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The price of 5G mobile phone can be reduced by increasing the speed of 5G independent network.

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According to the survey, consumers for 5GMobile phoneThe awareness rate is up to 92.4%, of which 67.8% of consumers have the will to replace the 5G mobile phone. For 5G, the consumer mainly takes care of the speed of 5G, and expects more rich application scenes.

On September 20, Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said at a new conference of the State Administration of Industry and Information Technology that mobile phones can reflect 5G performance need to rely on an independent 5G network (SA), rather than a non-independent networking product (NSA) based on a 4G core network. It is expected that next year China will officially invest large-scale in the construction of 5G network with independent networking.

5G independent networking speed up

In contrast to the 3G-to-4G era, 4G-to-5G is no longer an integral type of the core network and the radio access network, but the two are disassembled, including the N.S. A. (non-independent networking) and the SA (independent networking) deployment mode. For now, the N.S. A. is equivalent to a portion of the 5G technology on a 4G network, which can be understood as a "5G transition scheme", while the SA is a network system that is completely re-established in accordance with the 5G standard.

SA independent networking is the final development form of 5G, which has become the industry consensus, operators have voiced, will accelerate SA independent networking.

On the "Tianfu Intelligent Ecological Expo", China Telecom once again made clear the direction of the 5G network construction of SA (independent networking). GSMA, chairman of China Telecom, said that the GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications), GSMA, announced that the global 5G industry, led by China Telecom, co-established the <5 g="" sa="" deployment="">

China Telecom has been actively promoting the evolution of SA, Mr. Craven said. In the aspect of network slicing, the first network slicing experiment based on 5G SA end-to-end environment has been completed; in the aspect of mobile edge computing, MEC platform has been independently developed; in the aspect of cloud computing, 5G SA deployment based on IPv6 and cloud network integration architecture has been realized, and 5G and 4G interoperability has been realized; in the aspect of business application, MEC platform has been developed independently. There are some application innovations for the public and vertical industries.

China Mobile aims to achieve 5G commercial scale in June next year, and based on the 5G SA independent network architecture, while facing the public users and industry customers. At present, China Mobile has launched a large-scale experiment since December last year. In five cities, there are about 500 stations, involving 26 scenarios. SA/NSA chips have been produced in the first quarter of this year, and user-friendly testing will be carried out soon. The goal is to achieve 5G commercial scale in June next year, based on 5G independent networking architecture, while facing mass users and industry customers.

In addition to China Telecom, China Unicom has also made it clear that it will build a 5G network based on the 5G independent networking (SA) standard, continue to promote 5G key technology breakthroughs, and actively promote the maturity of R16 standard protocol and SA (independent networking) network equipment and terminals.

The price of 5G mobile phone will be as low as 1000 yuan next year.

On September 20, China Mobile officially opened 5G commercial reservation activities, customers can participate in 5G commercial reservation activities through SMS, "China Mobile" APP, scan QR code three ways, reservation can enjoy 5G mobile phone discount, 5G package discount, 5G business fresh experience and other preferential treatment.

It is understood that the three major operators have delayed the deadline for 5G experience package from the end of September to the end of October. This means that the official opening of 5G commercial products may be scheduled for the end of October.

For the specific price of the 5G package, the chairman of China Unicom, Wang Xiaochu, said that on November 22 this year, the Unicom 5G package was mainly carried out in the way of adding the function package, and the minimum package was 190 yuan per month. It is reported that the price of each gear in the 5G package of the telecommunication is also basically determined, and it is expected to be from 199 yuan to 599 yuan. China Mobile has not yet disclosed the specific price of the 5G package, and the industry is expected to be at least 200 yuan for the 5-G package of China Mobile.

As for the price of 5G mobile phones, when the 5G license was issued, the first batch of 5G mobile phones on the market were around 5000 yuan. Judging from the newly released 5G mobile phones, the price is declining rapidly. The 5G version of iQOO Pro, known as the cheapest 5G mobile phone, first positioned the price at 3798 yuan.

China Telecom expects that in mid-2020, 5G mobile phone scale will be changed, and the price of 5G mobile phone will drop rapidly; in the first half of 2020, 5G mobile phone will be popularized to below 3000 yuan price range, and at the end of 2020, it will cover within 2000 price range. 5G mobile phones will be cheaper and more users will be able to afford and use them.

Previously, Li Huiyi, vice president of China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd., also made clear that China Mobile will push the price of 5G chip and terminal to be quick, and launch the 5 G mobile phone from 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan by the end of 2020 to realize the collaborative development of the high, middle and low end 5G products.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, at present, about 20 5G mobile phones can be listed. By the end of the year, more 5G devices and terminals have entered a mature stage.

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