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How to break in the second half of the Internet (I)

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With the depletion of the Chinese Internet population bonus, the labor cost of China is gradually increased, the growth of C-terminal is at the bottleneck of the bottleneck, and the market of the B-terminal is beginning to meet the value reconstruction, and the digital transformation of each industry enterprise is also a boost to the company to B

When does enterprise service usher in its ownIn this issue, the authoritative venture capital media Rongzhong finance and economics specially invited Mr. Wang Xiao, founder of Jiuhe venture capital, and Mr. Huang Yunsong, CEO of qingcloud, to be a guest of "real financial material",Starting from their own investment and entrepreneurship experience, they deeply analyze the fast-growing enterprise service track, and share the potential investment and new opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Enterprise service is undoubtedly a very popular track in 2019. In the first half of 2019, the financing scale of all projects of enterprise service from round a to round e has exceeded 8.1 billion yuan. As of last month, the number of projects financed by all enterprises' services also accounted for 27%,This year, investors and founders are debating whether enterprise service is a real trend or a false outlet?

Wang Xiao:A certain proportion of enterprise service companies have been starting businesses for a long time. The main reason for this year's popularity is that the popularity of to C has declined significantly. The other part is that mobile Internet has entered into a deeper field, and to B service capacity has been strengthened. At present, in the past year, the number and quantity of corporate services financing are more than before.

Huang Yunsong:It should be said that enterprise services have been hot since 2017. The factors of Internet traffic and personal consumption have basically come to an end after two rounds of great development of PC Internet and mobile Internet. Whether it's business model innovation or technology innovation, we need to tap more traffic. If done well, enterprise service is another round of new traffic explosion.

In fact, to B has been rising slower than to C. It may take longer to wait for this project to go public and exit.In this new trend, will to B pick up a little bit faster?

Wang Xiao:The business model of to B is relatively stable, and customers of to B may repurchase. However, the growth of products and market brands needs a incubation period. But once the service of to B is up, the company is not likely to die. At present, the flow dividend of TOC has been exhausted. Except for some going to sea and some sinking markets, there is no big chance.

Huang Yunsong:From the perspective of entrepreneurship, to B requires very in-depth professionalism. Compared with to C, to B requires rapid capital return, which is relatively slow. Today, Qingyun has been working for more than seven years, which is a long time in the field of to C, but in the field of to B, seven years is still quite young.

Should enterprise service be more general products or vertical products?

Wang Xiao:I don't think there is much difference between general and vertical in nature. From the perspective of investment, I hope to invest in a slightly larger market. The company's solutions are relatively general solutions, starting from industry solutions, and finally extending slowly. There is a mutual achievement relationship between the two.

Huang Yunsong:We do cloud computing, in theory, anyone in any industry will use our things, but in fact, if you define your business model in this way, the probability of enterprise survival in the future is very small. So at the beginning of our analysis, who are the potential customers in the Chinese market? Second, what are the advantages of our team?

From a general point of view, to think about the architecture, when landing, it needs to have a professional.

From the perspective of cloud computing, now that there are new trends in AI and 5g, will we have some new changes to deal with the environment?

Huang Yunsong:Any technology has a lifetime. No technology will always protect your company, your business and your customers. Don't think that the technology you do is the first in the universe. There is no technical idea or solution that can solve all things. It's important for us to see what the problem is, analyze the problem, and choose technology around the problem, instead of sticking to all the problems with technology, instead of putting the cart before the horse.

In AI technology, the first is to have enough data, and the second is to have enough infrastructure capacity. In the process of human being's moving from traditional society to future oriented intelligent society, the key is data.

Wang Xiao:5g mainly satisfies three scenarios. One is a wide range of sensors. It may not have much data, but it has multiple connections. In other words, big data Dalian connects with low latency connections, such as VR and ar. There is another one that is equivalent to its good connection stability, but it is not particularly large in number, similar to the automatic driving may need. These three different directions will produce three big applications in different fields in the future. The part of to C may be better video, VR, AR, and to B may be in the field of intelligent manufacturing and transmission in some factories.

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