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Why is QQ a penguin? Official answer released!

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The penguin image of QQ has long been popular, but do you know why QQ chose penguin as its "image spokesman"? Today, Tencent QQ official in-depth writing, a detailed review of the birth of QQ penguins bit by bit.


It turns out that QQ Pet's image came from he Zhijun, founder of Dongli Bank, and Ma Liangchao, co-founder of Dongli Bank.

In 1999, entrusted by Tencent, Dongli bank designed the cartoon image for it. Considering the three aspects of design, positioning and brand, as well as the social and cultural characteristics of China, national moral values and so on, it finally designed the chubby Penguin QQ image we see now.

Ma Liangchao said: "it wasn't as convenient as Baidu at that time. Our designers were born in animation and didn't really see penguins. They found inspiration from cartoons and stationery prints in Shenzhen. At that time, there were many Japanese comic books on the market, such as Hello Kitty, Dr. IQ of niaoshama Ming, Snoopy and other classic characters, all of which were carefully studied to think about why these comic books had been popular for so long, and then lean penguins towards the fat Q version.We all think that if you chat with another person across the screen, if the other person is a fat face, then the chat will be more cordial."

He Zhijun said:“Penguin you see it silly, but in fact, this penguin is the coldest South Pole on earth, is in a very harsh environment, survived an animal, it has a lot of fat, and then it water like a swimmer, so penguin is a very endurance animal.I remember a few years ago, when Tencent's market value seemed to be more than 2 trillion, we congratulated pony, and then pony's answer was just a word, that is to say, to be a company is a long run, so I think penguin, an endurance player, is very similar to Tencent's style. "

The company's east bank then bought the QQ derivative copyright, opened the first offline entity store in Beijing Road in Guangzhou.


Tencent QQ penguin original manuscript


Tencent QQ Pet first edition confirmation draft


Job No. 39 Zhu Daxin is Tencent's first "returnee", who presided over the signing of the QQ penguin design contract.

Interestingly, Zhu Daxin used ICQ, abroad, but the latter and all the information were stored locally. When he returned home, he lost all the information. Later, he was recommended by his sister to use the OICQ, at that time and then joined Tencent.

Zou Xiaofeng of work No. 21 is the third female employee of Tencent. The first work designed by Tencent is oicq2000 animal head portrait.

She also worked with the East Bank team to createQMM imageSince then there have been male and female penguins.


Head portrait of oicq2000


Before Tencent officially registered the company, Xu Gangwu had already written a OICQ. that could run on the server. Graduated from the Department of Automation of South China Science and Technology, he is the first background master of OICQ and is recognized by everyone as the best background technology.

It was ma Huateng who proposed and Xu Gangwu who realized OICQ's subtle innovation beyond ICQ at the bottom of Technology: moving the list of friends from the client to the server to avoid the trouble of Chinese Internet bar users losing friends.

Xu Gangwu said: "Tencent was able to support a large number of users online at the same time when there were not enough servers in the early days, and a system contributed to Linux.." At that time, the OICQ background was mounted on a system that was not known to programmers, because the open source and openness of Linux enabled us to go deep into the kernel for bottom optimization. When other enterprises also had the function of storing friends on the server, but were dragged down by a large amount of data, one of the OICQ servers could support tens of times as many users as their opponents and give them a more stable communication effect at the same time. "

"Tencent's logo at the beginning was actually a pager," Xu recalled. But when Tencent needs a new logo, Linux, which also uses penguin as its logo, becomes a salute. In the early days, we were very emotional about Linux. Of course, in the end, it's the user's vote that makes QQ a penguin. "


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