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Intel new fever grade core X processor released, 9 generation Coffee Lake official drop 20%

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Intel has just officially released a new generation of desktop burning Core X Series processors, codenamedCascade Lake-XFor enthusiasts, creative professionals, freelancers, design studios, etc., performance has improved by up to 7% compared to the previous generation and by up to 14% compared to three years ago.

This is Intel's third-generation Core X family of products, and the number has been increased to five digits as well as the 10th Generation Core (Ice Lake/Comet Lake), and the number has been increased to five digits with the same number as the 10th Generation Core (Core).


The new Core X series, like the previous two generations, is also based on 14nm technology and Skylake architecture, with a maximum of 18 core 36 threads. In addition to continuing to increase the frequency, the upgrade focuses on memory, PCIe, AI artificial intelligence, network and other aspects of a new look, while maintaining the LGA2066 interface, and continuing to match the X299 motherboard.

This generation of Core X continues to be fully supportedRuifrequency 2.0, Ruifrequency Max 3.0Two kinds of dynamic acceleration technology, the latter has been further upgraded and optimized to select one or more cores with the best physique to achieve higher frequencies, and has been deeply supported by Windows 10.The maximum acceleration frequency is 4.8 GHz, which is 300 MHz higher than the previous generation.

At the same time, comprehensive support. Intel Performance Maximizer (IPM) One-button Over-Frequency Tool(Previously only supporting the 9th generation Core K series), will try the processor's various frequency and voltage combinations, until the most stable parameters are found, the whole process of automation is easier, more reliable and more stable than manual overclocking, of course, the frequency and voltage will be relatively conservative in the end.

On the memory side, the rated frequency of the four-channel DDR4, is still increased from 2666MHz to2933MHzThe maximum capacity is up to256GB(a single 32GB).

The PCIe bus aspect is still the same.PCIe 3.0However, the total number of channels supported by the platform increased from 68 toArticle 72Among them, there are 24 X299 chipsets.The processor opens all 48 from 44.

AI fully introduced DL Boost deep learning acceleration. This is the first time that this function has come to the high-end desktop platform. AI reasoning speed is up to 2.2 times higher than that of the previous generation, compared with the platform upgrading of three years ago, up to 7.9 times.

On the network side, wireless supportIntel Wi-Fi 6 Gig, based on AX200 chipsetPlus ten generations of Core on notebooks, Intel is trying to popularize the rhythm of Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 and upgrade wired toIntel i225 2.5G is 2.5 gigabit networkThermal design power consumption is as low as 1.95W, and the price is only $2.4.



The specific model of the new generation Core X series has been reduced from seven to four, 16 core and 8 core models have been eliminated, and the 10 core models have been reduced from two to one (after all, the mainstream platform is about to have 10 cores).

The flagship model Core i9-10980XE, 18 core 36 threads, three-level cache 24.75MB, the reference frequency maintained at 3.0GHz, the maximum acceleration frequency of Core 2.0 single core increased from 4.4 GHz to 4.6 GHz, the acceleration frequency of Core Max 3.0 increased from 4.5 GHz to 4.8 GHz, and the full-core acceleration frequency increased from 3.8 GHz.

Core i9-10940X with 14 core 28 threads and Core i9-10920X with 12 core 24 threadsThe three-level buffers are 19.25MB. The reference frequencies are 3.3GHz and 3.5GHz, respectively. The acceleration frequencies of RuiFrequency 2.0 and RuiFrequency Max 3.0 are 4.6GHz and 4.8GHz, respectively. The full-core acceleration frequencies are 4.1GHz and 4.3GHz, respectively.

Core 10 20 threads Core i9-10900XThis is the lowest end model. The third level buffer is 19.25MB. The reference frequency is increased from 3.5GHz to 3.7GHz. The acceleration frequencies of RuiFrequency 2.0 and RuiFrequency Max 3.0 are 4.5GHz and 4.7GHz respectively. The acceleration speed is 300MHz and 200MHz, and the whole core acceleration is 4.3GHz.

All four models can be unlocked and overclocked. They all support proud memory acceleration. The thermal design power consumption is 165W as that of the previous generation.

The most surprising thing is the price. The official thousand wholesale prices of i9-10980XE, i9-10940X, i9-10920X and i9-10900X are 979 US dollars, 784 US dollars, 689 US dollars and 590 US dollars respectively, which are 51%, 43%, 42% and 40% lower than the corresponding models of the previous generation.

The new generation of core X series fever processors will be launched in November, and the X299 motherboard will also be upgraded. For example, Gigabyte has already seized three new products.



Last generation core x

Meanwhile, tonight (7 October),Intel officially announced that 9 generations of Core without nuclear display


According to Intel, the aim of price adjustment is to be more reasonable and effective immediately. However, the integrated system and OEM manufacturer purchasing according to 1000 quotations will benefit first, and later will be passed on to distributors and benefit individual consumers.


It should be noted that, although


In addition to the new Core X Series Fever Desktop Platform, Intel is officially launched today.Zhiqiang W-2200 series workstation products of the same originFor data science, visual effects, 3D rendering, complex 3D CAD, AI development, edge deployment and other professional fields, known as the ultimate platform for professional creators.


The Zhiqiang W-2100 series was released exactly two years ago. It was synchronized with the first generation Core X series at that time. Now it is finally updated.It has extended up to 18 core 36 threads, 72 platforms PCIe 3.0 bus, memory ECC error checking, RAS features, VORC (CPU virtual RAID), Lightning 3, proud SSD 905p, vPro and other functions.

New features includeHigher frequency (up to 4.8GHz from 4.5GHz), maximum 1TB DDR4-2993 memory, Rui frequency Max 3.0, DL Boost deep learning acceleration, i225 2.5GHz Ethernet, Wi-Fi 6 Gig AX200 wireless network, etc.Like the Core X series, note that memory capacity doubled, and RuiFrequency Max 3.0 is the first to come to the Strong Family, but only 8 core and higher models.


In terms of performance, AI reasoning is 2.2 times faster than the previous generation, 16.1 times faster than the workstation three years ago, 11% faster for 4K video editing, 10% faster for 3D modeling and 2 times faster for 3D rendering, and 10% faster for game development and compilation, respectively.



Specific models include eight models, which are upgraded one by one with the previous generation.18 core 36 threads to strong W-2295, 14 core 28 threads to strong W-2275, 12 core 24 threads to strong W-2265, 10 core 20 threads to strong W-2255, 8 core 16 threads to strong W-2245, 6 core 12 threads to strong W-2235, 4 core 8 threads to strong W-2225, 4 core 8 threads to strong W-2223。 Thermal design power consumption reached 165W, an increase of 25W over the previous generation.

The price is also surprising.They cost $1333, $1112, $944, $778, $667, $555, $444, and $294, respectively. The first six categories are 48%, 43%, 34%, 30%, 20% and 10% lower than those of the previous generation, respectively. The last two core categories remain unchanged.

Zhiqiang W-2200 series products will be on the market from November.



Last generation to strong W -2100 series.

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