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What is the experience of Microsoft releasing folding screen Surface Duo: rumors to come true?

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Purchase of product Surface

When Microsoft released pictures of the Surface family bucket, viewers thought the launch was over.

Come out four years later.Mobile phone

It's not. In an extremely cool way, Microsoft released two long-rumored new products in the industry through a small video-double-screen folding tablet Neo and dual-screen folding phone Duo. One of the biggest concerns is folding the Duo, which is Microsoft's re-entry into the smartphone industry four years later.

The last time Microsoft sent a mobile phone was the Lumia 950, which was released in October 2015. Microsoft then sold its mobile phone business, written off up to $7 billion in smartphones and other hardware assets acquired from Nokia, and completely denied Ballmer's final acquisition in 2013.WindowsThe Phone strategy has been shut down.

Under the command of CEO NADELLA, the mobile strategy in the next four years turned to cross device and cloud computing, aiming to make every iOS device and Android device use cloud productivity software, and gradually abandoned the original equipment and service strategy. An interesting detail is that in the past few years at the Build Developers Conference, the software experience display of the company is used.appleIPhoneAnd Microsoft andSamsungTeamed up to launch Samsung's flagship phone with a preset Microsoft software service.

However, there has been no lack of Surface Phone rumors in the industry. Instead of completely abandoning its smartphone plan, the company is building a smart phone that can truly reflect the mobile strategy. After waiting for four years, he suddenly displayed his heavy new cell phone at today's press conference: Surface Duo.

In the original interview room, I got the first Microsoft mobile phone for the first time. Unfortunately, let me play with my hands, but not allow to shoot and publish recent photos. Media reporters can only take some distant photos from a distance. But Surface Duo's project manager answered some of my doubts.

Ultra-thin screen rotates completely

First, I will briefly introduce my experience of playing Duo. And Samsung andHuawei The folding screen mobile phone is different. The Surface Duo uses two screen hinged designs, which we have seen before in ZTE's Axon M products two years ago. ZTE did not continue the Axon M series.

Although the design pioneers, but it must be said that Duo's fuselage design is very sophisticated, the two screens are exactly the same thickness, folded completely coincide, there is no gap between. And both screens are super-thin, with white diamond glass on the outside of the fuselage and Tianpai Logo on the outside of the left screen. Even when combined, Duo's thickness is not exaggerated.

Both screens of the Duo are 5.6 inches, combined with 8.3 inches of tablets. Better than an apple.IPadMini is a little wider. Visually, both screens are 1080p resolutions. But the Duo has a thick forehead and chin that are rarely seen on smartphones, which means the screen is wide and holding it with one hand is not too comfortable. In addition, the glass fuselage also means fingerprint collector. I took it for a while and was full of fingerprints, but there was no good solution. I had to wear a cell phone case.

Duo has no 3.5 millimeter headphone hole, only one Type-C interface, and the right screen side has power opening key and volume adjustment key. I didn't see the main camera on the outside. The only camera was on the upper right side of the right screen. This means that you need to turn on the screen to take pictures of yourself, and you need to fold the machine backwards to take pictures. But maybe the official release will have a rear camera.

Double screens make you work better.

I saw the Google Play app store on the screen, and I saw a full range of services such as maps, Chrome, music and so on. I saw the third party application like Flipboard and Twitter, just like an ordinary Android cell phone; but Duo also had its own Edge, News and other applications, and preinstalled OneDrive, Word, and News.OfficeMobile,OneNote and other Microsoft family bucket productivity applications. But to my great surprise, Duo used the Google search box instead of Microsoft's own app search.

Looking at a screen alone seems to be a common Android smartphone abroad. There is a navigation bar below and a search box above. But double screens bring a totally different experience. You can open two applications at the same time to display on different screens. This is a common use, such as watching video on one screen and brushing Twitter on the other. In order to work, you can change the PPT according to the requirement while holding teleconference.

You can also rotate the screen and use it horizontally, such as watching news on an upper screen and turning the next screen into a huge virtual keyboard to write emails (Microsoft calls this Landscape mode). Of course, you can also display an application or web page on two screens at the same time. It has to be said that in the email usage scenario, double screens bring great convenience. I even began to imagine myself replying to work emails with Duo and changing PPT, to see the boss smile with satisfaction.

Flexible screen is not reliable.

Here are some questions and answers with Microsoft Surface Duo product owners.

Why build this cell phone? Didn't Microsoft give up the mobile phone business? Answer: the mobile phone project has never been abandoned before. It has been shelved only temporarily to find a better combination of hardware and software. For example, Duo and Neo's double-screen hinge design actually came from Surface Book's product development team.

Why did Microsoft choose a dual-screen phone? Answer: in Microsoft hardware design, how to bring better productivity experience is always the first. We are looking for new technologies to enable consumers to better browse the web, reply to emails and work. After exploring over the past few years, Microsoft believes folding double screens is the best way to boost productivity on phones, which is more than 30 percent more efficient than single-screen operations, so it built a phone like the Duo.

Why not Samsung and the kind of flexible screen? Answer: the current flexible folding screen can not be completely folded 360 degrees, unable to use Jingang glass, its folding reliability and product durability are questionable. We think the hinge folding of the two screens is a more durable and reliable design.

May I introduce the performance hardware? Answer: just because it will not go on sale until next year, there is still the possibility of upgrading the hardware parameters of Surface Duo. For example, the phone currently uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip and does not support 5G, but it is sure to upgrade to the latest flagship chip when it goes on sale next year, with a 5G baseband chip. It is not ruled out that other hardware will change, but it will only be better than it is now.

Cooperation system

Why release it a year in advance? Answer: Microsoft is not making gimmicks, but because the dual-screen phone needs more software support and is released ahead of time to attract software developers to adapt and optimize in order to give consumers a better and more mature experience. (indeed, Duo currently shows very few third-party applications and should have been optimized ahead of time by Microsoft in partnership with Flipboard and Twitter.)

What is the system of Surface Duo? Answer: This is a mobile phone based on Android system, and it is built by deep cooperation between the two. All Android software services can be used on this phone. You use it like a Android phone.

Microsoft gave up Windows Phone completely? Answer: Let's go on talking about Duo. You can also use Surface's handwritten pen to mark notes on Duo, which greatly improves the productivity of your work.

Why aren't you allowed to take pictures? Answer: We will also continue to improve this product, the product is coming to market, you can definitely start to experience.

Zheng technology is from the United States.

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