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Huawei releases the highest share of the global screen tablet computer Huawei matepad Pro restructuring creativity

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Take the wisdom to reconstruct the creativity, and let the future accelerate. On November 25,2019, the Shanghai U-fashion art center, the high-profile, high-color intelligent light office tool


Shipment peaked, flagship released, Huawei launched the era of full scenes of tablet

At present, with the increasing pace of life, especially the growing number of light office users, higher requirements are put forward for the efficient sharing of content between devices. The independent form of mobile phone, tablet and PC has been difficult to meet the office needs. Breaking through the system barriers between devices, realizing efficient operation across devices, and creating a full scene integration experience will increasingly become the mainstream of the industry. Huawei matepad Pro released with innovative functions such as multi screen collaboration will become an important entrance to Huawei's full scene ecology.

In addition, according to IDC data, Huawei's tablet shipments in the third quarter of 2019 were about 2.12 million units, accounting for 37.4% of the market, ranking first in both China's tablet Market and market share. After completing the task of consolidating the history of the middle end market, Huawei's matepad Pro launched with the momentum of high-end, which is a good time to rush into the high-end market with strong product force. On the one hand, Huawei matepad Pro will complement the overall layout of Huawei's tablet from the middle end to the high end; on the other hand, it will profoundly change the pattern of the tablet market, lead the ecological innovation of the tablet, and provide more brand and function options for the new elite.

As the leading brand of the industry, Huawei is famous for its technological innovation. Huawei MatePad Pro has naturally shouldered the mission of industry innovation since its birth. Innovative positioning, with


Innovation and glory, new high-end gene is born

For innovation, it is the flagship. The Huawei Mate, which means the elite and the high-end, is well-known from the Huawei Mate family of mobile phones, to the Huawei Mate family PC, and then to the Huawei Mate Pro's Glory to make the appearance, and to make up the Huawei Mate family, which represents the high-end scientific and technological brand image, and becomes the Huawei.

When technology met aesthetics, Huawei MatePad Pro achieved natural beauty. Huawei MatePad Pro is equipped with 10.8 inch IPS screen, with 90% screen share, redefines the tablet full screen, becomes the world's highest screen ratio tablet computer; with 4.9mm isometric micro-frame design, abandons redundant chin and bangs, front shot blind hole design has less visual interference, strongly explores the limits of tablet vision, and enjoys thousands of wonderful through full screen view. With 2K QHD gorgeous high screen, DCI-P3 movie color gamut, resolution 2560x1600, 280x1600 color gamut, 540nit brightness (typical value), 1500 ≤ 1 ultra-high contrast, and support Huawei exclusive


Huawei MatePad Pro's high-end sense is also reflected in the unique sense of order design aesthetic language. The integrated design of fuselage adopts metal antenna infiltration technology.


In the slim body of Huawei's matepad pro, there are five stereo microphones and large amplitude four channel speakers hidden. Four linear array microphones in the frame and one microphone near the rear camera can realize accurate recognition of voice in 5-meter far field, and easily understand voice instructions, making Huawei matepad Pro competent for intelligent home central control center. The large amplitude four channel speaker reconstructs the Android audio system and is certified by Harman Caton laboratory. It can vibrate in multiple directions and latitudes, restore the rich stereo information in high-quality audio-visual materials, and create an immersive audio-visual experience together with excellent screen performance.

The kylin 990 sets off performance reconstruction

The appearance is dynamic, and the inner strength is strong. The Huawei MattePad Pro has a large memory of 6G/ 8G and 128G/ 256G/ 512G, and has a strong compatibility with the HUAWI Mate 30 mobile phone

As a new generation processor of Huawei, Kirin 990 adopts the industry-leading 7Nm process, and the CPU, GPU and NPU are upgraded comprehensively, which helps Huawei matepad pro to achieve double improvement of performance and energy efficiency. In terms of CPU, Kirin 990 has an 8-core 3-level energy efficiency architecture with a maximum dominant frequency of 2.86ghz; in terms of GPU, Kirin 990 integrates a 16 core mali-g76 GPU cluster, which improves the graphics processing performance by 39% and energy efficiency by 23% compared with the previous generation of products; in terms of NPU, Kirin 990 is equipped with Huawei's self-developed Da Vinci architecture NPU, and NPU large core achieves excellent performance and energy efficiency for large computing scenarios, while the micro core NPU has ultra-low power Power consumption applications, both of which work together to stimulate AI intelligent computing power, and set off a revolution in processor performance.


The outstanding performance of the flagship new product is also reflected in the leading long-range battery life. The high-capacity battery is matched with the excellent energy consumption performance of the QIN 990 and the EMUI power-saving technology, and the Huawei MattePad Pro can play the local 1080P high-definition video for about 12 hours. The Huawei MattePad Pro also supports 40W wired super-fast charging, standard 20W wired fast charging, 2.5-hour full-charging, and 3-hour charging for 30 minutes. The Huawei MattePad Pro is the world's first tablet to support wireless forward and reverse charging, supporting 15W forward wireless charging, and a maximum of 7.5W reverse wireless charging. Use the MattePad Pro to charge a Mate 30 cell phone for 30 minutes, and the cell phone can be used for 1.5 hours. The mainstream of the market supports the products of the QI wireless charging protocol, which can realize mutual wireless charging with the Huawei MattePad Pro, so that the electric quantity can be online at any time, so that the experience is stable and far. It's Huawei's MattePad Pro to the world's new elite.


Intelligent office, reconstruction and creation, leading the ecological construction of Android flat screen

When the tablet is turned to the intelligent light office tool, one of the biggest barrier tigers is the backward cross-screen ecology. The Huawei MattePad Pro has a historical solution to this pain point, and it is a powerful way to lead the construction of the Android flat screen. The parallel event horizon of the new upgrade of the Huawei MattePad Pro is the breakthrough of the current Android tablet market, that is, the different interfaces of one application in the horizontal screen state are displayed at the same time in the left and right windows, and the ratio of the left and right windows can be adjusted. The newly-added WeChat applet and the public screen will further break through the use experience of the Android flat screen. At the same time, Huawei announced the open parallel event horizon UI Kit, and the three-way application code zero modification can support the parallel field of view, while providing remote simulation test conditions for the three-party developers, and jointly expanding the flat screen ecology with the partners. Yu Chengdong said that 150 applications have been used to support the parallel event horizon, and more applications are in the process of being adapted to continuously promote the Android flat screen ecological construction.


Multi-screen collaboration is another important technological innovation of Huawei MatePad Pro around intelligent office. Through the EMUI10 distributed technology of mobile phone and tablet, the barrier between mobile phone and tablet is thoroughly opened from the bottom of the system, and the deep integration of the two devices is realized. Through Bluetooth near discovery, NFC tag touch, scan QR code three ways, mobile phone can be anytime, anywhere fast


In order to strengthen the intelligent light office feature of the product, Huawei matepad Pro is based on emui10.0.1. By modifying the display framework of the software system, it can support the simultaneous display of multiple windows and tasks, and realize the convenient experience of operating three applications on the same screen at the same time. The contents of different applications can also be dragged to each other, bringing the user effortless multi application operation. At the same time of Huawei's matepad Pro release, it also launched four new functions of WPS on the tablet, namely, intelligent beautification of slides, voice notes of slides, mind mapping, intelligent paintbrush and other functions, giving the tablet PC level intelligent light office experience.


The new Huawei m-pencil stylus and one-piece ultra light keyboard are also two highlights of Huawei's matepad Pro smart office experience. Huawai m-pencil is inspired by pencil. It adopts Bluetooth automatic pairing connection, wireless magnetic suction charging, 4096 level pressure sense, as low as 20ms ultra-low delay, supports side front writing, selects sharp materials, does not slip in writing on the glass panel, writes accurately like flowing clouds and water, and records the creation of smart light at all times. In the Huawei memo, it has the function of screen out shorthand, without complex operations such as turning on the machine, inputting password, opening the application, etc. it can write as soon as the pen is raised to capture every inspiration moment.



The integrated ultra-thin keyboard is only 260 g, is matched with a non-inductive Bluetooth connection, has a large key range of 1.3 mm with a side key cap of 14 mm, and a 60/70 degree double-angle support, can realize the free switching of different use requirement angles, and can instantly start the multi-screen cooperation by touching the Huaei Share icon of the Shift key, Open the smart experience of a seamless collaboration between the cell phone and the tablet. And through the wireless connection flat plate and the keyboard, the tablet computer mode is opened, and the Bluetooth mouse is externally connected, so that a multi-task multi-window type PC operation experience can be realized.


Huawei MatePad Pro, with high-end positioning, art design, powerful performance and intelligent experience, is strongly promoting the ecological construction of Android tablet horizontal screen, and at the same time, it has opened the prelude to the era of intelligent experience of the whole scene. It is reported that on December 12, 2019, Huawei MatePad Pro is about to open its first sale. 6 GB 128GB WIFI version sells for 3299 yuan, 6GB 128GB LTE version for 3799 yuan, 8GB 256GB WIFI version for 3999 yuan, 8GB 256GB LTE version for 4499 yuan. Users around the world can pre-order through Huawei's official mall, major authorized ecommerce, Huawei experience stores and authorized retailers to share the whole scene wisdom experience with Huawei MatePad Pro.

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