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Appraisal of the iPhone 11: Not only increase and decrease price to inherit the true fragrance constitution, but also the new benchmark of the iPhone

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This time, XR's successor will be dressed directly in the jacket of 11, presumably.appleAlso want to continue last year XR's strong momentum, to know that in the past the main force of sales of the iPhone are digital series. It's not hard to find that Apple has returned the starting price of the main model to the age of the iPhone 7 and made it domestically in 2019.cellphoneUnder the environment of brand upgrade and constant premium, Apple's price returns to play without hesitation, so that a group of netizens once again shout "real fragrance early warning".

So this time iPhone 11 is a continuation of the true fragrance of XR? Or is there anything hidden behind the return of prices? Let's look down.

Type A inherited from XR

The face of the iPhone 11 is still a 6.1-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1792 times 828. It supports the wide gamut display of P3, with the familiar Face ID Liu Hai at the top and the same width of the surrounding frame as the iPhone XR. This screen is at the same level as XR in terms of visual perception and screen quality.

Turning to the back of the fuselage, you can see that there is a significant difference between the two phones. The camera module of the iPhone 11 is occupied by a double camera, and an extra ultra-wide angle lens is located below the main camera. At the same time, Apple's LOGO was moved to the middle of the rear shell and the lower half of the iPhone logo was cancelled.

IPhone 11 still adopts the design of glass in front and back of aluminum alloy, but compared with XR, the glass before and after XR adopts double ion exchange process, and the firmness of the glass is further improved. The water resistance has also been improved from IP67 to IP68, and the fuselage BWH is the same as the XR, and even the weight is the same, resulting in the two phones in hand, the feel can be said to be the same.

In terms of body color, this time there are black, white, purple, green, red and yellow options, color saturation is relatively low, looks more fashionable, while the back of the glass material is more transparent.

Nuclear A13 upgrade

The processor of the iPhone 11 is upgraded to A13 bionic chip. Don't underestimate every upgrade of Apple chip. Apple attributes the upgrade to the example of processor upgrade. So how much higher the A13 chip is than the A12 chip, let's run for a point.

Through the actual test of Geek Bench 5 running software, the iPhone 11 with A13 bionic chip scored 1329 points in mononuclear and 1096 points in multicore. Compared with the iPhone XR with A12 bionic chip, the single core increased by 18% and the multi-core increased by 31%.

At the same time, the GPU performance of A13 bionic chip has been further improved. At the release meeting, we saw that the large-scale action games demonstrated on the spot have the taste of end-to-end swimming and host games, and the quality of mapping and modeling has been improved a lot compared with the original ones. So performance has improved a lot. Will A13 become a hot monster again? We also played three King's Glory Qualifications for about an hour and tested it with an infrared thermometer. The results showed that:

The highest temperature on the front appears in the right border and the bottom, the highest temperature is only 32 degrees, and the highest temperature on the back appears in the camera module, the highest temperature is only 33.4, so this time Apple's heating control for A13 is very in place.

At the same time, thanks to the more advanced low-power design of the A13 chip, which can control how much performance the phone needs, the chip outputs as much power as the chip, so at the continuation level, the official claim that the iPhone 11 is another hour longer than the iPhone XR, you know, the iPhone XR was already in existence last year, and it will not be a problem to use it for a day.

New algorithm of Shadow New Module matching

The biggest change in iPhone 11 is to add an ultra-wide angle lens. The wide angle end adopts a F1.8 aperture, 12 million pixel camera, the ultra wide angle end adopts F2.4 aperture, 12 million pixel lens, the wide angle field of vision can reach 120 degrees, the equivalent 13mm focal length, at the same time, the original color flash on the double camera edge has also been upgraded, and the brightness is increased by 36% compared with the original.

Great changes have also been made in the photo interface. First of all, it supports the new super-view shooting. On both sides of the main viewfinder, the original black area is now cut and filled by the super-wide-angle lens. This is not only for dazzling skills, it can help the photographer to better judge whether the current scene can use the ultra-wide angle lens; secondly, after pressing the shutter, the image of the ultra-view part will be retained. When you open the photo editing, you can find that the image of the ultra-view part can be retrieved, providing a greater later space. Between.

Secondly, the option of the photo interface is changed from the top to the slide-out, which can take into account the growing size of the iPhone screen, better single-handed experience, and faster adjustment of parameters when shooting.

Let's get back to business. Let's take a look at the actual sample of the iPhone 11 and see if it's as good as it was described at the launch, and we also asked Android King Galaxy Note 10 to compare it.

Under the condition of sufficient light during the day, the imaging level of iPhone 11 is indistinguishable from that of Galaxy Note10, and the orientation of the two is only slightly different in color reduction. It can be seen from this sample that Note10's treatment of sky color is more pleasing to the human eye, while iPhone is as real as possible. The analytical power of the two images, the reduction of bright colors, and the permeability of the photos are all at the same level.

From this set of comparative samples, it can be seen that Note 10 is more colorful for color restoration and does look better at first glance, but a closer look at the photos shows that iPhone retains more details. For example, the PRADA billboard on the building, iPhone still has light and texture, while the Note 10 deals with an oil painting.

IPhone 11 adds ultra-wide angle mode for the first time, and we turn on ultra wide angle shooting in the same scene. Note10 and iPhone are still indistinguishable from each other. The same wide angle field, almost the same edge distortion control, but in the brightness of the dark part of the picture, iPhone is slightly superior to the screen, retaining more details of the picture.?

By comparing the wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle versions of the iPhone 11, we can see that the white balance and color restoration of the two are at the same level, which is better than many mobile phones on the market. At the same time, through these comparisons, it can be seen that the addition of 120 degree ultra wide angle lens can obtain more visual impact photos.

Because of the addition of ultra-wide angle lens, iPhone 11 can calculate the distance of sight difference, and the portrait mode finally does not rely solely on the algorithm to identify characters like XR, so in addition to shooting characters, it can also shoot animals, still life and so on. This group of portrait patterns, the two still perform the same,three stars The overall picture is brighter, and the characters are beautified. It looks better, while the iPhone is still a real restore.

If the original iPhone day, one dragon and one worm at night, now the addition of the night mode on iPhone 11 can finally compete with the super night scene of the Android camp, and at once it has reached the point where it is indistinguishable. When the brightness is less than 10 lumens, iPhone 11 automatically opens night mode to increase exposure time. Through this set of samples, we can see that the preservation of the dark part is the same as that of Note10, but the highlight part on the right side of the picture is also suppressed better, and the brightness of the picture is also greatly improved compared with the original one.

And the iPhone 11 night shots are very clean and the noise control is very good. This is a group of ultra-wide-angle samples at night, iPhone11 wins Note 10 in the suppression of highlights and sky noise. Note10 has strange purple noise in the upper left corner of the photo, which greatly affects the appearance.

After opening portrait mode at night, iPhone 11 has a significant improvement over the previous iPhone. At the same time, thanks to the follow-up of the algorithm, iPhone can optimize the photos in blocks, such as forehead, cheek, chin and so on. Through this set of comparative samples, it can be seen that the facial light of iPhone characters is more uniform, and the overall brightness of the characters is higher.

In order to give you a more intuitive sense of the nightscape mode of the iPhone 11, this set of samples compares the XR of the iPhone in the same scene. I don't think we need too much analysis, but we can see a considerable gap at a glance through the naked eye.

On the front side, the iPhone 11 comes with a 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens at the front. This time, it has a rather interesting function. When the camera is vertical, the range of view is the same as the original, but when you turn the camera across, the field of view will automatically switch to wide angle, which can accommodate more background and characters, and facilitate multiple people to take selfies and take pictures with the back scene.

At the same time, the front camera for the first time added ultra-slow motion video shooting, which can record the same specifications of slow motion video with the rear camera, and greatly improve the playability.

On this camera interface, another change is to further break the line between taking photos and video, now press the shutter to start the video under the camera interface, at the same time, the shutter key can be locked into camera mode if you click on the shutter, and you can start shooting directly to the left without clicking on the shutter, officially known as the Quick Take function.

In the camera mode of the iPhone 11, you can shoot the most.4K60FPS HDR screen, which also supports zoom operation from 0.5x to 5x, the zoom experience is as smooth as when the photo is taken. In the process of video recording, the jitter of lens switching is almost no.

Officials claim that this generation of iPhone has higher tolerance and cinema-level anti-shaking, we have also actually tested that in the wide-angle lens, anti-shaking and tolerance has indeed improved, but in the case of ultra-wide-angle lens recording, the picture jitter will become greater, and the noise in the video will increase, which is also related to the more stringent demand for light intake of ultra-wide-angle lenses.

Some minor changes in Soul iOS 13

With the addition of dark mode, iOS 13 is one of the few highly anticipated iOS updates in recent years, but I would like to mention two detailed updates that add more benefits to the new iPhone 11 series.

First of all, photos, video editing can be stronger. With the improvement of iPhone 11 series image system, the editing ability of the system itself has been improved as well as the ability to take more powerful photos and videos. Now you can not only clip photos, adjust all kinds of parameters, but also do so for video, and have a good response speed.

Second, iOS 13 globally uses the Haptic Touch feature, which means long pressing desktop icons to pop up shortcut menus. Since the 3D Touch feature is all offline on the iPhone 11 series, the replacement feature can complement the experience and further unify the interaction of the three models, you know, last year's XR did not have a shortcut menu available.

It's a pity to charge by force.

Finally, let's talk about charging. Unfortunately, the iPhone 11 didn't get a random 18W quick charge like the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max models. In the box of iPhone 11, it is still familiar with you, but iPhone 11 supports 18W fast charging, and we actually use two charging heads to test and record the speed.

The actual test found that the charge can be filled in 110 minutes with 18W fast charge, while it takes 175 minutes to charge with Wufuyian. At the same time, using 18W fast charger can charge 45% in half an hour, and the speed of blood return is fast.

Overall, the use of 18W fast charging improves the speed by nearly half, and this time saving is well worth it. If you have extra financial resources, you can consider buying a set of fast charging equipment on the official website, or take a look at the MFi protocol supported by a third party fast charging equipment.


Although the appearance of iPhone 11 was inherited from last year's iPhone XR, the gap in experience with the top flagship in the series is far smaller than that of XR.. The addition of ultra-wide angle lens not only brings more abundant viewing range, but also complements the natural deficiency of single XR portrait mode, while the new night scene algorithm, A13 processor, Haptic Touch, supported by iOS 13 native support, these experiences are no different from Pro suffix iPhone, and it is not too good to evaluate it with true fragrance.

After iPhone adds Pro suffix, in fact, the product line in the series has begun to split, regardless of the number as a distinction, in a nutshell, the iPhone series and the iPhone Pro series. Looking at iPhone 11 in this way, iPhone Phone, is not the reduced version of iPhone XR that was speculated on last year, the cheap version. And the actual experience and functional integrity that iPhone 11 brings to users this year is also worthy of that sentence: this is iPhone..

At the same time, don't forget that Apple has put the benchmark of the iPhone back to 5,000 yuan. If high-end flagship Apple dominates, then the mainstream flagship share that has been carved up over the past two years will be taken back by Apple. So it will be interesting to see the mobile phone market in the second half of the year. I believe that in the face of such competitive prices, consumers will inevitably have a tangle between the mainstream Android flagship and the iPhone 11.

And from the point of view of pre-purchase, the lack of 5G does not seem to have much impact on iPhone 11, and consumers are most concerned about price and experience. According to IHS Market data, global shipments of XR reached 26.9 million units in the first half of 2019. Not surprisingly, iPhone 11 will continue such excellent sales performance. This will be of great help to the expansion of Apple service user objects, and adequate hardware ownership is the operational basis of Apple TV or Apple Arcade.

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