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Netease: I'm too hard!

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Article: poem and stars (ID: singingunderstars)

On November 23, a Zhihu user, who claimed to be an employee of Netease games, sent an article "Netease layoffs, let the security guard drive me out of the company suffering from terminal illness.". My nightmare in Netease! " The next day, the article quickly reached the Zhihu hot list.


Later, on November 25, Netease issued a response, claiming that there were indeed many simple, rude, inhuman and other behaviors, and apologized to relevant former colleagues and family members.

NetEase said in a statement that the supervisor of the former colleague offered to terminate the labor contract for performance reasons.

This letter of apology did not satisfy the people who ate melon. Why?

Because it has exposed the greater problem of Netease on the contrary, one is why to let a manual workload with unqualified performance rank second? Second, why do employees find a way to quit without proper compensation?

On the first issue, it exposed a lot of management hidden dangers of Netease itself; on the second, Tencent and Jingdong set an example.

As early as 2016, Tencent launched a benefit, where the families of deceased employees can receive half pay for 10 years. We should know that the per capita income of goose factory is far beyond the social average level, and the half salary of goose factory is also beyond the reach of most ordinary people. It's also rumored that Tencent once made 54 cards of all its employees' benefits to help employees better understand the company's benefits. The big surprise is interest free purchase loans.

On November 25, Liu qiangdong, as always, came out to scratch the hot spot, saying that if an employee encounters an accident, he will bear all the learning and living expenses of the child before the age of 22.

It seems that Tencent and Jingdong are very responsible. Some netizens even think that the capital burden of Jingdong is very important. Whether Dongge's commitment can be fulfilled is a question.

In fact, Tencent's 10-and-a-half-year salary and JD's 22-year-old study and living expenses do not need the company to pay at all, because the real money is paid by the insurance company.

With the diversification of demand, insurance companies have developed a variety of life insurance and employer's liability insurance for group enterprises. These types of insurance are tailored according to the requirements of the company, and the cost is not high.

For general group purchase life insurance, the rate is less than 5 / 10000. Considering Tencent's own participation in the insurance company, the cost can be reduced completely. Each employee's monthly expenditure is less than 2 or 300 yuan. Tencent's welfare is also far superior to that of its peers, so for large factories, this insurance expenditure is not a problem at all.

So what's the problem?

In his reply, NetEase stated that we are working for every employee in the

But under the tearful complaints of the sick employees, the statement seemed so feeble. Netease may not have bought so many insurance, Netease may be really difficult.

I. Netease's Quarterly Report

Just a few days ago, on November 24, Netease released its financial report for the third quarter of 2019, with a net income of 14.64 billion yuan, an increase of 11% year-on-year; based on non-U.S. general accounting standards, net profit from continuing operations was 4.73 billion yuan, an increase of 74% year-on-year; based on U.S. general accounting standards, net profit from continuing operations was 12.89 billion yuan, mainly from selling Netease koala to Ali.

From the third quarter of 2019, the segment information disclosed by Netease financial report was adjusted to: online game service, Youdao, innovation and other businesses. E-commerce business disappeared in the financial report, and Netease strict selection and Netease cloud music business were included in innovation and other business parts.

The failure of the transformation of e-commerce also shows the failure of the company's diversified transformation, and it is the core business section of the company for the growth of the performance.

This employee's Netease game board is under unprecedented pressure.

According to the third quarter report, the net revenue of online game service in the current quarter was 11.53 billion yuan (about US $1.61 billion), up 11.5% year on year, 13.6% in the second quarter, 63.8% in the current quarter, 63.1% in the second quarter and 65.1% in the same period last year.

The continuous decline of gross profit margin is mainly due to the relatively high proportion of mobile games in revenue and the relatively low gross profit margin of mobile games. As the performance did not meet expectations, after the announcement of the financial statements, Netease's decline expanded, once exceeding 7%, approaching 8%. Under the pressure of investors, Netease cut costs through layoffs.

II. Changes of Netease cloud music

Finish saying the Netease game, and talk about the Netease cloud music that has been on the topic for two years.

Compared with the road goods QQ music, NetEase cloud music is more

However, since 2018, NetEase cloud music

First, the infringement of Zhou Jilun, then the increase of the advertisement, and then ask the opponent to not be the exclusive copyright, and do the sole copyright

What's more, in April 2019, Netease cloud music deleted the downloaded music in users' mobile phones, even the music downloaded from other third-party platforms on the basis of copyright.

According to the analysis of the lawyers of China Consumer Association, this kind of behavior is illegal and belongs to the infringement of consumers' property rights.

Why does Mingming, a small and fresh music app, suddenly become so naked?

The answer is, lack of money, go public and circle money. When Netease Youdao officially went public in the US IPO bell, Ding Lei said in a subsequent interview that in the future, streaming music services will be independent and Netease cloud music will also be listed independently.

Netease cloud music was founded in 2013. In April 2017, Netease cloud music completed $750 million of financing. In November 2018, it obtained more than $600 million of financing from Baidu and other companies. In August this year, Netease announced in the second quarter of 2019 that the total number of Netease cloud music users has exceeded 800 million, an increase of 50% year-on-year. Meanwhile, the number of paid effective members of Netease cloud music increased by 135% year on year.

With the user base, there is an urgent need for performance in the next step, especially after the successful listing of QQ music, the liquidity pressure of Netease cloud music is great.

Moreover, with less and less copyrighted music, the fans of Netease cloud music began to waver one after another.

The segment division of the third quarter report is a signal that this business may no longer be valued: Netease strict selection and Netease cloud music business are classified into innovation and other businesses.

Three, summary

The attitude of Netease HR towards the sick employees is not cold in one day. Obviously, it has been used to this kind of bullying style. Many resigned employees who are eager to find a family do not have the energy to fight with HR. However, because of a serious illness, the employee is no longer able to find a home, but he is determined to fight with HR. Because of this, the problems of Netease are exposed: growth is worrying and diversified development is in trouble.

However, there is still a word to advise Netease HR, and you will also encounter the day when you leave.

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