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What experience does CRT display have in playing modern games? Foreign Media: No 4K LCD

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The principle of CRT is that, unlike today's TFT-LCD, CRT uses polymer materials, i.e. liquid crystals, to control the passage of light. Instead, it uses electron beams. The speed of electron beams is the speed of light, so CRT has almost no response time, so it is very suitable for game applications. More than a decade ago, after LCD has become popular, CRT can still be seen in many electronic sports arenas. The reason is that CRT is very powerful in game applications.

Back to the point, DF bought a Sony Delong FW900 from the market. The screen size of this 22.5 inch CRT can reach the highest resolution of 2560x1660, which is 16:10 scale version of 1440p. At such high resolution, the CRT can also maintain a refresh rate of 60Hz, demonstrating its powerful performance. With a slight reduction of resolution to 2304 x 1440, it can run 80 Hz. Under this refresh rate, it is very difficult for the human eye to feel the scanning line of CRT. Its maximum refresh rate can reach 160 Hz, even exceeding the current number of 144 Hz LCDs.

For LCD, when using non-panel native resolution display screen, because there is no point-to-point, it will use the algorithm to stretch. For example, displaying 1080p on the display with 1440p native resolution will produce many sub-pixels, which will affect the effect of the screen. CRT does not have this problem, the resolution is arbitrary pull, even if the actual effect of a relatively low resolution is acceptable. This allows for a slightly lower resolution and higher quality options when playing games.

On the other hand, the characteristics of LCD panel make it blurred when displaying dynamic pictures, which is caused by the physical characteristics of liquid crystal. It is almost impossible to eradicate the problem. CRT can be said to be completely unaffected by this problem. In high-speed dynamic pictures, the performance of CRT is far better than that of LCD. "Even 768P resolution may be comparable4KLCD provides more dynamic details.

Finally, the response time, as mentioned above, CRT almost does not have response time, and even the 240Hz refresh rate LCD still has a certain response time, which makes it possible to point where to play in the game.

Today PC hardware can provide higher refresh rate for old CRT monitors, which is very useful for them. Of course, the disadvantages of CRT are also very obvious. It's too big. The Sony Lirong FW900 bought by Mao She covers an area of about 60 cm x 55 cm, which seems unacceptable today. In addition, it weighs 42 kg. These two factors are also the main reasons for the elimination of CRT. Because today's consumer-grade CRTs are already out of production, modern hardware is not very friendly to these antiques, such as interface problems.

Said so many advantages and disadvantages of CRT, Mao Shu actually took the picture of running "Control" with this Sony Terry FW900, but it is difficult to feel the difference in the video, but it is more obvious that the picture after the resolution reduction still looks great. Many details still need to be personally experienced to find the good CRT, but it is very important to know that in the second-hand market in many parts of Europe and the United States, it is not difficult to pick up such a top-level CRT, and it is very cheap. But the domestic environment is different...

But for gamers, CRT is really a treasure. Today's LCD is still trying to catch up with that year's CRT in many ways, even after it has been eliminated by the market for so many years, we can see that it is really advanced in some aspects.

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