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Airpods Pro experience: a new breakthrough of airpods

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Airpods has long been a popular culture, which can be seen from the launch of airpods pro, which was joked as "pea shooter" and all kinds of cartoon characters, and even hot search on Weibo on the top.In the previous article "where is the price difference between the airpods pro and the previous 500 yuan airpods pro?" I made a hasty conclusion that "the price difference between the 500 yuan is not unreasonable", but after stripping off the eye-catching entertainment headlines and the impulse for the freshness of new products, when I put on the airpods pro and seriously experienced the "fruit noise reduction" for a day, then Can you still blurt out the sentence "true fragrance"?

Most unlike the earphone's "earpods Pro"

It's not like an ear-to-ear type of headphones, I mean, it's the wearing experience.

If you have worn other earphones (also known as "earplugs"), you must have experienced the feeling that the ears are "blocked", and with the extension of wearing time, the pressure inside and outside the ear cavity is uneven, which will bring a certain "sense of ear pressure".

The above mentioned"Ear blockage" and "ear compression" are the two biggest reasons why many people refuse to use earphones.

But when the experience is with AirPods Pro with an in-ear design, I find that the "common fault" of inadequate comfort in the ear-to-ear type of headset becomes less obvious. And that's what we can do, mostly becauseAppleTo do this:

The first point is that most earphones are basically equipped with rubber earplugs of different sizes. Through the three optional sizes of small, medium and large silicon earplugs in the airpods package, it can further alleviate the sensitivity of different people to the "ear blockage" of earphones. After all, not all people's ear canals are of the same size.

And Apple has also designed a "earplug sticker test" in the "setting"

The second point is "ventilation system", which is the biggest difference between the airpods pro and other earphones on the market. It is also the reason why the airpods Pro can take into account the comfort when adopting the in ear design.

"coupled with the ventilation system, which helps balance stress, you will feel like nothing when you wear it." Apple brought this feature in just one paragraph on its website, but I think it's one of the biggest highlights of the AirPods Pro.

Specifically, you can't turn on or turn off the airpods' ventilation system manually. When you put on the airpods Pro for a while, you will find that the headset will suddenly become more "transparent" as if it were breathing. When I first put on the airpods pro, this kind of change from "oppression" to "transparency" even made me give a heartfelt "wow" exclamation. And it is worth mentioning that as long as you wear the airpods pro, whether you play the audio or not, the ventilation system will start immediately to reduce the "ear pressure" of wearing earphones as much as possible.

In general, the airpods Pro may be "the least earphone like earphone." Although the appearance of earphones is not as "senseless" as the semi open earphones used by the first and second generation airpods, and there will be a certain "sense of ear blockage", at least under the support of the ventilation system, ARIPodS largely relieves the internal and external ear pressure difference, and does not feel a strong "the pressure of the ear" even for a long time.

Noise reduction is a function that cannot be returned after experience

What is a "The function/ product that will not go back after the experience"?

In my opinion, it must be a function / product that is special enough and immersive enough, such as IOS system that is fluent and highly integrated with Apple products, taptic engine that brings fine vibration feedback, safe and efficient face ID recognition, etc.

One of the most profound "immersion" experience for me is the "noise reduction function".

I'm the first to experience the noise reduction function from Sony's Wi-1000X neck-mounted headphones. At that time, I had purchased the first-generation AirPods for Apple, but on the day of the purchase and experience of Wi-1000 X, the number of airPods appeared in my life.

Although the airpods are more convenient and beautiful to wear than the wi-1000x (some people may not accept the neck mounted headphones), the noise reduction function of the wi-1000x is still more popular with me, so that when I commute to work, I completely replace the airpods with the wi-1000x, and only occasionally take out the airpods in the afternoon break or when there is little need for noise reduction.

Now, with the addition of noise reduction function to airpods pro, the product line of airpods has finally become "complete".

To achieve noise reduction, in addition to the "passive noise reduction" resulting from the physical advantages of the headset itself, it is more important to rely on the "active noise reduction" of the headset. This is how Apple explains Air Pods Pro's active noise reduction feature on its website:" First, an outward microphone detects external sound waves, and then, before you hear them, Air Pods Pro cancels them with the equivalent of anti-noise sound waves, thereby reducing noise. The introvert microphone also detects if there is any excess sound in your ear, which is also offset by anti-noise waves, and the noise reduction function is continuously adjusted at a frequency of 200 times per second. ".

In fact, the principle behind the active noise reduction of airpods Pro is the same as other noise reduction earphones on the market, but how about the experience?

By comparing with the Wi-1000X on my hand, I feel that the noise reduction effect of the two is almost the same, and that's a "victory" for a small-volume portable real wireless headset.

As for the effect of noise reduction, I can think of a text description close to the actual experience that should be "the feeling of diving into the water at one end". If you have noticed the change of ear hearing during diving before swimming, then the change of hearing above and under water is very close to the experience of noise reduction headphones, and you will feel the whole world is clean in a flash.

But "noise reduction" is not "noise isolation". Airpods pro with noise reduction mode turned on can still hear some high-frequency sounds vaguely, such as arrival reminders on the subway or bus and communication with colleagues nearby. In fact, it is very beneficial for the groups who need to use public transport commuting. After all, if you miss the arrival reminder because you turn on the noise reduction mode, it's not worth the loss.

Sound quality is like "boiled water with sugar"

To be honest, the sound quality of the AirPods Pro didn't reach my expectations, after all, the official spent a lot of time on the sound quality of this generation of AirPods, and it was no mention of the quality of the previous two-generation AirPods.

Because the sound quality experience is a very subjective judgment, if you have a retail store or a third-party digital store around you that you can experience, it is recommended that you try it in person.

My personal feeling is that the sound quality of AirPods Pro is like "boiled water with sugar", because it is a little more "hierarchical" than the "boiled water" sound quality of the first and second generation AirPods, but it does not make such an earth-shaking difference, that is, a glass of sugar water, of course, has a "taste" more than boiled water with nothing, but it does not have the kind of "pleasure" when drinking Coca-Cola.

And the details that you need to care about.

In addition to the above wearing, noise reduction and sound quality experience, AirPods Pro has some new changes you need to know.

The first is the change of control mode. Compared with the first generation and the second generation of airpods, which realize the control effect by double clicking or tapping the headset (for example, play / pause / cut song / wake up Siri), the airpods Pro adopts the form of long press earphone handle with built-in force sensor.

such an approach has its advantage because, as compared to the double-click control of the first second generation airPods, the AirPods Pro is able to implement more control gestures in the form of an earphone handle, for example, by pressing a play/ pause or phone call, twice (3), And the length is switched between the active noise reduction and the through mode.

But this kind of control form also brings some disadvantages. It is not as convenient as the previous double-click control, because the long press (actually, it should be "pinch", because it needs two fingers to trigger the force sensor) is added, and the force sensor needs a certain force to trigger, and even if it has been pinched, it still cannot trigger. Therefore, the overall operation fault tolerance rate is higher.

The second is the change in endurance. Due to the noise reduction function, the listening range of this generation of airpods Pro is half an hour less than that of the second generation. From the actual measurement, from the time I went out to use (turn on noise reduction) to the time I arrived at the company, the volume of the airpods Pro was adjusted from 100% to 86% in a total of 40 minutes of commuting time, which was basically the same as the official propaganda.

Finally, AirPods Pro is the first to support the IPX4-level, anti-sweat, water-resistant AirPods, which means you'll be more comfortable with the sweat in the gym, or the rain in the rain, without worrying about the damage of the headphones.

Is it still fragrant? Is it worth buying?

If you're still using a generation of airpods you bought two years ago, the airpods pro with noise reduction and other added features is really worth your money.

But if your second-generation airpods are just a few days away and you have other noise-reducing wireless headphones around, ask if your wallet is thick enough.

If you haven't experienced real wireless headphones or other noise reduction headphones, airpods Pro should be the best choice on the market for real wireless headphones with portability and good noise reduction effect.

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