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Disassembly report: Lenovo ThinkPlus 45W USB PD charger pa45

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Lenovo, one of the top 500 companies in the world, has a good reputation. Up to now, many people still like to use Lenovo's laptop. Last year, Lenovo launched a very slim, compact charger, which is very similar to lipstick. Many people call it "lipstick power". It must be fresh in everyone's memory. It is ThinkPlus 65W usb-c charger.Recently, Lenovo launched the "mini lipstick" - ThinkPlus 45W USB PD charger pa45. The new model is also a slim body, mini body, very similar to lipstick.

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It is not only convenient to carry out, but also supports PD3.0 fast charging. There are five output voltage gears, which can meet the charging needs of most electronic products. The following editor will bring you the disassembly of the new Lenovo Lenovo thinkplus 45W USB PD charger.

I. Lenovo ThinkPlus 45W PD charger appearance

The outer package of thinkplus mini charger is a cardboard box designed by heaven and earth cover, the top cover is black, the front is printed with the appearance picture of charger, and the upper left corner of "thinkplus" Logo, is the product name below.

The bottom cover of the packing box is red, indicating the characteristics and relevant parameters of the product.

Features: small and portable, strong power, replaceable wire, folding pin

Model: pa45

Input: 100V-240V~50/60Hz 1.2A

Output: 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a, 12V / 3a, 15V / 3a, 20V / 2.25A

And there is a product bar code.

Open the package and you can see the ThinkPlus Mini charger and data cable at a glance. Plastic lining is used for fixation and protection.

There are four items in the box, i.e. charger, data line, instruction manual and magic strap.

The attached data line is a usb-c to usb-c data line with a length of 1.8m, and the words "ThinkPlus" are intaglio printed on both ends of the line.

The thinkplus mini charger is cuboid in shape and is very slender, like a lipstick. The surface is made of two different materials, the waist is matte and the "thinkplus" Logo. with a small red dot element is printed.

The end faces of the output interface and pin are made of bright materials. The charger is equipped with a usb-c output interface.

The pin is foldable, which is convenient to carry out and is not easy to scratch other electronic products, and the charger parameters are marked on the face.

Model: pa45

Input: 100V-240V~50/60Hz 1.2A

Output: 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a, 12V / 3a, 15V / 3a, 20V / 2.25A

Compared with the "same brother" thinkplus65W charger, the volume is slightly smaller.

The ThinkPlus Mini charger weighs about 92g. It's small, light and easy to carry.

Using ChargerLAB Power-Z KT001 tester for protocol detection, thinkplus mini charger supports Apple 2.4A, DCP protocol, and QC2.0,QC3.0 fast charging.

In addition, the charger also supports USB pd3.0 fast charging, with five output gears of 5V / 3a, 9V / 3a, 12V / 3a, 15V / 3a and 20V / 2.25A.

Second, Lenovo Lenovo thinkplusDisassembly of 45W PD charger

Ultrasonic welding technology is adopted at the input end, which can be disassembled nondestructive. The whole PCBA module is wrapped with metal radiator, which plays the role of uniform heat dissipation and avoids local overheating of charger under heavy load.

The pin is fixed and sealed with two screws and plastic plate. There are two metal shrapnel in it, only the exposed part contacts with PCB plate to transmit current.

By disassembling the heat sink on the periphery of PCBA module, we can see the design of multiple PCB board combination inside, and the structure is compact. A heat conduction pad is affixed to the position of the transformer, and the outer layer is composed of "U" metal sheet and insulation plate, in which the position of the "U" insulated plastic plate corresponding to the heat conduction pad is hollowed out, which is beneficial to the heat transfer of the transformer directly to the metal heat sink.

Another separate heat sink is used for the heat dissipation of the chip components. It also adopts the combination of metal sheet and plastic insulating board, and the heat conduction pad is pasted at the corresponding position.

The input terminal can see the time-delay fuse, the safety-gauge X-capacitor, the common-mode inductance and the primary-filter electrolytic capacitor.

In the picture, there are two blue Y capacitors on the left side, which are respectively welded on the PCB boards on both sides. The transformer is in the middle, and there is a heat conducting pad on it. There are three primary filter electrolytic capacitors on the right side side side by side, and glue injection treatment is carried out between them.

The side PCB board is vertically welded on the main control PCB board, part of which is hollowed out to reserve space for the transformer to reduce the volume of the product; and a large amount of glue is injected for fixing and auxiliary heat dissipation.

The other side is the same design, in addition, two rectifier bridges can be seen on this side.

Two silk print TBS30M rectifier bridges, from MCC, for sharing heat; next to S2MB diode.

The output terminal is usb-c interface, two solid-state capacitors, one of which is covered with black insulating plastic skin, playing the role of insulation.

Remove the side PCB board with safety gauge X capacitance, common mode inductance and blue Y capacitance.

Remove the PCB on the other side, and find that there is a fourth electrolytic capacitor on the primary side, four working in parallel; there is a solid-state capacitor and a Y capacitor on the secondary side.

Remove all the PCB boards on both sides to facilitate our observation of all the components, and we will learn more about them one by one from the input end.

Delay fuse, 3.15a250v.

Common mode inductance, wound copper tape on both sides, magnetic core coated with green insulation paint, used to filter EMI interference.

Another close-up of common mode inductor is used to Filter EMI interference.

Safety gauge X 2 capacitance, capacity 0.27 μ F.

The specifications of the four Aishi Aihua primary filter electrolytic capacitors are the same, all of them are 400v18 μ F, a total of 72 μ F.

Transformer close-up, top with silk screen label, secondary use of multi-layer insulation wire to ensure safety.

The Y capacitance welded on the side is used for output anti-interference.

Another Y-capacitor close-up.

The output filter solid-state capacitor with black insulation plastic skin, specification 470 μ f25v, is welded on the vertical small plate to save space.

The other output filters the solid-state capacitor with the same specification of 470. m F25V.

Close up of usb-c interface, welded on the main control PCB.

The welding layout of the back of the main control PCB board is clear, the dividing line of the primary secondary end is obvious, there is enough safety interval, and an optical coupling straddles the primary secondary. From the PCB board logo, we can see that the manufacturer is Nanjing Boland Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Ld5763gs primary master chip from Tongjia. This is a green mode PWM chip. It minimizes the number of components, circuit space, and overall material cost for power applications. It has HV start, green mode power saving operation, internal slope compensation, soft start function, which can minimize power consumption and improve system performance.

Meanwhile, Tongjia LD5763GS also has a complete protection function, such as OPP (over-power protection), OVP (over-voltage protection), fast OSCP (output short-circuit protection) and under-voltage/ under-voltage protection, which can prevent the circuit from being damaged under abnormal conditions. With the function of frequency switching and soft driving, the noise can be reduced and the EMI can be improved, and the application field comprises a switch AC/ DC adapter and a battery charger open frame switching power supply.

According to the charging head network, Tongjia ld5763cgs has been previously used by Lenovo ThinkPlus lipstick power supply, kunxing 30W USB PD PPS charger, Nubia Red Devils 30W USB PD PPS charger, zMi Zimi 65W 2c1a desktop PD fast charging charger.

The primary switch adopts Infineon super junction CoolMOS P7, model ipd70r360p7s, 700V voltage withstand, 360m Ω resistance.

Infineon ipd70r360p7s specifications.

1008 is optically coupled for adjusting the feedback output voltage.

The secondary synchronous rectifier controller of silk screen iazej is from MPs core semiconductor, model mp6908.

Mp6908 detailed specification parameters. According to the charging head network, mp6908 is also used by Zimi 65W USB PD Mini charger, aivoke 1a2c 65W PD Gan charger, Google pixelbook original 45W USB PD fast charger, MOMAX 66W USB PD charger, aukey 27W USB PD charger, ThinkPlus USB PD charger pa65 and other products.

Secondary synchronous rectifier MOS, tsg12n10at, Wuxi Ziguang microelectronics, withstand voltage 100V, resistance 9m Ω.

Wuxi Ziguang Microelectronics TSG12N10AT details.

The sub protocol chip adopts Weiquan wt6636f. We learned from the charging head network that Weiquan wt6636f is a protocol chip (TID No.: 1080018) certified by usb-if Association USB pd3.0 (PPS). The products using wt6636f include ravpower 30W Gan PD fast charging charger, Zimi 65W USB PD Mini charger, ravpower 61W Gan USB PD charger, Lenovo ThinkPlus USB PD charger, Zimi 65W 2c1a desktop PD fast charging charger, etc.

Output VBUS switch MOS, aosmd, model aon7544, withstand voltage 30V, resistance 5m Ω.

AOSMD AON7544 details.

All disassembled, a family photo.

Summary of disassembly of charging head net

This Lenovo ThinkPlus 45W USB PD charger is slim and miniature, which is easy to carry out, and the foldable pin can be flexibly retracted without scratching other electronic products. It supports USB pd3.0 fast charging and has five output voltage ranges of 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 20V, which meets the requirements ofMobile phone, flat plate, notebook and other types of equipment charging requirements.

It is found by disassembling the charging head network that the chips of famous manufacturers in the industry are used inside the charger, such as ld5763gs primary main control chip of Tongjia, mp6908 secondary synchronous rectifier controller of MPS core semiconductor, wt6636f secondary protocol IC of Weiquan, etc. High quality electrolytic capacitor is used in the primary stage and solid-state capacitor is used in the secondary stage, which can ensure the stability under high temperature conditions; two-stage common mode inductor is used in the input to effectively suppress interference.

the internal assembly of the charger is clean and clean, a large amount of glue injection is carried out between the components for fixing and heat conduction, The various measures make the heat dissipation performance of the charger very good.

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