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The official version of iOS 13 releases the 6S or newer models of the iPhone, which can be upgraded

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Apple online Store (China)

The ios 13 system has been optimized to speed up app startup, reduce the download space needed by app and make face id faster, resulting in a faster and more sensitive experience.

"IOS 13 brings new features to all kinds of apps you use everyday. Not only have photo apps and map apps been greatly updated, but also have privacy protection functions such as Sign In with Apple, which also provide excellent performance." Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple, said, "We are eager for customers to experience this autumn.IPhoneAll kinds of new functions, see the brilliance of dark mode.

Dark pattern: bringing a completely new look to iPhone

Dark mode brings refinement to the iPhoneBeautifulNew look, this new dark color scheme can be applied to the entire system and all native app, so that you still have an excellent viewing experience in a dark environment. Third-party app developers can also integrate dark mode into their own app and start automatically at sunset or at a specific time.

Bring easy browsing and powerful editing tools to photo apps

With the machine learning feature on the device side, Photo app selects and highlights the best photos from the gallery, automatically hides cluttered content and similar photos, and shows you major events and activities that have taken place in the past day, the past month, or the past year. Photos and videos are intelligently sorted out, easier to browse, discover and relive the best memories, and automatic video playback also makes the entire gallery more flexible and vivid.

New tools make it easier to apply, adjust and view photos at a glance, making photo editing more complete and intuitive. By simply sweeping the screen, you can add or subtract effects, create the most desirable photos, provide more creative possibilities for photographers, and control the photos taken at will. In iOS 13, most photo editing tools are now available for video editing at the same time. In photo app, video can be rotated and clipped directly or filters can be applied.

With iOS 13, the human image light effect adjustment can be carried out directly in the camera app, virtual push the light, can make the eye outline clearer, the facial feature is brighter and softer, or push away the light, create the hazy exquisite effect. The new High-Key Mono special effects create elegant monochromatic effects for portrait mode photos.

Sign In with Apple makes login faster, easier and more private

Apple introduces a new way to log in more privately, making it easier and faster to log on to app and websites. In addition to using social accounts, filling out forms, verifying email addresses or selecting passwords, customers can now easily authenticate using Apple ID, while Apple provides developers with a unique random ID, to protect the user's privacy. Even when developers choose to ask users to provide names and email addresses, users can still choose to share a unique random email address to keep their email address private. Sign In with Apple so that users can easily authenticate using facial ID or touch ID, while the built-in dual authentication adds another layer of security.

New Map Experience

Apple Map app helps millions of users navigate and explore around the world while protecting their privacy. Apple drives across 4 million miles of roads, completely rebuilt basic map tools, bringing a new map experience, wider road coverage, better sidewalk data, more accurate addresses, and more detailed geomorphological data.


IOS13Summary of the main updates to:

1. Overall performance optimization. Face ID face unlocking speed in iOS will increase by 30%, software updates will decrease by 60%, and software opening speed will increase by two times.

2, dark mode. New dark mode is supported in iOS 13, and the overall system color matching will match the new dark mode. At the same time, music will also support dark mode.

3. Enriching map functions. Map function completes Street View function map function completes street view function. IOS built-in map function has been optimized. The new map will be modeled in 3D. At the same time, the details of street scenery in the map are preserved.

4. Privacy and security. The new iOS13 has a lot of privacy details. When you use App, you will be prompted for content related to personal privacy. Using Face ID to log in to FaceBook and Google will protect a lot of personal privacy. Face ID will open API to support third-party software login one after another.

5. Enhance the interest of shooting. There are more interesting features in shooting. Pictures support timeline viewing. The album will automatically identify the content taken in the same scene, which is more in line with the user's view of the photo scene.

6, HomeKit will support home monitors. The video recorded by the monitor will be encrypted and uploaded to iCloud.

7. Memoji will be added to iOS. Memoji will support A9 processors and aboveappleEquipment.

8. Apple family audio setup features increased. Airods supports Siri reading and voice conversion text reply information. Music is shared with othersMobile phoneIt's easier to go on. HomePod will support more than 100000 radio stations.

9. The new Carplay interface supports more information, while the new Carplay supports Siri.

10, Siri sounds more like a human being than Siri on iOS12,iOS13, and phonetic interaction is no longer cold.

Detailed functions and improvements of iOS13:

Dark mode

The exquisite new dark color scheme will bring you an excellent viewing experience, especially suitable for the weak light environment.

Can be set to open automatically at sunset, at a specific time, or manually from Control Cente

Four new system wallpapers, with "light" and "dark" mode automatically switch appearance

Camera and photo

New "Photos" tab featured in the gallery of wonderful moments, allowing you to easily find, review and share photos and videos

Powerful new photo editing tools, editing, adjusting and viewing photos are easie

More than 30 new video editing tools, including "Rotation", "Tailoring" and "Adjustment"

Add options to iPhone XR,iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to increase or decrease the intensity of human image light

Added "high-tone monochrome" portrait light effect to provide monochrome portrait effect with white background on the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max

Log in via Apple

A new way to protect privacy is added, through the existing Apple ID, you can login to the participating App and website.

Simple account settings, just provide your name and email address

Sharing unique e-mail addresses with Hidden Mail Address will automatically forward them to you

Built-in dual certification to protect your account

When you use your favorite App, Apple doesn't track you or collect personal data.

New App Store for Arcade

You can play all kinds of pioneering new games with no advertisements and no extra charges just by subscribing once.

Browse the latest games, personalized recommendations and exclusive editing through the new Arcade tab in App Store

Available on the iPhone,Touch,Play on Mac and Apple TV

Add the option to download a larger App over a cellular network connection

From the Account page, you can view available Apps to update or delete Apps

Support for Arabic and Hebrews


New maps in the United States include broader road coverage, improved address accuracy, better pedestrian support, and more detailed surface coverage

"Look around" allows you to explore cities with high resolution and interactive 3D experience

Collections store a list of your favorite locations and make it easy to share with friends and friends.

Common Places allows you to navigate quickly and easily to places you visit every day.

Provides real - time public transport, real - time flight update information and voice more natural step - by - step navigation.


The new design provides a more powerful and intelligent way to create and organize reminders

Quick toolbar lets you add dates, locations, flags, attachments, etc. to reminders

The new "today", "plan", "flag" and "all" smart lists make it easy for you to track nearby reminders

Use subtasks and grouping lists to organize your reminders

Adding personalized Siri recommendations to Apple Podcasts, Safari Browsers and Maps

Siri is used to listen to more than 100,000 live stations around the world.

Shortcut Directives is now built-in App

Like my expression and message.

New self-designed facial expression options, including new hairstyles, headdresses, makeup and ornaments

My emoji sticker package is available in "Information", "email" and third-party App and is suitable for all iPhone models

Now you can choose whether to share your name and photos with your friends or even imitate my expression.

Enhanced search features allow you to find information more easily with smart advice and result classification.

CarPlay Car

The new CarPlay dashboard displays your music, navigation, and smart Siri recommendations on the same screen

The new Calendar App provides an overview of the day's schedule, with the option of driving to or dialing to attend meetings and contact conference organizers.

Apple Map has been redesigned to provide "common sites", "collections" and "intersection views" for China.

Apple Music album illustrations allow you to easily find favorite songs

The CarPlay car now offers the "do not disturb" option

Augmented reality

New People Occlusion features, using iPhone XR,iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max,App to naturally place virtual objects before and after characters

New Motion Capture features, using the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. App lets you create animated characters or interact with virtual objects by understanding the body posture and motion trajectory of the characters.

AR content supports multi-face tracking, tracking up to 3 faces at a time, allowing you to use iPhone XR,iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to play with friends

A quick view of AR lets you view and interact with multiple AR objects at the same time


Prevent the sender and move all e-mails from the sender directly to the wastebasket

Message subject mute to stop receiving overly active email subject notifications

Format Bar allows you to easily access multi-information text formatting tools and various attachments

Support for all system fonts, as well as new fonts downloaded from App Store


The gallery view displays your memo with an intuitive thumbnail to help you find the required memo

Shared folders allow you to collaborate with others and give them access to the entire memo folder

More powerful search function for visual recognition of images in memos and text in scanned pieces

New checklist options allow you to easily rearrange checklist items, add indentation, or automatically move checked items to the end of the list

Safari browse

Updated home pages include personal collections, frequently visited websites, recently visited websites and Siri recommendations

Smart search bar display options for quick access to text size control, reader view and site - specific settings.

Site-specific settings allow you to select a viewer view for a single site and enable content interceptors, cameras, microphones, and location access

download manage


Taxiing on the keyboard allows you to type with one hand while you are busy

Even if the sentence is written in half, you can switch between sliding input and light typing.

Alternate word options are provided in the prediction ba

Text editing

Scroll bar sliding allows you to drag and move the scroll bar directly, quickly browse long manuscripts, web pages, and email conversations

The cursor navigation is faster and more accurate. It can be moved to any position by selecting the cursor.

Improved text selection feature, easy to select text with a light click and a light scan


Custom fonts can be downloaded from App Store and used in favorite App

New font management in Settings


External drives are supported in Files to access and manage files on USB drives, SD cards or hard drives

Support for SMB, connectable companiesThe serverOr PC at home.

Local storage space is supported, folders can be created on local drives and favorite files can be added

Support for compression and decompression to create and expand Zip files


New personalized data Summary view, including reminders, personal collections, and related feeds from commonly used App and devices

Health data feeds from commonly used Apps and devices that chart trends over time

The menstrual tracking function records menstrual cycle information, including menstrual volume, symptoms and pregnancy indicators.

New Hearing Health Data Types, Including Headphone Volume, Environmental Volume Recorded by Apple Watch "Noise" App and Hearing Map from Hearing Test

Apple Music

Synchronization of lyrics to make listening more interesting

Listen to more than 100,000 live radio stations from around the world

Screen usage time

Provide 30-day usage data and compare screen usage time data with past weeks

A merged time limit that incorporates multiple App categories, specific Apps, or websites into the same time limit

The "One Minute More" option allows you to quickly store work content or exit the game when you reach the "Screen Time" limit.

Privacy and security

Allow once location permission allows you to choose to share location with App only once

Background tracking reminders will now notify you when App uses your location in the background

Enhanced wireless LAN and Bluetooth make App unable to access your location without your consent

Location sharing control allows you to easily choose to ignore location data when sharing photos

System experience

"Control Center" can choose WLAN and Bluetoothparts

The redesigned volume control is located in the upper left corner to reduce interference.

Full screenshots of web pages, e-mails, iWork manuscripts and "maps"

The redesigned shared form provides smart advice for you to share content with a few clicks

Provided on the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS MaxDolbyPanoramic sound playback, as long as the content of the broadcast includes Dolby panoramic sound, Dolby digital or Dolby digital sound track, you can experience a shocking surround sound effect

Language support

Support 38 new keyboard languages

Predictive input of Cantonese, Dutch, Hindi (Tiancheng), Hindi (Latin), Najidi Arabic, Swedish and Vietnamese keyboards

Individual emoticons and globe keys allow you to quickly switch languages and select emoticons on the iPhone X and subsequent models

Automatic Language Detection in Dictation

Support for Thai-English and Vietnamese-English Bilingual Dictionaries


"Camera" now provides a special two-dimensional code mode, which can be accessed from the "Control Center" to improve the performance of the two-dimensional code, add flashlight options and enhance privacy.

"Map" adds "Intersection View" available in China to make driving on complex roads easier.

The size of handwritten area on Chinese keyboard can be adjusted

Cangjie, Quick Achievement, Stroke and Handwritten Keyboard New Cantonese Prediction Function


New Indian English Siri Voice for Men and Women

Supports all 22 official Indian languages, plus 15 new keyboard languages

Hindi (Latin) and English bilingual keyboards, including typing predictions

New Type Prediction for Hindi (Tiancheng) Keyboard

New Indian fonts in Gujarat, Punjabi, Kanada and Oria are added to make it clearer and easier to read in App.

Thirty new script fonts were added to Assam, Bangladesh, Gujarat, Hindi, Kanada, Malayalam, Malawi, Nepalese, Orian, Punjab, Sanskrit, Tamil, Tarugu and Urdu languages.

Hundreds of new personal relationship tags have been added to the Address Book to help you mark contacts more accurately.


App Startup Speed Up to Twice*

The speed of using Face ID to unlock on iPhone X, XR, XS and Max has increased by up to 30%**

On average, the App update project was streamlined by 60%.*

App size in the App Store has been reduced by up to 50%.*

Other functions and improvements

Mute unknown calls, answer only calls with known numbers in Address Book, Mail and Information, and connect all other calls to voicemail.

Optimizing battery charging, slowing down battery wear by reducing the full charging time of the iPhone

"Low Data Mode" reduces data usage in cellular networks or selected wireless local area networks

Support PlayStation 4 andXboxWireless handle

"Find My iPhone" and "Find My Friends" are merged into an App to locate lost devices even if they are not connected to a wireless LAN or cellular network.

Calendar supports adding attachments to the calendar

Family sharing hotspots allows family devices to automatically access nearby personal hotspots on the iPhone

Family App redesigned the control of HomeKit accessories to provide an integrated view of components that provide multiple services

In May 2019, Apple tested the scaled-down third-party App with normal peak performance, iOS 12.3 and pre-release iOS 13 installed on the iPhone XS, and iOS 12.3 and pre-release iPad Pro (11 inches) installed on the trial production of the App Store server environment. App update and download sizes are calculated based on a series of frequently updated App averages. Performance may vary depending on specific configuration, content, battery health, usage, software version, and other factors.

Apple conducted this test in May 2019 using an iPhone X and XS Max with iOS 12.3 and pre-release iOS 13, and an iPad Pro (11 inches) with iOS 12.3 and pre-release iPadOS, using side buttons or top button wake-up devices. Performance may vary depending on specific configuration, content, battery health, usage and other factors.

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