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Can't the 5G iPhone 11 cure apple's heart?

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IPhone sales have fallen 15 percent in a row over the past three quarters, with 17 percent and 12 percent accounting for less than 50 percent of Apple's total revenue. These are embarrassing situations that have never been seen since the advent of iPhone. In addition, iPhone shipments have also beenHuawei Beyond that, it's third in the world, and in the first few years, the company's sales blowout with the big-screen iPhone, and Apple's one-time transcendence.three stars To reach the top of the list in the world, as if it were like the rest of the world.

It may have long predicted that the iPhone will end up in the doldrums, and Apple has been pushing ahead with its diversification strategy a few years ago, expanding its service business and new hardware products. It was thanks to rapid growth in the services business that Apple was able to offset the continuing decline in iPhone revenues, which stopped the decline in traditional off-season sales in the second quarter of this year.

It is clear that the service business, which has become Apple's second-largest source of revenue, is Apple's top priority this year. Earlier this year, Apple held a service-only product launch, launching video, news, games, credit cards and many other services. At the beginning of today's launch, Apple also spent a lot of time promoting the official landing of Arcade, the game subscription platform, and Apple TV, the video subscription service.

To some surprise, the monthly subscription fee for both services is only $4.99, and hardware is free for a year of TV, a fee that is much lower than previously expected. After all, Apple has never been a kind master. The two services may be cheap because Apple needs to dig users from competitors. After all, there is fierce competition in video subscriptions, with many traditional giants and upstarts, such as Netflix,Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disneyland.

Why can't iPhone sell it?

However, no matter how the service business is developed, the iPhone is still the cornerstone of Apple's ecology, is the core product of Apple, not one of them.

Almost all of Apple's service business is provided around the iOS platform. Only by leaving users on the iPhone platform will it be possible to generate revenue through the service business. Moreover, the iPhone still accounts for half of Apple's revenue. If users refuse to buy the new iPhone, Apple's next earnings report, Cook will also freak out.

Let's look back at why iPhone sales have fallen sharply over the past year. There are several main reasons for market analysis, some of which are mutual influence and causality.

First, intelligence.cellphoneThe market as a whole is saturated, and shipments in the global smartphone market have fallen for six consecutive quarters. Second, Apple is overpriced, with the average iPhone rising from $600 to $800 in the past few years, the starting price for flagship models from $649 to $1099, and tens of thousands of yuan for a phone that has exceeded the psychological expectations of many consumers. Third, due to high prices, consumer change cycle extended, reducing the demand for some upgrades.

Fourth, while the price rises sharply, iPhone has fatal functional defects. As a result of the patent lawsuit with Qualcomm, Apple's previous generation of iPhone turned completelyIntel Baseband chip, signal ability has been criticized, double card dual standby ability is particularly weak. Fifth, revenue in China fell sharply, with Cook blaming weak sales in China for the fall in Apple's revenue in the fourth quarter of last year, and current consumer sentiment problems caused by international relations are also bad for Apple. Sixth, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, especially Huawei's strong rise in the high-end sector, but also hit Apple's market share. Seventh, Apple's sales in emerging markets such as India have been weak and have even fallen amid the impact of Chinese smartphones.

As for last year's iPhone market acceptance, Apple remained confident that consumer satisfaction was as high as 99 percent. A search revealed that this seems to be Apple's lucky number? Apple said in 2018 that, iPhone X was 99 percent satisfied. In 2015, Apple said iPhone 6 and 6Plus were 99 percent satisfied. Perhaps less than 100% is afraid that Apple employees will be too proud. Anyway, the survey data comes from Apple, they want to say as much as they want.


Where is the new iPhone upgrade?

Take a look at what updates the iPhone 11 has compared to last year. The A13 bionic chip replaces the A12 chip as a regular upgrade of the year. Apple proudly compares Samsung and Huawei's flagship Qualcomm 855 and Kirin 980 chips, saying that beating the A12 chip is only likely to be the A13 that continues to upgrade. Perhaps when we see this, Huawei wants to send a flag to Apple, and finally honors it on Apple's comparison list, or last year's 980 chips.

IPhone 11 upgrade relative to iPhone XR: new purple and green replace last year's coral and blue, using 12 million pixel ultra-wide-angle dual photography, improve photo performance, add a 1-hour extension of night mode, waterproof performance enhanced.?

The upgrade of the iPhone 11 Pro relative to the iPhone Xs: new dark green, matte glass on the back, three-shot instead of double-shot (new hyper-angle), enhanced photo-taking performance, new night mode, extended 4 hours, enhanced waterproof performance, support for Dolby Panorama, and dual-card for the National Bank version of the iPhone 11 Pro.

The iPhone 11 is still divided into 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are still 64GB, the starting price of 256GB and 512GB.iPhone 11 is down $50 (from 5499 yuan in China), while the price of 11 Pro and Pro Max is still the same as last year, at $999 (8699 yuan in China) and $1099 (9599 yuan in China).

A few big slots and chicken thief.


The trough point is, of course, also available: first, the two-layer raised bath-like three-shot arrangement, once again, refreshed the expectations for Apple's design capabilities. Although it's a long time to get used to the design, it is certain that the patient and the patients with aphobia must be able to overcome the psychology. Although Sir Iove just announced the departure of Apple, he was in a sheep state earlier in the apple, and the iPhone in the last two years had not taken care of it, nor was it from his design.

Second, now that the 64GB is not enough, other manufacturers are at least starting with the 128GB, and Apple is still using 64GB, purely forcing users to add another $150 (iPhone 11 is $50).

Third, the iPhone 11 Pro has increased in size relative to the iPhone XS BWH, the thickness has increased from 7.7mm to 8.1mm, the weight has also increased from 177g to 188g, and the weight of 3D Touch.11 Pro Max has increased from 208g to 226g (what a weight!).


The fourth,5499, on the iPhone 11, still uses a 5V1A charging head, which is ridiculed as a "Zhuan Winfu-an-an", and the need for fast charging also requires an additional 18 W plug and a Type-C lighting line ($243,145, a total of 388 yuan). Apple is a very good thief in this area with respect to the standard of the competitor's products. Do you think the iPhone 11 user is not worthy of a quick charge?

Fifth, the iPhone 11 is still an Intel baseband chip and does not support 5G networks. Although Apple and Qualcomm reached a full settlement in April this year, the iPhone 11 still has no time to use Qualcomm baseband chip and can only continue to use Intel baseband chip, which was criticized last year. IPhone 11 will also be the last generation of iPhone. in the 4G era.

Is 5G important? Doesn't it matter?

The lack of support for 5G networks is a core lack of iPhone 11's three new products. Although the United States has made slow progress on the laying of 5G wireless communication networks, it will also affect the psychology of consumers. Whether consumers will be willing to spend thousands of dollars on a 4G phone is still a huge mystery, knowing that 5G is bound to arrive over the next two years. In addition, the 4G performance of Intel baseband is not satisfactory, and it is difficult to expect too much of the network signal of iPhone 11.

In a country like China's 5G leader, Apple is even more underwhelming. Bernstein, a market-research firm, expects China's 5G network to reach 150,000 base stations by the end of the year, 15 times the size of the similar United States. And by the end of 2020, the total number of 5G users in China will reach 100 million.

In general, the first 5G users in big cities are also the most purchasing power high-end users, who are supposed to be Apple's target users. Huawei, Samsung,Competitors have launched their own 5G phones to compete for these fresh users. A full year behind in China is clearly another disadvantage for Apple, which is already weak in the Chinese market.

Bernstein also expects the upgrade cycle for Apple consumers to be extended to four years from the previous three years, meaning that only 16 percent of users are likely to upgrade to buy the new iPhone this year, while Apple's iPhone sales in fiscal 2019 may fall 19 percent.

The new iPhone is not an antidote to Apple

Back to the core topic, can the new three iPhone 11 solve the problem of falling iPhone sales at Apple?

The price of the iPhone 11 was cut down by $50, as can be seen. 'Apple's cost of the iPhone 11 is reduced by 7-12%,' said J.P. Morgan's earlier news of the supply chain, which, on the one hand, is helping to offset the profit impact of the company's cut-off and, on the other hand, to prepare for possible U.S. tariffs.

However, the prices of the two flagship models still exceed $1000, which is the core reason for the weakness of flagship sales in the past two years. 48 per cent of total US iPhone sales in the second quarter of this year came from iPhone XR., according to CIRP, a third-party market coordinator. The combined share of high-priced XS and XS MAX sales is only 19 per cent. This time iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max insist on not cutting prices, making it difficult to be optimistic about their sales prospects.

IPhone XR also did not withdraw from the market and continued to sell for $600. Perhaps, as iPhone XR prices continue to fall, the black side will become narrower and narrower, and the signal will not seem so important. Apple's best products to sell in the coming year will still be the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. 5%.

Going back to several of the main reasons for the weakness in iPhone sales, the three iPhone 11 models do not seem to be able to resolve these obstacles. In the Chinese market, total domestic mobile phone shipments fell 5.3 percent in August from a year earlier, according to the China Institute of Information and Communications Research. It is hard to believe that iPhone 11 can reverse the downturn of the past year under such adverse conditions and public opinion caused by international relations.

What exactly are the three iPhone 11 models? The product is really a good product, as for whether to upgrade, look at your wallet to decide.

Zheng Jun, Sina Science and Technology, originated from Silicon Valley in the United States.

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