what Apple is doing today, it's better to see how much it costs in November. That makes my "pseudo-fruit powder" a little sad.

But they don't think so. Cook quickly put the machine on Apple's website! I'm going to place an order!

Cook understood what everyone was thinking, so he was determined. Put iPhone 11 at the end.

Objectively speaking, this conference... There's no surprise, but Cook's own mood is beautiful, because their stock has risen by 1.18%.

Now let me show you what good things Cook brought us in this "Spring Festival Gala of Science and Technology".

The Apple watch cracked your heart code

Panic is a common symptom for many people who have just crossed the threshold of 40 years old. The geometry of heart rate problem makes many people more upset.

Apple Watch has been screaming for years to join the heart rate monitoring function, and this time Apple is willing to add him. On the one hand, it can avoid major accidents, on the other hand, it can call SOS directly for help.

In addition to monitoring your heart rate, Apple Watch Series 5 also gives itself a new dress, ceramic and titanium case enrich everyone's choice. But how durable is the ceramic case? Only when you use it can you know.

Apple Watch has also added a number of new technologies, including LTPO displays that can be dynamically refreshed, 18-hour durations, and built-in compasses.

However, Apple also mentions a function that allows everyone to hold their hands artificially, that is, to see specific health values and times when they lift their wrists. This function seems to remind people, "You might as well buy a real watch."

In terms of price, the sports strap of aluminum metal watch case starts at 3199 yuan, the stainless steel case ring movement strap starts at 5499 yuan, the stainless steel watch belt leather comes from 6299 yuan, and the stainless steel watch belt Milan Nice strap starts at 5899 yuan. We can only say that Apple is relying on good sales, asking for a high price again.

There's only one iPad left that doesn't follow the rules.

In July, up to five iPad models entered the Eurasian Economic Commission database. This morning, the apple was also brought as expected. An iPad product.

In my young mind, I always thought that the iPad was still an entertainment product. However, I was shocked when Apple installed the keyboard as soon as it came up today.

Keyboards are selling points. It's a wonderful thing. Apple added a new smart interface to the iPad for a full-size smart keyboard, and Jobs'coffin panel seemed to have shocked again.

The legendary "Bath Baby" camera did not appear on the new iPad, and the 8-megapixel rear camera is very inadequate in today's era.

WWDThe first iPadOS 13 was released on C, and it landed this time.

The new home screen, the new side pull feature that can use multiple Apps, the multi-space usage of App, the new toolbar of Apple Pencil, and the new file App have been introduced into the iPad OS 13, which has further enhanced the productivity of the iPad.

The selling price is 2699 yuan for the 32GB version and 3499 yuan for the 128GB version. I can only say this price... Meet the rules.

The iPhone 11 is coming“GasKitchen and Bath Baby

Finally, Cook, who had held up for an hour at the end of the launch, came up with the expected new flagship iPhone 11 series.

Apple follows the trend from naming. When they have to explain why they use Pro,Mobile phoneThe department's negatives can only say that their design got Pro, although my face-blind patient still can't tell which is the iPhone 11 and which is the iPhone XS.

At the launch of the iPhone XS last year, Apple took a long time to explain how dual cameras have improved photography. With the replacement of three cameras for the iPhone Pro this year, Apple will naturally not give up this opportunity. So the most common word mentioned in the iPhone section is "Camera".

The camera has also fallen short of expectations and become the focus of attention of Internet users around the world. It's just that the netizens don't care how many pictures the three cameras can improve, but what the three cameras look like.

From the earliest "bathroom bully" to the "gas stove" and "Pikachu" that appear today, the biggest contribution of the three rear cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro may be to provide a continuous stream of meme for netizens.


Of course, these three cameras are still very powerful: 12 million main cameras, 12 million ultra wide angle cameras and 12 million pixel long focus cameras. Especially that long-focus camera can provide equivalent 52mm long-focus shooting.

The iPhone 11 isn't that good anymore, and we have to continue to use the rear dual camera. Even with the rear dual camera, Apple gave the two cameras the illusion of a "bathroom bully".

Over the past few years, Apple has had a big problem with the Type-C interface. Apple announced the world at this conference, and they finally said goodbye to "Five Blessings and One Ann". Users who buy the iPhone Pro will get 18W fast charging and Type-C charging head.

However, whether it's the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max, the lightning interface is still standing. It's a pity to think so.

The screen of the iPhone Pro is also highlighted by Apple, which has a brightness of up to 1200nits and supports Dolby panoramic sound and Dolby horizon. Apple named it Super Retina XDR display.

The A13 Bionic processor, which still uses Liu Haiping as its front design and supports Face ID, is a logical thing.

The price of the state-owned iPhone 11 is not so beautiful. The price of the iPhone is 5,499 yuan for 11 cases, 8,699 yuan for the iPhone 11 Pro and 9,599 yuan for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

However, it seems that everyone knows that they are not in a hurry to buy, wait for more and double 11 discounts. I'm afraid it's the real fruit powder that really needs to start this time.

One more thing? No!

The pace of Apple's launch was so fast that it took only an hour and a half after the introduction of the iPhone 11. As a result, people began to look forward to one more thing.

AR glasses, Apple cars, and even new products from Apple TV are all people's expectations. Unfortunately, Cook said thank you. The annual Spring Festival Gala of Science and Technology ended in such a hurry.

This kind of end of the Apple conference is like those poor students who can't easily answer the teacher's questions and sit down anxiously for fear of asking him something else. Maybe it's just a comment for consumers: "This conference feels like no urine during the whole process, but it always feels like something is wrong."

Yes, what are the disadvantages? No surprise, no one more thing.

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