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Huawei releases matepad pro to challenge iPad pro, Yu Chengdong: friends wanted to crack Huawei Technology

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On November 25, Huawei held a MatePad Pro and full-scene new product launch at Shanghai U Fashion Art Center. At the meeting, despite the release of laptops, routers, smart televisions and smart speakers, the MatePad Pro tablet is a well-deserved protagonist.

In addition to the M6, M5, Changxiang series and matebook e series that have been released, Huawei has 5 tablet computers, which is a thriving population. But apple is now the only one in the global tablet market. In the global tablet Market in 2018, the market share of iPad series reached 29.6%, about 1.9 times that of the second Samsung. At the same time, the news for Android Tablet is that Google announced its withdrawal from tablet business in June 2019.

In this case, why does Huawei want to counter the trend and increase its tablet business?

A bleak Market

Obviously, the tablet market is not as bleak as it seems.

By analyzing the market data, we can see that although the iPad ranks first, its market share has fallen steadily since the beginning of 2013. By 2018, although it has 29.6% of the market share, it has sold 900000 units less. However, because the decline speed of the whole industry (18.6 million units less) is faster than the decline speed of iPad sales, the sales volume of iPad has decreased and the market share has increased instead 2.8 percentage points.


When the whole industry is short of good products, the market performance of Huawei's tablet computer has become a highlight of the industry. Also in 2018, the market share of Huawei's tablet computers increased from 7.7% in 2017 to 10%, and the sales volume also increased by 1.9 million, which is the only brand among the top 5 with double sales volume and share.

In the domestic market, the growth rate of Huawei's tablet business is more obvious.

In the third quarter of 2019, only apple and Huawei accounted for an increase in the share of the top 5 manufacturers, of which Huawei accounted for 37.4%, ranking first, 3.6% more than the second apple.

These obviously give Huawei the backing to see more tablet business. At the same time, Android competitors flocking to the entertainment tablet, which is equivalent to a considerable amount of light office space, giving Huawei a reason to launch matepad pro.

At present, Huawei is still selling a two in one computer matebook E Series in the market. What is the relationship between it and matepad pro? Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, said at the conference that the two tablets do overlap, but matepad Pro is positioned at a higher end, highlighting pro (Professional) features, focusing on high-value and smart office.


The configuration of the matepad Pro is really powerful. The SOC chip is the latest Kirin 990, and its performance is far superior to that of the snapdragon 850 of the matebook e. the resolution is higher. The stylus supports 4096 level pressure sense, twice as high. At the same time, the operating system of matepad Pro adopts emui10.0.1, which supports multi window and multi task display at the same time, and realizes the convenient experience of operating three applications at the same time on the same screen. The contents of different applications can also be dragged to each other, bringing effortless multi application operation for users.

That is to say, matepad Pro holds light office selling points, aiming to grab more tablet Market cakes.

Do not enter the field of home appliances

At the conference, Yu Chengdong said Huawei would not enter the field of home appliances. This puts an end to the previous rumors again, and reassures the air conditioning and ice washing factories.

So why did Huawei get into the tv business? From Huawei public information,Huawei consumer business practice is.

The question is, why is, MatePad Pro on the top four?

The answer is that in addition to its market potential, it makes up for a key link between Huawei's smartphones and PCs.

Previously released tablet computers, M6, M5 and Changxiang series, are essentially entertainment genes. Matebook E has office genes, but limited by the operating system of windows and the chip of snapdragon 850, the most frequent communication between mobile phones and tablets is file transmission, which is difficult to meet the higher-level demand for light office tasks, that is, how to make content and information flow efficiently and seamlessly between mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Think about it. After work, you want to modify the manuscript / ppt you just wrote on your way home. If you don't have the cloud service and network support of the third-party application, what's the light work of the tablet?

MatePad Pro can solve this pain point. Huawei's solution is to make Huawei smartphones an information connection center.

In other words, matepad Pro complements the key link of light office application, enabling office, including entertainment application scenarios, to seamlessly switch between mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Challenge iPad pro?

In the field of tablet computers, there are two main products that can meet the light office demand: Microsoft's surface pro and Apple's iPad series. Android Tablet has been constrained in the field of entertainment tablet due to the problem of hardware and software cooperation, which limits the market development space. This is also the reason why Google quit the tablet business, but it retains the notebook business. After all, in the cabbage era of large screen mobile phones, the entertainment functions of tablet computers are no longer so scarce.

Light office is the fulcrum of expanding market space for tablet computers, and also the focus of competition among manufacturers. At present, Apple's iPad plays a strong role in the light office market, and its iPad Pro is the benchmark.

For Huawei, benchmarking is the first in the world, and this time, matepad Pro is no exception. At the conference, Huawei listed in detail the strengths of matepad pro to challenge iPad Pro:

  • The proportion of matepad Pro screen is 90%, higher than 84.6% of iPad pro (2018);
  • The display supports dci-p3 color gamut, 2K resolution, pixel density 280ppi, more than 260ppi of iPad Pro;
  • The frame of matepad Pro is only 4.9mm, while that of iPad Pro is 8.3mm;
  • Thanks to the 16:10 screen width ratio, matepad pro's video display is larger than the 11 inch iPad Pro;
  • The software and hardware are optimized in place, and the video displayed on the spot shows that matepad Pro has obvious advantages in starting the application program, beating iPad Pro by 17:3;
  • Matepad pro's stylus supports 4096 level pressure sense, magnetic absorption and wireless charging. From the on-site experience, this pen is very handy for drawing and writing. The handwriting can change with the pressure of the pen tip and the tilt angle, and can catch up with apple pencil;
  • It supports 40W fast charging and wireless forward and reverse charging, which is also a function that iPad Pro does not have.

Huawei's bottom Technology

The most attractive thing about, MatePad Pro in front of iPad Pro is


Compared with AirDrop, Huawei, where iPad Pro focuses on file sharing

  • Due to flat keyboard, mouse, screen, loudspeaker, etc.
  • It's more convenient to transfer files. You can transfer two-way files between two devices by dragging on the flat interface;
  • Unprocessed documents and unfinished chats will not be interrupted to realize the seamless transition of content between mobile phone and matepad pro (also including Huawei PC); in addition, the split screen and multi window multi task functions of iPad pro, matepad Pro also has, and supports at most three applications operating on the same screen, one more application than iPad pro.

It can be seen that in terms of improving matepad pro's light office experience, Huawei has made careful consideration and created many advantages and highlights, becoming a special weapon to challenge iPad pro.

It's not hard to find that what underpins MatePad Pro is

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