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5g experience boom is coming, so it's necessary to replace 5g mobile phone in one step

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From June 6 to November 1, the three major operators officially commercial 5G,148 days, the world once again witnessed the Chinese miracle

Huawei 5G Reconstruction and Imagination Space Museum

China commercialized 5G a year ahead of schedule, which is a manifestation of technical strength, but for consumers, 5G is still a new thing, not enough to understand, need to have an acceptance process. For this reason, Huawei held a meeting in Central, the royal palace of Beijing, where there is a large crowd in Beijing on November 8.


Different from the previous 5g display, which only runs a download speed, Huawei attaches great importance to the user's real experience in this activity. In the 5g speed experience area, the user can download HD movies and games in person, and visually compare the 4G and 5g download speeds. 5g networks with speeds close to 1Gbps can finish a HD movie in more than ten seconds, and online HD viewing is more stress-free.


Combined with VR, the ultra-low delay of 5G brings a more immersive experience, fast network speed, low delay solves the problem of poor VR experience in 4G era, experiencers can watch blockbusters through Huawei Mate30 series mobile phones.


Like playing games? 5g network is the most perfect partner of cloud games. 4K 60fps can smoothly experience the latest 3A masterpiece, and can switch seamlessly on PC, tablet and even mobile phone. You can play games on the host at home, and then play on the mobile phone when you go out, breaking the device restrictions and playing anytime and anywhere. You don't need to worry about the problem of poor hardware configuration and network delay.


In addition, in this exhibition hall, the participants can also experience Huawei's latest 5g mobile phones, including mate30 5g, mate30 Pro 5g and mate30 RS Porsche version. This is Huawei's latest and second-generation 5g mobile phone on the market, which supports the most complete 5g standard and frequency band.

No need to worry about changing 5g mobile phone: 5g service will be opened in 50 cities without changing card or upgrading number

With the arrival of the double 11, the market has also set off a wave of 5g mobile phone exchange, but some consumers still have concerns about 5g. In fact, the three major operators opened 5g service as early as November 1. In addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and provincial capitals, the second and third tier key cities are also covered. There are at least hundreds of millions of potential people in China who can enjoy 5g service.

In terms of 5g package tariff, the three major operators have launched multiple 5g packages, with the starting price of 129 yuan / 30GB traffic and 500mbps network speed. Some high-end 5g packages are generally between 200-500 yuan, with the speed of 1Gbps and the traffic of 100-300gb, which are not afraid of enough for arbitrary use.


In order to further optimize the experience of upgrading 2 / 3 / 4G users to 5g, the three major operators have also achieved a smooth transition in 5g upgrading without changing cards or numbers. What users need to do is to change a 5g mobile phone that supports 5g and upgrade 5g package, and the rest can be unchanged.

Signal coverage is not a problem: 5g progress in China is far beyond 4G Era

In addition to the package fee, it is unnecessary to worry about the problems such as poor 5g network coverage, too expensive package, poor 5g mobile phone experience, etc. Probably the advantage of China's infrastructure mania is too strong. The construction of 5g base stations in China is beyond expectations. Beijing Communications Administration announced today that it will complete the construction goal of 5g base stations in advance in the whole year. It was originally planned to build 10000, but by the end of October, 13499 5g base stations have been built and 11356 have been opened.

This is the case in Beijing, as well as in other cities. 5G base station construction is over-target, and another batch of base stations will be built in the remaining two months to improve 5G network coverage. With regard to the domestic 5G situation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently said that at present, the key links of the 5G base station, mobile phone, module and other industrial chains in China have further matured, and the 5G network has achieved continuous coverage in the major urban areas of the country.


Two mode 5g in one step: Huawei mate30 series 5g stable shopping cart

After solving the problem of 5g coverage and package fee, the biggest problem of 5g popularization is 5g mobile phones. At present, domestic and foreign manufacturers have released 11 5g mobile phones. Except for apple, all major manufacturers have one or two 5g mobile phones, but most of them are based on NSA 5g network, while Huawei mate30 series 5g models can support 5g dual-mode networking. The so-called NSA and SA refer to two different 5g systems: non independent network and independent network. NSA is a single-mode, mature technology, and can cover a large area, while SA independent network is still in the experimental stage, and it takes time to achieve basic coverage. Although the two standards are 5g mobile phones, the state has determined that 5g network building is mainly based on SA. Starting next year, none of the mobile phones that only support NSA single-mode can enter the network. SA / NSA dual-mode 5g mobile phones are the one-step choice.

At present, the latest Huawei mate 30 series 5g mobile phone starts at 4999 yuan. For middle and high-end users, they can take advantage of the opportunity of double 11 to upgrade to 5g, and enjoy the future experience of network speed, high-definition VR video, cloud game, etc. in advance. If you don't know anything about 5g application, you can also go to the Huawei 5g Space Museum in Wangfu central, Beijing, from November 8 to November 17 to have a comprehensive experience , it is believed that many people will put Huawei mate 30 series 5g mobile phones into shopping cart in this double decade.

According to the staff of 5g Space Museum, the experience activities will be successively opened in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen and other eight cities until the end of November. Go to find the Huawei 5g reconstruction imagination space museum near you and feel the new 5g play method. If you fail to participate in the experience activities of the space Museum, you can also go to Huawei intelligent life Museum, Huawei authorized experience store plus and other Huawei stores at any time, so as to have a smooth experience Enjoy the high-speed experience of mate30 series 5g.

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