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Good-looking performance two blossoms run Windows 10 perfectly with Mac. Don't be too good.

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When all your friends are scrambling to finish the courses they like on the educational administration system, you are studying how to install browser plug-ins.

When they are all happily playing LOL, you are studying how to crack the client.

When your friends have finished 3D Max and started to play lol, you can't bear it... For a novice, MAC system is very tiring.

Do you really have to say goodbye to all kinds of games when you choose a Mac computer? I'm not willing!

The MAC bought by strength should also be used well by strength!

My friends are all graduated, I finally research understand! Dual systems are the best way to solve the Mac compatibility problem, with Windows on the left and Mac OS on the right, so I can play with LOL! No doubt, very refreshing!

However, there are many ways to install windows on a Mac, such as bootcamp or WTG, various virtual machines and so on.

Different installation methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, not necessarily suitable for each of us in different situations, so let me give you a brief summary:

The first way——Bootcamp(so-called lossSoul likeInstallation method)

Advantages:Best compatibility, 100% hardware performance; easy to understand installation

Shortcomings:MAC system can no longer use the hard disk space separated by win10 system; restart when two systems switch

Conclusion:You don't mind giving up part of the time to experience the MAC system, and bootcamp is your best choice when your Mac hard disk is large enough.

Bootcamp (Chinese name is "conversion Assistant") is a program that comes with the macOS system. It allows the Mac computer to install the Windows system in a "one-click fool" way.

Bootcamp's installation steps are not detailed. Basically, you can click the next step to complete the installation of windows system easily.

However, it should be noted that before users install windows system, bootcamp forces to partition your Mac hard disk. Part of the hard disk space will be mercilessly allocated to win system (only 50% of the capacity can be allocated at most).

So in case your hard disk capacity is small, the Windows system may not have enough hard disk space in the future, and if you allocate more, the Mac system will not have enough hard disk in the future. Hard disk space management is very inflexible.

The most fatal point is that the bootcamp installed windows system cannot be used at the same time with the MAC system, and users must restart the computer before switching the system.

This is not a geek in itself, and it often makes people feel uncomfortable eating (Windows) in a bowl but thinking about (macOS) in a pot.

However, the windows system installed in bootcamp mode can call the hardware performance of the computer without any damage, and the system runs smoothly.

The second way--Windows to go(ibid.) ,(人名用字) a word used in a person's nameComplex installation,General user attempts are not recommended)

Advantages:Good compatibility, windows system no longer occupies the hard disk resources of MAC

Shortcomings:When the system is loaded into the mobile hard disk, the data security is poor; when the two systems are switched, they need to be restarted; only the enterprise version can be installed./educationVersion of windows system; complicated installation steps are not suitable for Xiaobai users

Conclusion:Windows to go is the best choice when your Mac hard disk is relatively small, and you don't mind often carrying a mobile hard disk.

Windows To Go is referred to as "WTG". It isMicrosoftA custom-made Windows system installation for enterprises and educational institutions that allows users to install Windows systems (educational and enterprise versions only) on mobile hard drives and plug and play on computers.

Windows system can also be installed in the way of "WTG" on MAC, but the installation operation of "WTG" is very complex, only users who have studied the computer system are recommended to try.

The advantage of "WTG" is that the data storage and exchange of Windows system is carried out on mobile hard disk (hard disk speed affects the speed of Windows system). As a result, it saves a lot of hard disk space for Mac computers.

In short, windows to go is an external hard disk version of bootcamp, which saves the internal space of the computer, and the system runs very fast (but it will be limited by the reading and writing speed of the mobile hard disk).

(用在整数的数词前,表示次序)auxiliary word for ordinal numbersThreeSpecies mode-virtual machine (reserved)At the same time, it can solveCompatibility issues,Rated; Be CalledperfectExperience!

VisitParallelsDesktop Purchase Entrance:


Advantage:The Mac and win10 operating systems can be used at the same time (no need to restart); the hard disk can be used as much as it needs, which does not take up much of the MAC system resources; the installation method is simple and easy to understand, and it is also convenient to understand the system, without leaving any garbage files.

Disadvantages:Some virtual machine hardware is not well provisioned, and some applications are stuck

Conclusion:Virtual machines are suitable for mild Windows users or users who need to use Mac/Win systems at the same time, and do not mind having some performance experience losses.

Virtual machine is a complete computer system with complete hardware system functions and running in a completely isolated environment through software simulation.

After all, there is a simulation process, and Mac and Win systems are turned on at the same time, coupled with the fact that some virtual machines can not allocate hardware resources reasonably, it will lead to the phenomenon of Catton in the software.

I personally preferexistMacsystemInstall virtual machineTo use the Windows system. Why?

Some students may also ask: what's the difference between a virtual machine and a bootcamp or "WTG" way of installing windows? Can you tell me more about it?

In one sentence: Bootcamp and "WTG" completely split Mac from Windows.Files between two systemsgentleApplication not interworkingand therefore,Give people a kind ofIt's like using two.platformcomputeFeeling(it's a waste of money buying Mac computers and using the Win10 system all the time.),And the virtual machineCan't.

in addition,When choosing virtual machine software,PD15These characteristics attracted me:

The installation method is simple, and the learning cost is low. Like bootcamp, "fool", even the computer Xiaobai can be used.

Even with windows installed in Bootcamp, PD15 can convert Windows systems from Bootcamp partitions to virtual machines.

Yeshardware Ofsupport(performance)expressionYes.ownThe mostgoodOf. (PD15 perfectly supports DirectX 9 through Apple Metal API, DirectX 10 and DirectX 11, 3DMax runs without pressure.Even to the extent thatTo make it perfect.MacmoveWin10Big game. )

The system experience is perfect, and Win10 and the latest macOS Catalina system can be seamlessly connected:

Pd15 itself is a virtual machine, which allows you to operate windows system while using MAC system, and pd15 also makes further optimization for Windows / Mac collaborative work.

For example, files on your Mac desktop can be automatically synchronized to the Win10 desktop, and PD15 also allows users to drag and drop files between different systems with the mouse, closing the gap between the two systems.

In terms of application, the windows application installed in pd15 can be placed in the dock bar of MAC system at any time (two red lines will be marked under the icon of windows application). Click it to start the windows program at any time.

The Windows under PD15 can carry out full screen / windowing operation at any time, and can switch between Mac and Windows system at any time after full screen, which further opens up the sense of separation between the two systems.

Virtual machine is not "advanced", Xiaobai users can also play understand!

Don't listen to any "virtual machine" feel very inexplicable, feel beyond the control of the average user.

In fact, pd15 software is very easy to use! The specific installation steps are as follows (focus on the points needing attention):

First, download the latest version of Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac on the Parallels.com website. Download it and click install.

Step 2: open the "security preferences" and click the lock below to open the installation permission for pd15 software.

In the third step, there are three ways to install Windows, the first is to download Win10 image automatically, the second is to install package mirror image through Windows, and the third is to migrate data from PC.

Because the speed of downloading Windows image online is slow, I recommend that you install the system by choosing to use windows installation package image installation.

I've made a systematic U disk.

The third step is to choose the purpose of windows. In addition to the "productivity", there are more customized options for the game.

Step 4:Select the installation position. (Default only).

Step 5: at this time, you need to log into the account of pd15 to carry out the next operation (pd15 software itself needs to pay, and can pay for 14 days without paying).

Step 6, after logging into the PD15 account, you will load the Windows installation interface normally, and keep clicking on the next step.

When you see this interface, you have completed 80% of the installation by this time. As long as you wait for the progress bar to read, the windows system will be installed in the Mac.

Debugging:InstallationAfter that, we canexistPD15Software debugging virtual machine graphics, security and other configurations.

hardware configurationRecommendations:


Special care should be taken when assigning RAM to virtual machines. Memory is recommended for only half of the capacity of virtual machines (4G for virtual machines with 8 gigabytes of memory on the computer). If there is too much memory allocation, the fluency of macOS systems will be affected.

Therefore, if the MAC memory configuration is 16g, it can be allocated to win108g memory, and the performance will be higher.


Vcpu is used in the virtual machine. The more vcpu is configured for the virtual machine, the smoother it will be when dealing with multithreaded optimized windows software.

A vcpu runs on a physical core. How many vcpu can be configured depends on how many threads you have in total. For example, the eight generation core i5 processor with four cores and eight threads can be configured with up to eight vcpu.

In addition, the pd15 general version supports up to 4 vcpu, and the pro version supports up to 32 vcpu.

If you only use windows for general office and light use, the default 2 vcpu is enough. Of course, you can open more vcpu when you play games such as rendering and lol.

What is the performance and deep experience of pd15 virtual machine?

First,USB, camera, audio, etc.Good hardware compatibility:

Pd15 virtual machine supports the access of various Bluetooth devices or USB hardware devices (sound card, mobile hard disk, etc.) and can also play the system sound normally without any incompatibility. In lol, the operation of shouting to each other with small partners can be easily realized.

In addition, likeMobile phoneThere is no problem with the ROM and the old printer.

Secondly, variousOffice software is fully compatible:

In the virtual machine, we can install and run most exe files, exceptOfficeBesides Photoshop, premiere, even 3ds Max can work normally!

It's good news for people who are used to 3ds Max and don't adapt to Maya.

Most importantly,PD15SupportDX11Fully allocate video card resources, no pressure for large-scale games:

Pd15 perfectly supports the latest DirectX 11 through apple metal API. Of course, it can perfectly run lol and other games on Mac. What's the actual effect?

↑ 1680 * 1050 resolution, medium image quality setting

Up to 40fps

The average frame number of pd15 virtual machine is 48fps.Video card and normalWindowsSlight performance gap under the system

The running score software can also operate normally. From the running score results, the efficiency of CPU and hard disk has not been greatly reduced, and they are still in the range of relatively good experience.

↑ cinebench R15 multi-core fraction 588cb, single core 121cb,CPUAnd normalWindowsUnder the systemperformanceQuite

The reading speed of hard disk test is 3000 MB / s.Hard disk speedAnd normalWindowsUnder the systemPerformanceQuite

In general, with it,AppleBen's beauty and productivity / playfulness are finally in bloom. In additionEven if youWhich day?No longer loveWindows, or one clicktakePD15uninstallFall, relaxed and happy.

So now the only obstacle that can prevent us from using Windows happily on MAC is its price. From 498 yuan a year, will you consider it?

Visit the parallel desktop purchase portal:


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