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IFixit dissolves Samsung Galaxy Fold: glue too much, it is not easy to repai

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Samsung's Galaxy Fold Mobile has been released in a number of national markets since the news of IT's October 8th news adjusted. Compared with the previous version, the new Galaxy Fold will be more durable and iFixit has also previously disassembled Galaxy Fold, this time they have brought the latest version of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is innovative, but on the first-generation product, the design flaw leads to an extended shipment. The cell phone uses a 7.3-inch fold screen of 2152 x 1536, with a pixel density of 362 PPI; and a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED secondary screen with a resolution of 1680x720 and a pixel density of 399 PPI.

In the case of a processor, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is equipped with a high-pass Teflon 855 chip, as well as a 5G version of the high-pass Teflon X50 baseband. The memory is 12GB and the storage space is 512GB.

There are six cameras: 10 million pixels self-timer lens, 8 million pixels deep-field lens, 16 million pixels ultra wide-angle lens, 12 million pixels wide-angle lens and 12 million pixels long-focus lens. In addition, it also supports capacitive fingerprint sensor with USB-C interface and no headphone port.

The folded Samsung Galaxy Fold is narrower, longer and thicker than the Samsung Galaxy S10. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the same width as the Apple iPadmini5.

Compared with other mobile phone products, Samsung Galaxy Fold obviously has many entry points that can be disassembled, including the gap between the screen and the fuselage, and the connection point of the folding hinge between the two parts of the phone. Of course, although it seems easy to disassemble, if it is really disassembled, do not start from these two positions.


Of course, these two positions are obviously also easy to gray, it is better to use it carefully.


The folded Samsung Galaxy Fold is very thick, and the thickest part is 1.8 centimeters. Although the Samsung Galaxy Fold is cool, it is really bloated in its pocket. The hinges occupy the height of the space, so it makes the phone look less delicate.


After the launch, Samsung Galaxy Fold mobile phone inside the upper right is a self timer camera, Samsung's 7.3 inch screen is not regular.


Even if the Samsung Galaxy Fold is folded once, the fold in the middle of the inner screen is also very obvious.


The first step is to heat the outer part of the shell, and the hinge part can not be disassembled directly. Unexpectedly, this glue is not so tight, as long as a little heat can take off the backplane.


While the Samsung Galaxy Fold housing part is glued with glue, we'd more like to see the screw. There are many screws inside the Samsung Galaxy fold, which can be removed as long as a cross-cutting knife is used.


First came Samsung Galaxy Fold's wireless charging coil with an antenna module.


Take off the coil and antenna and we see that Samsung Galaxy Fold is very close to the average phone, except for no loudspeakers and vibrators.


The other half with a secondary screen needs to be disassembled with the help of prying film, because there is a secondary screen under this part.

After heating, use the crowbar, pry open and you can see the other half of the motherboard. Be careful not to scratch the OLED screen when you remove the screen here.

The back of the screen is very simple, with only one S6SY761 touch controller developed by Samsung. This can be seen in recent Samsung mobile phones.

There are batteries in both parts, and a lot of adhesive is used between the battery and the phone, and it takes a lot of effort to remove it.



The larger one has a size of 42.2x64.3x4.6mm and a capacity of 2245mAh, while the smaller one has a size of 42.2x76.15x3.8mm and a capacity of 2135mAh. The total capacity of the two batteries is 4380 mAh.


There are six cameras inside the Samsung Galaxy Fold cell phone, which is only seen on the Huawei P30 Pro. As the internal space of the mobile phone is relatively large, the main board can have a lot of things.



The red part is 12 million pixels long focal lens and 12 million pixels wide-angle lens, the orange part is 16 million pixels ultra wide-angle lens, the yellow part is 10 million pixels self-shot lens and 8 million pixels deep-field lens, and the green part is 10 million pixels self-timer lens of the sub-screen.


The left motherboard part is still relatively clean, the wiring part is concentrated on one side, while the other control chips are on the other side.


The red part on the other side is the MPB02 607 RDF 1911 TXK chip, the orange part is 52D0S05 607 W1R G1912R7D chip, the yellow part is CS3SL40 A0IU1907, the green part is CS40L25 BIAHI849, and the blue part is ASL01 G1909 AAWA3 07 R5Z.


The right motherboard content is relatively rich, the red part is Samsung K3UHAHA 12 GB RAM, under the memory is Qualcomm Xiaolong 855; orange part is Samsung KLUFG8RHDA-B2D1 512 GB eUFS flash; yellow part is Qorvo 78062 RF fusion module; green part is high pass SDR8150; light blue is Murata KM9307057; dark blue is Maksim MAX77705C power Management IC. The purple part is IDT P93205.


The back of the right motherboard also contains a large number of antenna chips, the red part is Skyworks 78160 front-end module; the orange part is Skyworks 77365 power amplifier module; the yellow part is Skyworks 13716 low-frequency front-end module; the green part is Qualcomm PM8150 power management integrated circuit; the light blue part is Qualcomm WCD9431 audio codec; the dark blue part is Qualcomm QDM3870 front-end module. End module; Purple is NZP 80T17 NFC controller.


The motherboard is relatively easy to maintain, but the flexible screen can be said to be a big problem in disassembly.

The protective strip around the flexible screen is only bonded with glue, and it is not troublesome to disassemble it, but it does not rule out the problem that it will fall off for a long time. After disassembly, the collapsible OLED screen appears in front of us. The edge of the OLED screen is about 2 mm wide.

Next, we need to carefully separate the screen's adhesive with pry pieces so that the screen can be separated from the mobile phone frame.

There's an extra wide line on the left side of the screen after you take it apart. You should be more careful here. When we are here, Samsung Galaxy Fold is basically the most difficult part to achieve.


Take a close look at the flexible screen of Samsung Galaxy Fold. Each half of the screen is attached to the metal supporting plate, and the metal supporting plate is adhered to the frame of the mobile phone, which allows the middle part which has no adhesion to get a larger folding radius.


When the screen is removed from the fuselage, the creases on the screen are less obvious. Previously, the polymer film on the surface of the original Samsung Galaxy Fold was torn by users by mistake. This time, with the border protection, it is not so easy for users to tear it.


Of course, tearing it off means that the folding screen of Samsung Galaxy Fold is completely cold, and we are advised not to try.

Hinge is the core part of Samsung Galaxy Fold. It uses four spring-type jacks, which ensure that Samsung Galaxy Fold is fixed in the unfolding state.


There are also two hinges fixed to the central axis at the top and bottom, with some space in the middle to absorb the torque caused by the flip.


The hinges use the gear structure as a whole to ensure that the two part of the cell phone is synchronized. In addition, two flexible lines are buried in the hinge area to ensure the stability of mobile phone usage.


The following is a demo of the Samsung Galaxy Fold hinge section:

On the whole, Samsung Galaxy Fold looks very special. Of course, this unique shape is also very fragile. Although Samsung has adjusted the shape of Samsung Galaxy Fold, it is indeed a difficult problem to repair and disassemble it compared with other mobile phones.


In addition, the internal use of glue, which makes maintenance difficult. The hinge part will wear and tear over time. It's very troublesome to replace this part. The main screen can't be protected by protective film, so once something goes wrong, it will cost a lot of money to repair. Fortunately, many of the contents of the motherboard are modular design, which is relatively easy to replace. Finally iFixit gave Samsung Galaxy Fold a 2-point repairability score.

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