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YES! AMD1000 yuan invincible U shiny debut, 16 nuclear supreme for the sake of users

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Today, Ruilong 53500X officially launched in Jingdong, at a price of only 1099 yuan, aiming at Intel star class Core i5-9400F, which is 100 yuan cheaper than the latter.

Ruilong 53500X is still based on7Nm Process and Zen 2 ArchitectureThe dividends of 15% IPC performance improvement, 256-bit doubled floating-point throughput, TAGE branch predictor, 512-bit Infinity Fabric doubled bandwidth, 4K OpCache doubled capacity, and PCIe 4.0 bus are all available.

6 Core 6 threads. For the first time in the three generations of Ruilong family, multi-threading is not supported. The frequency benchmark is 3.6 GHz and the maximum acceleration is 4.1 GHz. It integrates 3MB secondary cache and 32MB tertiary cache. The memory supports dual-channel DDR4-3200 and interface AM4.

Thermal design power consumption 65W, the interior is still high-grade brazing heat dissipation material, with original ghost radiator.

In terms of performance, the official announcement is that high-quality special effects are fully available in popular games.Stable above 90FPSIt's okay to eat chicken smoothly.

There will be another one in the future.Ruilong 53500The specifications are basically the same as that of Ruilong 53500X. The main reason is that the cache capacity is cut in half, and the price is bound to be under 1000 yuan.





Speaking of AMD's 16 core 32 threads Relong 9 3950X, which was first built for the mainstream desktop market, it has been delayed to November. Officials are further adjusting its frequency and performance to meet player expectations.

Although it still has to wait for more than a month, howeverRuilong 9 3950X has appeared on the dealer's list. Interestingly, the OPN PIB shows 100-100000051WOF. The three letters of WOF at the end mean that there is no original fan.


We know that each model of AMD in the three generations of Ruilong will be accompanied by an original radiator, different levels of radiators are also different, the higher the model, the better.On the official website of AMD, the box number of Ruilong 9 3950X is 100-100000051BOX, and the top-end ghost Prism RGB radiator is clearly marked.


This radiator is enough to deal with the 105W thermal design power consumption of the Ruilong 9 3950X, but for such a top 16 core product, there will certainly be many players hope to tap its potential as far as possible, power consumption and heat will certainly exceed the target, which requires better air-cooling and even water-cooling.

Obviously, for these players, it would be a waste to buy the original radiator, so AMD specially prepared two versions, just hope that the version without radiator can be cheaper.

The official price of Ruilong 9 3950X is 749 US dollars, and the Bank of China estimates 5999 yuan. A Hong Kong retailer offered a pre-sale price of HK$6380, about RMB 5800.

But can you imagine AMD going up in price?

In the past, Intel led the price hike. Last year, Intel just released the Ninth Generation Core Processor. Core i-9900K once went up to $600, and its long-term price was around $500. These two days, it fell to the historic low of $475.

Now the situation is different. It's the turn of the wind and water. This year, it's AMD's processor that leads the price increase. Although Ruilong 9 3900X is only the second flagship of AMD's 7-nm Ruilong 3000, it's still one of the best choices at present when Ruilong 9 3950X is postponed.A 12-core 24-threaded game processor can be purchased for a starting price of $499.

Unfortunately, the supply of the Dragon 9 3900X has not been enough.It's been two months since it went on the market and it's still in the rush to buy. In the past two days, the price has gone crazy again. It's almost 800 dollars for both American and American eggs, and it's more than 800 dollars.

Compared with the market price of $499, the $800 sharp dragon 9,3900X is equivalent to a 60% premium, which is much higher than the Core i9-9900K increase last year. It's really amazing.

Let's talk about the glittering Xiaolong in the data center.

Since returning to the high-performance CPU market with Zen architecture processors in 2017, AMD's X86 share has been increasing. The first two generations of 14nm and 12NM processors are warming up. This year's 7-nm Sharpson and Xiaolong are the main players. This time AMD has also caught up in performance.

In the server CPU market, AMD's share was worse than the desktop, with a minimum of 1 percent, but from 32-core Naples to 64-core Rome this year, the EPYC processor not only continued to surpass the core, but also caught up in performance. AMD officially released the EPYC 7002 series to set more than 80 world records.


For the performance of EPYC 7002 series processors, there have been many tests before. Japanese HPC manufacturers have recently tested Non-Flagship EPYC 7602 dual processors, which are 64 cores and 128 threads. However, the baseline frequency is 2.0 GHz, accelerating 2.235 GHz, TDP 200W, which is 0.25 GHz lower than the baseline frequency of flagship EPYC 7742.


Of course, the comparative processor is not a top-level model, Intel side is Xeon platinum 8270, 26 core 52 threads, frequency 2.7 GHz, and the last generation of Naples processor EPYC 7551, 32 core 2.0 GHz.


HPC performance


Parallelism of HPC performance testing


Himeno Benchmark test


The Parallelism of the Himeno Benchmark Test

In several tests, it can be seen that the performance of EPYC 7702 dual-channel is greatly improved compared with that of EPYC 7551 dual-channel. The performance of HPL of the former is more than 2.7 times of that of the latter, far exceeding the change of core number, which means that the performance of single-core is also greatly improved.

Compared with Intel's 26-core processors, HPL's performance is not much better, but the original article mentioned that this is because of the problem of AVX512 instruction set. AMD processors do not support this instruction set, but can still improve performance by violence through the advantage of core number.

In summary, on the EPYC 7002 series of processors, it can be seen that AMD not only greatly increases the number of CPU cores, but also the single-core performance is improved. As for follower competition, while the addition of the AVX512 instruction set is missing, the strategy for the core of the heap is also very effective, and is implemented in the case of a 20% cheaper CPU.

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