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[Image and text live broadcast] OPPO Ace/ K5/ C1 game handle and other new products release

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The pre-sale of the Reno Ace Gaoda version will begin on October 21, with the 8 256GB version selling only 3599 RMB. Double 11 is officially on sale, with a global limit of 30000 units. Unicorn OPPO C1 game handle, October 10 to open an appointment, double 11 day official sale, the price is 299 RMB. Enco Q1 funeral female demon version is also scheduled from now on, October 17 preempted purchase, November 1 to sell. OPPO Enco Q1 missing female demon version 599 RMB


Even OPPO's first real wireless earplug, Enco Q1, has launched a customized version of the funeral banshee. Laser laser technology marks the model on it.

C1 supports Free-Mapping technology and plays with mobile phones without delay. Silicone anti-skid palmrest, perfect fit palm shape. The built-in ALPS composite linear 4D vibration motor (more powerful than the one built into the mobile phone) has a rocker sensitivity of 16 °/ 8bit

There is also the Unicorn OPPO game handle C1. When the mobile phone is pulled open, it is full of strong machine armour wind. It is like a unicorn entering destruction mode. When the mobile phone is clipped into the handle, the red equivalent makes you want to fight immediately.


The global limit is 30,000 units. SuperVOOC 2.0 charging head and data line are customized color matching


OPO Reno Ace also has a customized version of up to 40 years. The white-yellow and red-and-blue classic color scheme, with reference to the most classic model color scheme, is as high as RX-7G-2, and the third dimension is as high as the machine armor. The middle has a red decorative line with a strong sense of combat. Even the box charger is redesigned and even sent a commemorative badge.



The 812GB version, the price is RMB 3199, and the price is 8256GB and 12GB 256GB, which is the same as the start-up of the reservation and the line. The first-hand order on October 17, the maximum of 8 128/8 256 is up to 200 yuan.JD.COMSuperproduct DaySuningTmall has activities.



Let's talk about Reno Ace's photography and video quality: From the background image, Reno Ace uses a post-quadruple combination similar to Reno 2 released last month. Five-fold optical zoom can be achieved, and five-fold hybrid optical zoom is also in the video support range. Reno Ace also has the same super-clear video anti-jitter as Reno 2, with 1080p and 1080p support.4K60 frames, anti-shake is very confident.




At the same time, Reno Ace was also selected as the first "the elite of the peace elite" for the first season. Mr. Shen said that the OPO also wanted to be closer to the young and to expand cooperation to the three major international events of the United States.

Multi-stage vibration linear motor can bring better game feedback to users. The response speed is faster than no Touch Boost 2.0. The 22.2%.Reno Ace also has a dual loudspeaker Dolby panoramic sound, and has reached a virtual surround sound cooperation with NetEase. Dolby 5.1 channel virtual surround sound effect allows players to clearly determine the location of each enemy

With CellCellon 855, the mobile game provides a smoother guarantee, to improve the efficiency of heat dissipation, Reno Ace replaced the traditional heat dissipation scheme with a new "ice carbon constant cooling heat dissipation system ". Ice - carbon cooling technology allows mobile phones to emit heat faster.


In the game experience, OPPO optimizes Reno Ace's vision, touch and hearing in all aspects.

At the same time, the OPO also works to build an ecosystem of 90 Hz and 90 Hz game content, with six games to support Reno Ace's high refresh rate display, a 4-millisecond response time, and 3.4%. Ace also takes into account the eye health problem, which results in an eye-to-eye certification.

Software system optimization is also very important for mobile screen. In the application open page, the application can be opened like a water ripple, very smooth and comfortable, very refreshing to slide.



Let's talk about Reno Ace's display screen. The hardware parameters of the screen are very beautiful. 6.5 inches @ 90Hz refresh rate, touch sampling 135Hz, latest.OLEDluminescent material, delta E ≈3. Overlay 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, dynamic 2 million:1 contrast, support HDR101000nit peak brightness.

Reno Ace is even more surprising in terms of cell phone heating control. The charging temperature will not exceed 39 C. The charging scheme has passed Rhine's strict certification, which is fast, calm and safe. The size of the charging head has not changed much, but the charging speed has increased a lot. Reno Ace is also the industry's first standard GaN charging head model. Reno Ace also supports PD charging. Reno Ace not only supports private protocols, but also mainstream charging protocols on the market.


In the 5G era, the power consumption of mobile phones will also be improved, and OPPO is clearly ready to deal with the power shortage. So, will fast charging have a greater negative impact on Reno Ace's battery? OPPO's answer is: the national standard is more than 60% of the remaining electricity after 400 cycles. But Reno Ace can maintain more than 80% capacity after 800 cycles.



VOOC technology has been more than 2,000 days since its first appearance and has been upgraded six times. Data show that people have no time to charge, and 5% of users have less than or equal to 2 minutes for a single charge. Fragmentation charging can better meet the needs of consumers. You know, the battery capacity of the machine is 4000 mAh, and charging from 0-100% takes less than 30 minutes. After 5 minutes of charging, VoLTE calls were increased to 6 hours.




After the simple release of OPPO K5, Brian began to introduce Reno Ace. Reno Ace more like a testing ground for cutting-edge mobile technology. As an executive who likes to expose himself on micro-blog, we have been looking forward to Reno Ace's two trumpets: 65W Super Flash Charge and 90Hz Electric Competition Screen. Ace has two trump cards: 65W Super Flash Charge and 90Hz Electric Competition Screen.


OPPO K5 offers 6218 / 8 128 / 8 256 three-file storage options for 1899 / 2099 / 2499 yuan.

K5 has three colors: fantasy forest, cyber metal and polar sunshine.

OPPO Care service allows users to customize the service type, without the use of tape cover at ease. The average offline maintenance time is only one hour.


There are as many as 900 customer service centers for OPPO phones, and the response can begin within an hour after the work order is issued. Door-to-door maintenance services were launched in the first 15 cities, as well as two-way consignment services in cooperation with Shunfeng


A month later, Brian meets you again. Brain goes directly to the topic. First, we review the current situation of each product line of OPPO smartphone family. Looking back at K3, it not only won the cumulative sales championship of the same price during 618, but also won high praise.


The press conference officially began. A dazzling video of special effects is playing.


The "Super Play Conference" seems to have invited many tournament players and relevant practitioners to attend and put them in the center of the auditorium. Some of them are still dressed in the E-Team uniform. After today's Reno Ace, it seems predictable that OPPO will release a professional game mobile phone in the future. The small auditorium of the Normal Fire Art Center is full of seats, and a group of people are standing around the seats.



CN Beta's front editor has arrived at the event and has found the best place to sit after completing the check-in process, which will bring you live coverage in the first place. A Rubik's Cube printed with "OPPO Ace" is placed in each position, and the Rubik's Cube animation is constantly beating and spinning on the big screen. The layout of the whole venue was almost black and white, and it looked very striking.

OPPO Ace Super Play Conference will be held in Chengdu Normal Fire Art Center on the afternoon of October 10, 2019. Before the launch, OPPO's official microblog has released a picture of the conference site. Let's take a look at it.



Reno Ace inherits the design aesthetics of OPPO brand and adopts 3D.hook faceThe glass back cover narrows the border through a curved surface, making the grip feel thinner. The back is designed with axisymmetric design, incorporating logo and text elements, reflecting the beauty of the order of the fuselage. Shallow water drip screen design is adopted on the front, and the whole machine has a remarkable appearance.

The front screen of OPPOReno Ace will also be hyperboloid with a Chinese-style punching proactive. The overall design of the machine will continue the Reno style of the previous model, and it is expected to launch Gundam (up to) customized version.

Reno Ace carries 855 Plus of Qualcomm Dragon, which brings powerful processing power and high refresh rate of 90Hz electric competition screen, making Reno Ace unprecedented improvement in game experience and other aspects.

65W super-flash

OPPO officials released a 65W version of SuperVOOC Super Flash Test Video, which took only 30 minutes to fill OPPO Reno Ace with 4000 mAh batteries. This is undoubtedly the fastest mass production in the world.cellphoneCharging technology.

According to officials, OPPO Reno Ace uses a series double core, equivalent to 4000 mAh. Similar to the previous Find X super flash version scheme.

It is understood that the SuperVOOC super-flash charging model adopts the design of series dual-core. The internal integrated charge-pump high-efficiency voltage-reducing circuit can reduce the voltage of double-core series connection to the voltage of a single core. The current in the whole circuit is no more than 5A, and the safety is no different from the mature VOOC flash charging.

In addition, SuperVOOC super flash charging also adds multiple guarantees on battery IC. Five chip level protection can monitor the current and voltage of the whole charging environment in real time, ensure stable output, further enhance the reliability of charging process, and have both speed and safety.

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