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Apple's Official Cooperative Brand: Deep Disassembly of Native Union Wireless Charging Bracket

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Native Union is handcrafted from Italian dermis, which is fashionable and delicate. Supportapple7.5W wireless fast charging equipment compatible with other Qi standards. Vertical double coil structure,cellphoneBoth vertical and horizontal can be filled. In order to understand how to use the product materials, the next thing we want to bring to you is the product unpacking and disassembling.

Open the box of a, Native Union wireless charging bracket

The packaging is made of black-and-white color matching cartons, with physical drawings printed on the front. The top is the brand logo, the bottom is the product name Dock Wireless Charger, and the bottom right corner indicates that the product supports Apple 7.5W Fast Charging.

The side is black.

the bottom is printed with product certification and other information.

The product name Dock Wireless Charger is on the side.

The product specification parameters are on the back, and the product has passed Qi certification indicated below.

Product model: DOCKWLT02

Input: 5V2A, 9V1.67A, 12V 1.5A

Open the package and pull out the inner box.

Packaging content: wireless charger, metal bracket, USB-A to USB-C charging line, instructions.

Attached with a pink charging line, length of 2 m, using nylon braided material thread body, wear-resistant and tensile, not easy to twist and knot. The interface type is USB-A to USB-C, and the location of the interface is printed with the brand Logo. Incidental cortical bandage to help tidy collection.

The product panel adopts simple geometric design, equipped with pure Italian leather and a combination of unique handmade skills, stylish and beautiful in appearance.

The product has a heat sink in the back gear shape, which is very design-oriented. There is a USB-C interface in the center of the back.

Insert metal bracket can be changed into vertical wireless charging bracket, detachable design, easy to accept.

The metal bracket is a rectangular iron plate with enough weight, and its surface shows the same pink color as the whole. The contact parts with mobile phones and desktops have anti-skid rubber pads, which play a role of anti-skid and anti-wear, and are considerate.

The bracket can be installed to form an angle of about 70 degrees. Place the phone in both vertical and transverse directions.

There is a circular hole in the middle between the metals, which not only plays a decorative role, but also can be used to pass through the charging line.

Testing with wireless charging aging test kit shows "PPP", which supports ordinary 5W, Apple 7.5W and Apple 7.5W.three stars 10W.

The product supports Apple 7.5W wireless fast charging,IPhonePut the phone on to enter the wireless charging.

In addition, the Samsung S10 phone and the screen display "Wireless acceleration charging" are tested, indicating that Samsung wireless fast charging is also supported.

2. Disassembly of Native Union Wireless Charging Bracket

Remove the panel and you can see that the inside is two wireless charging coils.

Expose inner double coils, one horizontal and one vertical.

Unscrew the screw and remove the fixing cover.

Remove the fixed cover and remove the wireless charge.

There is a thermistor on the vertical coil to detect the temperature during wireless charging.

The thermistor is affixed to the double-sided adhesive and the shell is bonded with the double-sided adhesive to detect the temperature during charging.

On the back of the coil is a wireless charging circuit board, and the coil lead-out wire is covered with a heat shrinkable tube to strengthen the insulation on the circuit board.

The magnetic diaphragm is fixed on the shell with double-sided adhesive.

On the back of the circuit board, only one conductive cloth contacts the iron sheet, without any components. The top is printed with Convenient Power Easy-to-punch Semiconductor Logo, and marked with Easy-to-punch wireless module name code: E802A.

There is a main control circuit on the circuit board, a constant frequency, voltage regulation and voltage reduction circuit, and two sets of coil-driven MOS transistors.

EC8034 is a SCO constant frequency and voltage regulation scheme IC developed by Echo Semiconductor. It is compatible with Qi-EPP/Samsung Fast Charging Standard/Apple Fast Charging Standard/Google Fast Charging Standard. Its charging area reaches 10mm*10mm. It supports 5V/9V/12V/15V input voltage, QC protocol and 5W/7.5W/10W/15W output power.


WT6632F is a highly integrated USB PD controller. It supports the USB PD3.0 specification and wide operating voltage range from 3V to 30V. It is designed for downstream port (source) charging applications (such as travel adapter, charger and power library) of USB type. WT6632F minimizes external components by integrating USB PD baseband physics, type C detection, shunt regulators, voltage and current monitors, and blocking MOSFET control circuits, as well as an 8-bit MCU, thus allowing small external volume and low BOM costs.


Ruijun Semiconductor RU30L30M PMOS, used for Buck through switch, turn on when 5V input.

Screen printing AWCK, MPS synchronous rectifier buck IC, adjust the output voltage to charge apple with constant frequency and voltage regulation.

3R3 patch inductor.

Weizhao VS3622DP2 dual NMOS tube for wireless charging coil drive. Logic voltage drive, better adapted to wireless charging master control. Built-in dual MOS, two can form a complete bridge. Intermediate R018 alloy resistance is used to detect charging current.


Two VS3622DE dual NMOS transistors driven by logic voltage are used for switching between two sets of coils.


Four resonant capacitors are connected in parallel. There are two groups, corresponding to two coils.

Srip V324B 4 Operational Amplifier for signal demodulation.

Passive crystal oscillator.

Two LED lights.

Type-C input seat, through-hole welding.

Dismantle the family photo.

3. Summary of Dismantling Charging Head Network

Native Union Wireless Charging Bracket is full of design sense, colorful color matching on the desktop, can become a conspicuous decoration. Wireless charging supports mobile phone vertical, horizontal, angle appropriate, for face unlocking and drama tracing and other use scenarios can be well supported. It is equipped with easy-to-impact main control and Auger MOS transistor, and realizes constant frequency and voltage regulation with MPS buck. The scheme has been approved by the market, and has a large shipment volume. Its performance and reliability are guaranteed.

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