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QQ in wechat? Is this a doll?

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Today, while Xiaofa was touching the fish at work, he suddenly saw his cousin next door send a Mini Programs on WeChat. Mini Programs's name clearly wrote four big words.


The online application needs official wechat review, and this link will certainly not be a fake link of a third party.

After entering this Mini Programs, it will pop up an authorization page that requires us to enter our own QQ number and password.


After login, the applet will refresh and display the latest QQ session list.


In order to confirm what he sent, I opened QQ specially and took a look. It turned out to be an expression...


Strangely, the emoticons and pictures in the chat records can be seen...


That's right. That's all the functions of Tencent QQ applet...

With this applet, the user can view the QQ message without opening the QQ.


But if you want to reply to the message, you still need to turn on QQ. This jump process is very troublesome. You need to not only open the customer service session first, but also input the text to get the jump link. After entering the connection, press confirm again to turn on QQ.


I might as well turn on QQ directly to reply at this time...

What's more embarrassing is that if you use the computer to open the app, you can't even open the customer service session, and you can't open the tim.


To put it bluntly, this QQ Mini Programs is a BB machine, which will only show you the message sent by others. If you really want to communicate, you still have to find a message.

Think about it is also very normal, after all, if the applet can directly reply to the message, then why QQ? Isn't it just a job grab?

Wechat and QQ are basically one kind of products. Seeing such a small program appear in wechat, I thought I saw Russian Dolls...

One thing is interesting, that is, every time a message that is related to QQ or WeChat, it will always appear.

QQ is better to use debaters:


Wechat is better for debating friends:


The former says that QQ has complete functions and can transmit large documents and large dynamic maps, while the latter says that wechat has a simple interface and high office efficiency. No one can persuade anyone anyway.

As we all know, Tencent QQ and wechat are created by different teams, but QQ is older and has been basically popularized in China's Internet before wechat.

Wechat's user accumulation at the beginning also relies on Tencent's own QQ user group. The reason for choosing wechat is nothing more than the growing demand for social software on the mobile end and a simpler interface.

For users, as long as a product can meet their own needs, it is a good product, so everyone will have their own choices.

Even QQ of the small program version mentioned above is only one of the N multiple versions in the development history of QQ.

In those days, the ads on QQ dialog box made many users feel bored, but after all, it's the business of people eating, and we can't easily withdraw the ads of the father of the golden master.

In order to shield these things, a third-party-made version of QQ is the best choice, for example, the famous bug QQ.


In addition to advertising, these third-party plug-ins also have the functions of identifying IP, boss key, user-defined skin and even camouflage QQ level, all of which hit the user's pain point.

But no matter how good they are, they are not.

In the end, users can only choose more and more official QQ with more and more complicated functions. Even if I have been using QQ, I have used two or three functions in these two places...


So is mobile QQ. With all kinds of updates, the whole interface is full of all kinds of strange notices, reminders, and lucrative advertisements of friends with stolen numbers. That's probably why many people don't like QQ.


At the same time, Tencent has finally noticed the needs of users, so there will be Tim and webqq for office use, which are different versions of QQ.


Wechat also emerged after this, which made many users who pursue more concise and efficient social software transfer to wechat, and gradually formed another social circle.

This is probably

This time the QQ applet is not as easy as it is, for one.

Just because some people do use QQ and wechat at the same time, they may not be able to pay attention to QQ at any time because of work reasons. In order to facilitate them, QQ applets will appear.

Think about it. Is this the best friend on WeChat in that year, and it's not just from QQ first? It's just after the increase of WeChat users, it's time to start expanding more of the doku

Especially for the post-80s and post-90s users, all their family and friends from small to large are on QQ, but not necessarily on wechat.


Both QQ and WeChat are both

Anyway, how can users transfer? In the end, they are all in Tencent's social circle. The left pocket goes out of the right pocket and promotes the vitality of their own team. Why not?

What's more, the two social circles of wechat and QQ are basically separated. The relationship is not so hot and cold, and wechat is more like the inheritance of a social relationship.

For example, Xiaofa has many friends' QQ and wechat, but some friends only contact through QQ, some friends only contact through wechat, which has no impact.

To put it bluntly, social tools are just a medium to connect feelings and relationships. As long as you can connect with the people you want to contact, it doesn't matter what you use.

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