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Why are e-cigarettes surrounded from San Francisco to Shenzhen?

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Because of a number of deaths related to e-cigarettes, Kansas Health and Environment Director Lee Norman (Lee Norman) said at a news conference."Now is the time to stop smoking electronic cigarettes. If you or your loved ones are smoking electronic cigarettes, please stop them."

The death caused by electronic cigarettes is the most sufficient reason for prohibiting electronic cigarettes. However, whether the woman's death was caused by electronic cigarettes still needs to be investigated, and the specific conclusions are not yet clear. Nevertheless, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises people to stay away from electronic smoke atomizers, but requires researchers and investigators to find out the exact cause of the disease.

The cause of death is unknown.

In a statement, the president of the American Electronic Cigarette Association pointed out that the crisis had more evidence that street drugs containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or other illicit drugs were responsible for these diseases, rather than nicotine-containing electronic cigarette products.

E-cigarette is a kind of commonly known as electronic atomizer. It is a kind of atomizer driven by rechargeable battery. By means of atomizing smoke oil or heating tobacco (non-combustion), the smoke oil is turned into steam for consumers to absorb. At the same time, e-cigarettes have the same appearance, smoke, taste and feeling as ordinary cigarettes. Because this electronic product mimics the cigarette, it is called the electronic cigarette.

Now the deaths associated with electronic cigarettes in the United States indicate that the problem lies in smoke.When smoking e-cigarettes, the smoke oil used by smokers may contain nicotine or tetrahydromarijuana (THC, a high concentration of chemical extracted from marijuana). U.S. health officials said they had previously found 450 similar suspected cases, including five deaths, in 33 states. These patients developed dyspnea, chest pain, fatigue, vomiting and other symptoms and were immediately hospitalized.

In some cases, patients admitted to smoking e-cigarettes not with nicotine, but with tetra-hydromarijuana. Martin Dacreel, head of tobacco control at the British Ministry of Public Health, who is also concerned about e-cigarettes, believes that,Most e-smoke-related cases in the United States are related to the use of illegal fumes.Smokers buy or make illegal fumes on the street, mostly containing tetrahydrocannabinol.These products come from the black market and are totally different from electronic cigarettes purchased through regular channels.

Linda Boulder (LindaBauld), a public health expert at the University of Edinburgh, holds the same view. She believes that all the evidence so far suggests that illegal use of liquids containing marijuana (THC oil) is the cause of illness in the United States, and that widespread use of atomized products containing nicotine, especially those regulated in Europe, is unlikely to cause these cases.

That's why Dacquerel opposed the adoption of the electronic cigarette ban by the San Francisco Parliament on June 25, 2019, which came into effect in 2020 and made San Francisco the first major city in the United States to ban the sale or production of electronic cigarettes. The ban requires that e-cigarette products sold in San Francisco stores or on the Internet be approved by the U.S. Federal Health Department, but does not prohibit people over the age of 21 from using e-cigarettes.

Dacquerel's main reason is that the cause of death and illness caused by electronic cigarettes has not yet been clarified, and electronic cigarettes are the least harmful of all tobacco products. No smoking should be banned first of all other tobacco products.

Is it safer than cigarettes?

For e-cigarettes, the attitude of the World Health Organization (WHO) is that e-cigarettes are harmful to public health, and it is not a means to quit smoking. It is necessary to strengthen the control of e-cigarettes and eliminate the harm of e-cigarettes to adolescents and non-smokers.

First,The nicotine emitted by e-cigarettes is harmful.The latest evidence is a study published online in the Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences (PNAS) on January 29, 2008. In mice, nicotine inhalation of electronic cigarettes can damage DNA in their hearts, lungs and bladders, as well as in cultured human lung and bladder cells in vitro. Wound.

Another study in 2017 also demonstrated that e-cigarettes cause DNA damage, just as traditional cigarettes do. A study by the University of Connecticut found that steam or other substances produced by electronic smoke can cause DNA damage. Researchers used a new electronic optical detector to quickly detect the extent of DNA damage caused by electronic smoke, and found that the extent of DNA damage caused by electronic smoke was actually the same as that caused by ordinary cigarettes.

The results also surprised researchers, because e-cigarettes are usually seen as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.

A study published online on March 8, 2017 by researchers at Portland State University in the journal (PLoS One) found that three different e-cigarettes were tested.When electronic smoke operates at high power, a large amount of carcinogenic benzene can be formed in the smoke of electronic smoke.

Researchers have found that when an electronic smoke is smoked at high power and the liquid chemical additive of the electronic smoke contains benzoic acid or benzaldehyde, the benzene level in the electronic smoke is thousands of times higher than that in the ambient air. However, benzene levels in electronic cigarettes are still 50 to 100 times lower than those in traditional cigarette smoke.

E-cigarettes also damage cardiovascular disease.Researchers at Sweden's Dandruid Hospital and other institutions have found that only 10 inhalations of electronic cigarettes can cause blood vessel damage. In another study conducted in 2015, researchers studied in greater depth the effects of 30 e-cigarettes inhaled by healthy people. The results showed that, affected by electronic smoke, the subjects'vascular elasticity became worse and worse, which might lead to heart disease and stroke. In Sweden, people who smoke e e e-cigarettes inhale 250 to 300 mouths a day. At present, the sale of e-cigarettes in Sweden is unregulated, which indicates that people are more seriously injured by e-cigarettes in real life.

Electronic cigarette is more harmful to pregnant women and fetuses. Researchers at Sydney University of Science and Technology in Australia used mouse models and human lung cells to study the effects of e-cigarette smoking in pregnant women on the risk and severity of infant allergic asthma. The use of electronic cigarettes during pregnancy is associated with lower lung function, which increases the risk of asthma in the next generation. In the past, it was wrong to think that smoking electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes during pregnancy would be healthier. Mothers who smoke electronic cigarettes still pose significant neurological risks to their unborn offspring. Therefore, it is not safe for women to smoke electronic cigarettes during pregnancy.

E-cigarettes become explosives

Electronic cigarette not only has various harms of traditional tobacco, but also goes beyond the harmful scope of traditional tobacco. It will cause casualties in another way, namely explosion.

On June 20, 2019, NBA News reported that 17-year-old American teenager Austin Adams (Austin Adams) wanted to quit smoking and switch to e-cigarettes in an attempt to reduce addiction to tobacco. The e-cigarette he tried was called VGOD, but it exploded in his mouth, causing a fracture of his jaw and blowing up several teeth directly.

The bigger casualty of electronic cigarettes is the loss of human life.On May 16, 2018, a medical institution in Florida released a bizarre autopsy report: fragments from the explosion of an electronic cigarette (Vape pen) shot a 38-year-old man in the head, killing him. The explosion took place on May 5, 2018, and a fire triggered by the explosion also destroyed the man's room. Firefighters found the man's body in the burning room. When the electronic cigarette exploded, two pieces of debris entered his skull. The autopsy report identified the cause of death as "head bullet wound".

Between 2009 and 2016, at least 195 e-cigarettes exploded or caught fire, but no one was killed, injuring 133 people, 38 of them in serious condition, the U.S. Fire Department reported. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) report highlights seizures in some people, especially teenagers and young adults, after using e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette smoke adds many ingredients to attract smokers, including cherry, strawberry, menthol, menthol and other dozens of flavors, but many ingredients change after heating, and the harm to the body is beyond the scope of traditional tobacco products. In addition, electronic smoke can cause airway contraction, causing breathing difficulties.

Although Darclair and others believe that e-cigarettes are less harmful than other traditional tobacco products,In the FDA's view, luring teenagers to smoke is the biggest hazard of e-cigarettes.In 2017, about 3.6 million middle school students in the United States smoked e-cigarettes, but by 2018, the number of middle school students smoking e-cigarettes in the United States had soared to 4.9 million.

The reason is that teenagers generally think that nicotine content is not high, less harmful than authentic tobacco, so they feel that there is no danger in smoking electronic cigarettes, and they will easily try to smoke electronic cigarettes. However, all e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which makes it easier for teenagers to become addicted unconsciously. As a result, they switch from e-cigarettes to traditional tobacco products.

In view of the various hazards of electronic cigarettes and the attraction of more teenagers to smoke, the reasons for prohibition are adequate. In this regard, the views of WHO, FDA and CDC are consistent. On June 26 this year, Shenzhen has become the first city in China to put electronic cigarettes on the smoking blacklist.

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