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New windows is coming! Microsoft Windows 10x details

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At the surface launch this year, Microsoft introduced a new operating system, called.

Although the core is Windows 10, in order to adapt to the new folding screen, many places have a completely different design from the current Win10.

Recently, a group of official leaked pictures from Microsoft brought us more detailed introduction about windows 10x, and these detailed pictures also show that the future windows 10x will be more modern and better used than the current version of win10!


Start menu becomes launcher

Windows10X will no longer have it.

As can be seen from the leaked pictures, the interface is actually very similar to the current smartphone platform, where users can not only start the app directly, but also see the files they have just edited.


At the top of the interface is a search box and a speech recognition button, not surprisingly, it is still home to Cortana.

However, from the current screenshot, windows 10x should have two types of launchers, one is the full screen launcher shown in Figure 2.

The other is similar to the current start menu, which can quickly start other programs without quitting the current application.


Windows Hello of the startup interface

The Windows 10X startup interface is not much different from the current Win10, and you can still see elegant translucent backgrounds and account avatars.

The top is the classic symbol of Windows Hello, which means that fingerprint recognition and facial recognition in current Win10 can be used normally in Windows 10X.

Below is the spare pin input box. If there is a problem with biometrics, the pin can still help you enter the system quickly.


the taskbar is still

The taskbar doesn't disappear in Windows 10x, but it just refers to the design of MAC dock.

In addition to the original start button, you can see the shortcut start button and time, network, and other status icons here.

Xiaobian estimated that the new system should provide two ways to run the taskbar, one is to display only the shortcut icon as shown in the figure, and the other is to display the currently opened application in addition to the icon like the current version, so that users can quickly switch.


Notification center and shortcut area

The notification center uses a completely different design from the current version in the Windows 10X, and you will find that the new interface is no longer combined with the quick operation area in appearance, and the overall feeling is suspended above the entire interface.

In addition, a quick adjustment slider is added to the operation area, and the screen brightness and volume can be directly slid by hand.

The lower right corner adds three new icons, which should be written, set, and shut down depending on the shape.

If the speculation is true, it means that many modules in Windows 10x can scale freely according to the environment, which is exactly the same as the current win10 debut.


a more modern resource manage

Windows 10x's Explorer has a new design, which at least looks more harmonious than the current version.

The first is that the color and style are closer to the overall design, and the buttons and Ribbon areas look self-contained, rather than as obvious as the current version.

The content area began to add the summary prompt, which once appeared on Win98 and Vista systems, but later was no longer visible.

In addition, separator, functional area division is no longer abrupt, more through color blocks and icons to distinguish. And this design is obviously a reference to the popularity of the industry, neat, coordinated, unified.


Finally, let's talk about the global tab bar. This function has been proposed since the win10 era. However, if the later versions are added or removed, it's hard to say whether the dream can come true in Windows 10x.

But at least the design appeared, which gives us a hope, really think Microsoft will not jump again.

Setup panel

This picture has been circulated online before, and many people think it will appear in a new version of Win10.

Now it's finally confirmed that it's the windows 10x setup panel.

Compared with the current Win10 setup panel, one of the major changes in the new panel is the addition of personal account avatars, which generally feel more like the adjustment of Mac or a smartphone system.

Anyway, the new design at least got us out of the current Win10.


Double screen cooperation

The Windows 10X is a product of dual-screen devices, but its dual-screen is not as simple as the current Win10 multi-screen.

For example, when you put a magnetic suction keyboard on one screen, in addition to displaying the main body content on another screen,

Of course, this is only a physical keyboard. If you call up the virtual keyboard in Windows 10x directly, it is also a good experience.


There are many similar scenes, such as when one screen plays a video, the other screen can surf the Internet and process emails.

Or split the contents of the two screens at any time and put them together at any time.

In general, the surface Neo is a dual-screen display, but it adds more interesting changes than Win10.


Written in the end

Although the leak was small, the overall value of Windows 10 X is significantly higher than the current version.

Although many modules have not changed much in function, after regrinding, the overall tuning looks more self-contained.

In addition, the leak is a number of interface diagrams, and there is no shadow of built-in applications.

But in the light of a new ICON diagram of Win10X that has been circulated on the Internet before, Microsoft is likely to also deal with these common components at the same time.

in a word, this pot


It doesn't look at all.

The 10x built-in app will also show people a new look


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